Workshops & Trainings

Venus Star Point Training Program

Discover your unique talent and special gift to the world by identifying your Venus Star Point™ — a powerful, ground-breaking tool, never before utilized in astrology in this way. Prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary to gain meaningful and life-changing insights from the Venus Star and your personal connection to it. Use the easy table inside to locate your Venus Star Point — all you need is your date of birth. What is the Venus Star? Venus is the “star” of our solar system based on the five pointed star she traces in the heavens, again and again. Connect to this planet star energy to recognize its guiding and motivating influence in your life.

Venus Star Point Introduction

This 2014 workshop on the Venus Star is a good introduction to the Star of Venus. Included: what it is, how to use it in your astrological work and what it means. Two hours of audio as well as the power point slides accompanying this workshop are included.

Astro Mapping Seminar

Astro Mapping Seminar presented by Arielle Guttman in Albuquerque, NM on October 2015. This file includes 3 videos with handouts. File size 493MB.

The Lovers of Mount Olympus Webinar

Webinar presented by Arielle Guttman.