By Arielle Guttman

Venus Star Rising Second printing now available

Venus Star Rising

Second printing now available

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Discover your unique talent and special gift to the world by identifying your Venus Star Point™ — a powerful, ground-breaking tool, never before utilized in astrology in this way. Prior knowledge of astrology is not necessary to gain meaningful and life-changing insights from the Venus Star and your personal connection to it. Use the easy table inside to locate your Venus Star Point — all you need is your date of birth.

What is the Venus Star? Venus is the “star” of our solar system based on the five pointed star she traces in the heavens, again and again. Connect to this planet star energy to recognize its guiding and motivating influence in your life.


“Arielle Guttman’s excitingly simple yet profound and original way of looking at the archetype of love through revealing the gifts and patterns of what she has aptly labeled the Venus Star, offers the reader demystifying practical insights and approaches to some of the heart’s most essential urgings and longings.”

“With this book Arielle has given birth to something new and important. Her book is beautifully written and illustrated, making it easy to follow the unfolding logic of her thesis and the elegant insights she reveals.”
-STEVEN MCFADDEN, author of Legend of the Rainbow Warriors and The Call of the Land

Venus Star Point™ is a registered trademark of Sophia Venus Productions, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Mythic Astrology

Internalizing the Planetary Powers

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Personal Healing Through the Planets

Now available in reprint at Echo Point Books

Mythic Astrology:
Archetypes in the Horoscope

This volume is the ebook version of Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers

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Enjoy a Journey through the stars back in time to trace the origins of how the planets and zodiac signs received their names and their attributes – straight from the myths and stories told thousands of years ago – in an attempt to embrace the cosmos and derive everyday meaning from it.

This book’s five printings in two editions (Llewellyn Worldwide: 1993 and 2004) enjoyed a wide circulation to those interested in both astrology and mythology. Those books have been out-of-print now for over a decade. And now, with this new eBook edition, Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope is again available – to readers of the 21st century – right on their devices and computers.

Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope

is no cookie-cutter astrology book that regurgitates commonplace jargon for every sign, planet, house and aspect. This is a book that weaves the stories from mythology together with the movement of the heavens to provide broader understanding of individual characteristics as well as why a planet or sign possesses certain attributes. The core of their energy is revealed through these mythological associations that create the living, breathing archetypes related to each sign and planet.

Mythic Astrology is an astrology book that brings a feminine voice from ancient times back into our present times. The Solar System contains planets that are named for male archetypes, with the exception of Moon and Venus. The language and bias of using this system has decidedly affected the way we interpret their meanings and apply them to everyday life. In this book you will find chapters on all the aforementioned deity/god/planet archetypes, as well as these feminine archetypes: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno, Vesta and Gaia (yes, Gaia – our own Earth)!

New Material in the eBook Edition

For the eBook, some new material has been added. While the old text has been left intact, there is an extended section on the Sun to include its aspects to all the other planets and asteroids discussed in this book, from the perspective of the mythological and archetypal role of the Sun.

mythic image

Recalling Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, in this context you can regard the Sun as the hero or heroine in your personal horoscope or life journey. Its passage through the twelve recognized signs of the zodiac is identified, as well as the major players (planets, asteroids) your personal hero(ine) will encounter through that journey.


Photo by: Mary Louise Hegarty
Arielle Guttman – author of the ebook:
Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope

The Venus Star Point

By Arielle Guttman

The Venus Star Point By Arielle Guttman

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Getting Straight to the Heart of Your Life with Venus

This e-book is based on the book Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century, published in 2011. The previous volume introduced the Venus Star Point to the world at large as well as the astrological community and contained numerous charts and graphs, astronomical orbital patterns and the basic science on which the Venus Star Point is based. This edition eliminates all of the science and background material and goes straight to the heart of the Venus Star Point—an amazingly precise tool (as well as simple to find and use) which provides the access needed to help you determine your special place in life. By place, I mean the gift or talent you were born with that doesn’t require you to take a class, consult a guru or spiritual advisor, enter into a program or do any training for. This gift is your birthright from Venus—the planet that produces the beautiful Star Points discussed in this e-book. Henceforth, these Star Points will be referred to as “VSP”® the Venus Star Point, throughout this volume. The Venus Star Point is based on the astronomical alignment of Sun, Earth and Venus which occur approximately every nine months. This edition makes the VSP accessible to everyone, whether you reside inside or outside of the world of astrology. You might be someone who ponders astrology from time to time or you might be someone who utilizes astrology in advising, counseling, and coaching people through your own work. Either way, I’m certain you will find the Venus Star Pentagram and its VSPs immeasurably helpful. Further, it is not necessary to know the intricacies of how this tool works—but simply that it does work. All you need to know to gain valuable insights from the material in this e-book is the day, month and year an individual was born. It’s that simple! Just follow the simple steps provided in this book to open a new world of insight about your life using the Venus Star Point.

Workshop Recordings

Arielle’s Astro Seminar workshop recordings are available for purchase. Each session will be sent to you as an MP3 or MP4 video download via email or a link once we receive your order. If there are visual material to accompany these courses, they will also be sent via email or a link.

The Lovers of Mount Olympus Webinar

What is the chemistry between two people as examined by the astrological chart? What is this relationship actually based on? Is it love or is it service? Is it business or is it pleasure? Is this a soul-mate relationship? Does it sizzle with passion and excitement? Is it a fleeting love-affair or a long-term, sustainable partnership? Using planet and asteroid connections and the exciting new relationship indicator, The Venus Star Point, Arielle will outline the primary basis of the relationship between any two people. Recorded on May 15, 2016 – 88 minutes – MP4 video

$39 (98MB Download)

Locational Mapping Seminar

This workshop on Astro Mapping Techniques was recorded in Albuquerque, NM on October 2015. In this seminar, Arielle demonstrates the most popular techniques for helping you find the perfect location to live, work or play. Some prior knowledge of astrology is necessary. This seminar contains 3 videos for a total of 159 minutes in length and includes handouts and a Powerpoint of the slides used in the presentation.

$49 (493MB Download)

Venus Star Point Introduction

This 2014 workshop on the Venus Star is a good introduction to the Star of Venus. Included: what it is, how to use it in your astrological work and what it means. Two hours of audio as well as the power point slides accompanying this workshop are included.

$39 (120MB Download)

Astrology, Healing and You

Astrology has a long history of use in helping people address their chronic conditions. This discussion covers a look at some of the techniques and planetary archetypes used in assessing the overall health of an individual while analyzing your own strengths and weaknesses.


Astrology and Mythology

Did the forms and images of the modern zodiac arise out of myths and tales of the ancient sky watchers? Or did the mythologies of our ancestors arise from the forms that are contained in the 12 constellations? How using mythology to read a chart enhances the “story” of your life.


Astrology and Relationships

The astrologer’s number one, age-old question is: “When will I meet the one special one?” The answer: “When you’re ready.” How does astrology show us the moments of readiness? And, who is the best mate for me? Some of the planet/sign connections between two people will be demonstrated to analyze relationships.


The Four Angles of the Chart

The structural integrity of a person’s chart lies in the four angles of their horoscope. The four angles also correspond to the four cardinal directions of life. In this seminar, you will discover your directions, the strengths and weaknesses contained in each and gain a basic foundation or understanding for working with the space that surrounds you.


Sabian Symbols in Astrology

The Sabian Symbols are a series of 360 pictorial images that were received by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in the early 20th century. Each of these 360 images corresponds to a degree in one’s chart and is used extensively by astrologers in analyzing a chart. This discussion will look at some prominent Sabian Symbols of our current period and demonstrate how to read a person’s chart using these symbols, for instance, discovering your Sabian “signature”.


The Age of Aquarius

What is an astrological Age? What is the Age of Aquarius and when does it begin? A review of the previous ages and their periods’ influences on earth is presented, along with a glance into our birth charts to see what astrological ages have most influenced us – and what our personal role is in the bringing forth of the Age of Aquarius.


The Eclipses

The Solar and Lunar Eclipse cycles are a timely and potent indicator of energies that are amplified, for better or worse, in society at large and in our own personal birth chart. The discussion involves their cycle and how they are affecting us at any given time.


The Progressed Lunation Cycle

The progressed lunation cycle (Moon phases) is one of the most important techniques to track the overall patterns of your life. This seminar covers the eight phases of the lunation cycle, how to tell which phase you are in, and how to interpret the meaning of the phase in terms of the overall cycle.


Arielle’s 5 Volumes in Astrology Include:

  • Astro*Compatibility (1986)
  • The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps (1989)
  • Mythic Astrology: Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope (1993); reprinted in 2003 as: Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers
  • Mythic Astrology Applied: Healing with the Planets (2003)

Mythic Astrology:Internalizing the Planetary Powers

Mythic Astrology Applied

Mythic Astrology: Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope


Live Your Myth

We live in a symbolic universe, and there are no coincidences. The position of the planets at the moment of your birth is a symbolic reflection of your psyche. This groundbreaking book combines Jungian and transpersonal psychology with mythology and Western astrology. Professional astrologers Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson explored the synergy between Graeco- Roman mythology and archetypal planetary energies in the acclaimed Mythic Astrology. Now the journey continues in this practical guide to harnessing the power of planetary archetypes.

Mythic Astrology Applied explores the myths, gifts, and challenges of each of the nine planets, and includes an extensive look at the archetypes of Gaia (Earth), Chiron, and the major asteroids Juno, Vesta, Lilith, Ceres, and Pallas Athene. An appendix includes a discussion of many of the minor asteroids, including Psyche and Pan.

Learn to recognize these deities and their archetypes when you pass them on the street. . . when you see them in film . . . when you are reading your favorite novel. . . and even when you close your eyes to sleep and find them in your dreams. Activate your assertiveness with the help of Mars. Fall in love with the aid of Venus. Attract greater prosperity with Jupiter’s blessings. Your life is your myth and you are the storyteller of your life.

You do not need any previous experience with astrology to benefit from this powerful synthesis of ancient wisdom and modem psychology. Discover how to contact the mythic archetypes in your horoscope and your psyche and bring them into harmony. Receive important messages from the archetypes through dream work and active imagination. Stem the negative influence of challenging planets using planetary healing techniques, and increase the positive influence of any planet using planetary remedies.

Ariel Guttman has been an astrological consultant for 40+ years. She teaches seminars around the world in subjects such as Mythic Astrology, Astrological Relocation Techniques and her latest, original work involving the Venus Star Points.​

Kenneth Johnson(Hawaii) has practiced astrology professionally since 1973. His counseling approach is founded strongly upon personal myths and archetypes.

Arielle’s Other Books:

Astrocompatibility (1986). RKM Publishing Co.


The AstroCartography Book of Maps (1989) with Jim Lewis, translated into German and French. German translation published 1990; French translation published in 1994, Editions du Rocher, Jean-Paul Bertrand, ed.


Mythic Astrology (Vol. I): Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope (1993) with Kenneth Johnson. Reissued March 2004. Portuguese translation published by Madras Editora, EDTA:


Mythic Astrology Applied (Vol. II): (2004) with Kenneth Johnson. Russian translation published.