October First Friday Podcast – Episode 9

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by...

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June First Friday Venus – 2019-6

Is it June already??? If you’ve been watching Venus you have probably noticed that she is slowly beginning to catch up with the Sun. While she won’t make the exact “kiss” with the Sun until mid-August, she is now gaining speed and chasing Helios on his gleaming bright...

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May First Friday Venus – 2019-5

For the month of May, we find our wandering Venus  dividing her time equally between Aries and Taurus. Rams and Bulls, then, will be delighted to receive a visit from Venus who very often bestows gifts of pleasure and joy. The first half of the month while she’s in...

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