Venus Star Point Newsletter - December Solstice 2023

As we enter 2024, Pluto is dancing back and forth across the cusp of Aquarius/Capricorn, to finally emerge from Capricorn for the last time in our era and stay firmly put in Aquarius by year’s end. This transit of Pluto through Aquarius will go until 2044–for the next twenty years. As we bid farewell to Pluto in Capricorn which began in 2008, some fifteen years ago, we can reflect upon where we were and how we were interacting with the world then.

Pluto going into Aquarius is the subject that could fill volumes and points to many societal changes on board. Some are calling it a “brave new world”, with its emphasis on air, on space, on AI, on the global climate crisis and on opening up a vast new world that we are not yet equipped to fully comprehend.

There is another aspect of Aquarius I’d like to address here, especially at this time of year. It is the subject of friends. With the recent passing of Matthew Perry from the popular TV series Friends. I began to reflect on how that show became a beacon for people everywhere. It was a series that transcended the sum of its parts. In addition to this series boasting great characters, a well-written script, and overall production, it produced a feeling in people—a feeling that made us laugh, but also comforted us—observing this set of friends.

There are a number of TV shows of that era that comprised groups of friends. In the 1970s we had Threes Company, Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. Moving into the 1980s we found ourselves laughing with Seinfeld and The Golden Girls. And by the 1990s, there was Friends.

In 1964, the Venus Star Point entered Gemini for the first time in 150 years, giving birth to a vibrant youth-oriented culture. The dominant theme in culture as in TV sit-coms prior to this, when the VSP was still in Cancer, had to do with families. Families still prevail in the range of offerings in the Gemini era, but there is a not-so-subtle shift to the younger generation who became the real stars. Of all the “friends” shows, none stands out more than the show by that name.

Friends, whose stars were all of Gen X (typically defined as those born from 1965-1980), ran from 1994 to 2004 and perhaps best captures the group, both in character and by outer planet placements. The show debuted on September 22, 1994 and ran for ten seasons. The show itself is a Capricorn Evening Star, governed by Saturn. All of its stars were going through the period of their first Saturn Return during the course of the show, dealing with the all-so-important transition in life that many of us are forced to make at this age—we are no longer care-free, wild, young party animals. We are now maturing into true adulthood, forcing maturity and a new set of circumstances that requires a new set of responsibilities. Its six starring players fit into the show in the following pattern:


All cast members are representatives of Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio and Uranus in Virgo/Libra.

Friends is an important concept for Aquarius. It is associated with the 11th House in astrology, which has been called “Friends, Hopes and Dreams”. I see it as personal friends, groups and associations. Look at how popular social media platforms have become, especially the ones that highlight how many friends you have. (Neptune in Aquarius era). Then, it became how many followers you have. With followers, you are the influencer and it is a hierarchical relationship, more like Pluto in Capricorn—power through influencing people and having them follow you or you following them. But friends, well, that is something different. Friends suggest a more equal relationship, even though, quite honestly, I can say, I don’t personally know many of my friends on these platforms. Still, it is a nice feeling knowing they have reached out to me and asked to be a “friend” or when I reach out to become a friend and they accept.

Thomas Moore, the author of Care of The Soul and Soulmates, once said—citing ancient Greek philosophers — “a good friend in life transcends the feelings we derive from even our most beloved relationships, such as our parents, our partners, our children.” A friend resides in a category all its own φίλος μου – my friend – in Greek conveys a special energy when spoken to one another and received.


We are celebrating the December Solstice, a time of annual renewal when people rejoice by celebrating the winter holidays in the north and the summer holidays in the south, oftentimes with family. However, there are many who don’t have or don’t choose to celebrate with a biological family, in fact many people have no relationship whatsoever with their biological family. A good friend or set of friends, then, becomes the primary source of love and connection to the masses who are estranged from their families for one reason or another. As Thomas Moore indicated — a friend is who you choose or one who chooses you — not someone you are bound to by blood.

I think if we can take anything into the coming decades of Pluto in Aquarius, it is this—the cultivation of good solid friendships, based on mutual respect and love. This will go a long way to offset the more negative aspects of the somewhat cold Aquarian landscape that Pluto is now about to enter. And if the world we are entering looks a bit more dystopian every day, cultivating a heart-centered aspect of our humanity will be the saving grace.


The Venus Star Point will remain in Leo until 2100, another reminder to stay in the heart.

Happy Solstice to everyone — may our entry into 2024 be gentle, kind and loving.

© 2023 – Sophia Venus Productions


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