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Founder and director of Sophia Venus, I bring over 40 years of experience in using the language of astrology to people seeking answers and guidance about life’s questions. Read more about Arielle here >

Welcome to 2019: Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Stars

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! January was named for the Roman god Janus, who looked both ways – back to the past and forward to the future. Finding our center between past and future, in other words, staying in the present moment, might be the best way to navigate through life, but particularly through 2019. Perusing through the elemental balance of [...]

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Mars Retrograde: June 26-August 26, 2018

Beginning its retrograde at 9 Aquarius and ending it at 26 Capricorn, Mars passes through the region of the Zodiac that symbolizes the cusp between the executive (Capricorn) and legislative (Aquarius) branches of government. Mars will trace a path three times over this region as it ends and then begins its current cycle. Mars will initiate some forceful action regarding [...]

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Uranus Exits Aries – A Road Filled With Fire and Fury

Seven years ago, the divine rebel and change-agent planet, Uranus entered Aries. It was March 2011, and the day this planet crossed the equinoctial point and entered the fiery sign of the ram, we witnessed the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan caused by the nearby earthquake. A tsunami soon followed, spewing dangerous radiation throughout the region [...]

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Venus Star Talk Video

Venus orbits in a pentagram, a beautiful five pointed star. Spirals and stars, numerous objects in nature including many flowers reflect this pattern of perfect harmony (Venus) on Earth. As above, so below. This is video from one of Arielle's Venus Star Talks.

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2018: Coming Down to Earth

With Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, the Venus Star Point in Capricorn and Uranus’ entry into Taurus this year, the earth signs are prominent. Coming out of 2017’s intense planetary line-up of fire, earth feels like a relief. With its needs for practicality and grounding along with sensible actions, manifestation of those visionary dreams seems more likely. The focus is on [...]

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The Aries Venus Morning Star – Passionate Activism

The Meaning of the Aries Venus Morning Star With passionate activism, the Venus Star of Aries rides into our lives, sounding the horn, awakening the troops, rousing the masses, and calling forth action in a determined way. The pattern for the Morning Star (warrior-like) and Aries (co-ruled by warrior Mars) is not simply a metaphor. Every four years when the [...]

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Mars Retrograde again

On April 17th, Mars turned retrograde. About every two years Mars goes retrograde. What does that mean for us personally, for the world and how do I best make use of it? Here are some phases (or steps) through the process that might help make sense of it. Phase 1: March 6-April 17: MARS DIRECT IN SAGITTARIUS Mars entered Sagittarius [...]

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