2021 Overview

Webinar Recording Available

This Zoom webinar presentation/workshop features two seasoned astrologers, Arielle Guttman (Santa Fe, NM) and Alexandra
Karacostas (Chico, CA), who will be giving an astrological overview of the coming year. 2021 is going to prepare us for a global,
giant re-set. How do we best navigate through these important cyclical changes, both personally and collectively?

Some topics of discussion include:
• The NEW CYCLE of Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius
• The NEW CYCLE OF Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn
• The NEW CYCLE of Saturn & Pluto in Caprciron
• The LAST QUARTER CYCLE of Saturn & Uranus (Aquarius-Taurus)
• Neptune square Nodes – FINAL PASS
• Neptune/Pallas in Pisces; Jupiter in Pisces
• The Venus Star Point into Aries – NEARING FINAL PASS

As you can see from the above, we have more than average number of cycles that are ending while new ones are beginning. Thus,
we are in a great transition age. What are we transitioning to? Join us for an in-depth look at the planets and celestial events that
will pinpoint the highlights of 2021.
Arielle Guttman has been involved with astrology since 1974. Her professional practice is based in Santa Fe, NM. She leads astro-
mythological tours to Greece. She is the author of Venus Star Rising, a groundbreaking astrological tool for the 21stcentury. Visit
her website at: www.SophiaVenus.com or at 505-216-6477.
Alexandra Karacostas is a professional astrologer based in CA and Greece. She teaches and
lectures nationally and abroad, and serves an international clientele. Alexandra also leads Sacred Site and Cultural tours in her beloved Greece. You may reach her at
www.WisdomAstrology.com or 530-520-9992

$45 – purchase recording

C*I*A Webinar Masterclass – Venus Star Gemini

Recorded: May 29th, 2020
This webinar ran for almost 5 hours and is available for purchase below

Following on from our previous Venus Star webinars – Aries March 2017, Venus Star Capricorn Jan 2018, Venus Star Scorpio Oct
|2018, Venus Star Leo August 2019 we are thrilled to join again to present Venus Star Gemini! Join the Venus Star Agents for this
masterclass for the next round of info and research about the Venus Cycle, Venus Phases and the Venus Star Points. The Star Point
that occurs in Gemini is already strongly felt as Venus retrogrades towards it to begin a new cycle on June 3rd at 14° Gemini. All
occurring on the Venus’ own planetary node as did the Transit of Venus in 2004 and 2012, as well as occurring on the North Node
of Uranus. The Gemini Star point is perhaps the most significant Star Point of our times.

$55 – purchase replay