Workshops & Trainings

The Venus Star Point® Proficiency Course by Arielle Guttman

Part 1
Intro to the Venus Star and the Star Points
  • Geometry, Astronomy and Astrology of the Venus Orbit
  • What makes a Venus Star Point (VSP)
  • Morning Star—Evening Star — differences expression and how to identify a Morning Star or Evening Star (MS) or (ES) Venus
  • The Venus Retrograde Cycle
  • How the Star Points move through the Zodiac throughout time
Part 2
Chart examples
  • How the 5 Venus Star Points are expressed in a natal chart
  • How to connect personal planets to the Star Points
  • Important transits of the Star Points to the chart
  • Progressing the VSP—does it advance from one to the next — when?
Part 3
Relationships on the Star VSP
  • Dynamic principles of “feeding” on the VSP
  • The Twin Star—same star points—head to head
  • The Creative Star—one star point away—head to arm
  • The Karmic Star—two star points away—head to leg
  • Celebrity couples' charts are used to demonstrate each of these feeding principles and planetary connections from one to the other
Part 4
Historical Cycles & Generational Cycles of the Venus Star
  • What is "your generation" of the 5 points of the Star
  • How the Star slowly moves through the signs
  • Historical Cycles of Venus Star through the signs and their impact on world affairs
  • Generational considerations of the Star Points and their effects on the world

Venus Star Point Introduction

This 2014 workshop on the Venus Star is a good introduction to the Star of Venus. Included: what it is, how to use it in your astrological work and what it means. Two hours of audio as well as the power point slides accompanying this workshop are included.

Astro Mapping Seminar

Astro Mapping Seminar presented by Arielle Guttman in Albuquerque, NM on October 2015. This file includes 3 videos with handouts. File size 493MB.

The Lovers of Mount Olympus Webinar

Webinar presented by Arielle Guttman.