Venus Star Leo Masterclass – August 2023

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Venus Star Leo : Masterclass – August 2023

We are very happy to invite you, our previous Venus Seminar participants to our next and now 9th Venus Masterclass which began in March 2017. We have now come nearly full circle, with a 10th planned already for next year.

With so much information and more research to share on Venus and her Cycle, this year, instead of one long afternoon/morning that we have hosted in the past, one was nearly 7 hours, we have decided to present this next chapter, in 4 seperate segments over 3 weeks, giving more time in-between to gather, research and study the info provided, with time for Q and A with teacher and class examples.

The wonderful Arielle, Brett and Adam join me, Julija again starting August 6th. Arielle will present on the qualities of the Leo Star Point and themes, Gemini will be showing us how to track the Archetypal Shifts of Your Venus Star Points, Adam is going to take us through his never before presented meditation, that will help us accelerate our astrology past the limits of intellectual understanding into the life and the body. I am looking forward to teaching all about Venus Phases, adding more info about the quality and expression of Venus beyond, sign, house and aspect.

In preparation I am including a FREE 2 hour webinar I recently did for Kepler College of the Venus Star Leo, jam packed with info on how to work and use the Venus Star. If you haven’t seen it yet – or need an update and overview do WATCH HERE.

For this week ONLY we are offering a 20% off early bird price till Venus turns retrograde July 23rd. If you are a C*I*A Member you will automatically receive another 10% off this week making it 30% off.

If you cannot make a session, recordings will be sent as soon as they are uploaded.

Includes 3 x 2 hour sessions, 1 x 1hr meditation journey

Sunday, August 6th – 12pm – 2pm (CET)
Sunday, 13th – 4pm -6pm PDT – (9am AEST)
Wednesday, 16th – 4pm -5pm PDT – (9am AEST 21st August)
Sunday, 20th – 4pm -6pm PDT – (9am AEST 21st August)

Full Price
$144 USD

EARLY BIRD PRICE 20% off only till July 23rd
$115.20 USD

extra 10% off for C*I*A Members (30% with early bird)

Ready to study more and go deeper?

For full details, schedule, and to register, please go to link below

Intentional Beads VSP Leo 2023 Webinar

Talisman Webinar: Venus Star Point In Leo August 13, 2023

LIVE webinar is happening at 6:15 am CDT on Sunday, August 13, 2023. You will receive the webinar recording if you cannot attend live!

Join Sandy Rueve, astrologer & talisman maker, and Arielle Guttman, astrologer & the author of the Venus Star Rising & creator of Venus Star Point System, as they take you through this personalized, 2.5-hour Talisman-making Webinar – focused on the Venus Star Point in Leo.