Although the Venus Star is composed of 5 sides or points, reflecting the pentagonal dynamic, the Sabian Symbol for this year’s VSP is “A Square, with one of its sides brightly lit.” In astrology, squares often represent dynamic forces of energy, be them challenges to overcome or opportunities to grow. This may be the keynote of 2021’s Star of Venus message. 

Squares in astrology are made up of 90 angles, or the circle divided by 4. The 4th Harmonic is made up of the conjunction (0), the squares (90) and the opposition (180), all dynamic aspects. We entered 2021 with the overcoming of a major set of squares that took place in 2020, involving Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. Normally we would see Jupiter as adding expansion and promise of hope, but for most of the year our planet of optimism and freedom was penned in between Saturn and Pluto, virtually clipping its wings. Not until December 2020 and January 2021 at the last pass of the squares between Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter and Mars did we see the light at the end of the tunnel, with a new president and a message of hope as we move into a new era, following the auspicious Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020.

2021 is itself characterized by three sets of squares between Saturn and Uranus, indicating a different tone for the square. The involvement of Uranus gives illumination to the square, matching the Sabian Symbol of the brightly lit side of the square of March’s Venus Star Point. Uranus, is nothing if not a change agent. Whether it’s a welcome change or a threatening change remains to be seen, as Uranus can and does bring both. But in this case, Uranus lands into our nicely contained, 4-walls, Saturnian world with a message of a way out. Whether one of the walls just came tumbling down or the decision was made to install new doors and windows to let the light in, there is a sense of the light either being let in, as well as our own opportunity to break free of the confining walls that have held us. 

Opportunities abound in this planetary signature but many times those opportunities are passed by, feeling the need to keep the status quo, stay put or remain in stasis, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. But with Uranus acting upon Saturn this year, the sudden urge to take a leap of faith is the message in the air.  


The Venus Star Point returns to Aries every 4 years during its 100+ year transit through the sign of the Ram. The last Aries Point was 2017 when the U.S. was inaugurating a new president and this year a a new president takes takes the oath of office. Totally different presidents and agendas, yet the keyword here is “new”. Sure, some things remain the same. Saturn is still part of that square and though people will clamor and rage at the government, its rules, regulations and outworn laws, I heard many people comment on the satisfaction they felt in watching the time-honored traditions of Washington DC unfold on Inauguration Day 2021, with a sense of pride, decorum and respect afforded to those time-honored traditions. In other words, the good side of Saturn. 

Aries is the first sign on the universal wheel of the zodiac and it relates to the first day of spring. (The Autumnal Equinox in the southern hemisphere would relate to the first day of fall.)  The beginning of spring is celebrated in almost every religion throughout the world, but most importantly to honor the older traditions of spring wherein the Sun has now traveled across the equator, coming back to the north and ascending, over the next 3 months to the height of its summit of light, warmth, growth and fertility. When spring does occur, the seeds that have been lying dormant underground all winter, shoot up from underground and begin their rapid growth cycle. Similarly, we will feel this urge once the Star Point activates Aries in late March – to break free, break out, and sprint forward. Even if there doesn’t seem to be a way out, the urge will be to pioneer a strategy that allows this growth and expansion. 

With the Venus Star in Aries, we can look at how and where we are emerging this year—emerging out of a cocoon and birthing our “true” self. The energy is ripe for the kind of growth that is not merely restricted to the material level. This type of growth finds its greatest reward in self-growth, understanding oneself in a way that brings to mind that old saying “if only we could see ourselves as others see us”. 


Further to the Venus Star Point at Aries on the 6th degree, it is conjunct the healer planet-god, Chiron, also in Aries. To take seeing oneself as others see us to the next level, is also to consider how our old wounds, especially of an emotional, heart-centered nature, have infected other parts of our being. These old resentments and heart-aches bury themselves in warm liquid pools in our bodies, sometimes preventing blood flow and circulation of a healthy kind. The message here is – if there is still a buried resentment or wound that you thought was dealt with – seek an internal investigation to find out if this is true. Self-healing doesn’t just take place by eating nutritious food and walking 10,000 steps a day. The entire organism, including body, mind, emotions and spirit, is involved in producing a feeling of vibrancy in the goal to achieve a healthy life.

Lest we not forget that the world is still faced with the devastating consequences of a global pandemic as we enter this phase, we are also looking – and concentrating a unified effort world-wide – to combat the virus that is still deadly to so many. Vaccinations, testing, PPE, social distancing, wearing of masks and all types of restrictive measures are still in place in many parts of the world. 

But the brightly lit side of the square shows that although the end is not totally in sight (three sides are still constricted), one side is facing the light and coming out of it. That portends hope on all fronts, at the individual level and also at the collective level.  

EVENT CALENDAR—2021—Arielle’s Presentations

March 17 – A Master Class on The Venus Star Point Aries with Julija Simas, Cosmic Intelligence Agency (CIA) Register at this link:  https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/shop/all-products/webinars/venusstarpointaries/

March 21 – An Astrological Look at the Generations—OPA Live Webinar on Zoom, register at this link: https://www.opaastrology.org/store/Arielle-Guttman-An-Astrological-Look-at-the-Generations-p291175273

March 25 – Venus Cycles, The Venus Star pattern and the next Venus Star Point in Aries with Anastasia Zoe Podcast, featured on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNbrvs6qn0_P3UreOO85TQ

April 22-27 – OPA 2021 Virtual Conference, a star-studded event with great astrologers and several good immersion tracks. (Right now the Venus Star Point track is full, but check to see if there are any cancellations).  Still, you won’t want to miss the other great offerings at this virtual conference.

May 15 – Astrology & Mythology: A Marriage Made in Heaven – Arielle will demonstrate how she works with mythology to integrate it into a chart with living archetypes. Baltimore Chapter NCGR event on Zoom email for more info on registration: scrawley@mica.edu

August 5 – EA Zoom Meetings – topic TBA

September 19-October 4 – Greece Tour to the Ancient & Modern Healing Sanctuaries with Alexandra Karacostas (this one is NOT virtual—it is LIVE. This tour, originally scheduled for May 2020, has now been re-booked for this period in Sep-Oct 2021, a beautiful time of year in Greece. If you are interested, check this out.

October 28—Goddesses on the Landscape (Zoom workshop), a look at asteroids in astro-locality chartssponsored by San Francisco Astrological Organization (Zoom event) contact SFAS for more details at https://www.sfastrologicalsociety.com/about-us

November 20—Head in the Clouds—The Element of AIR in the 2020s – San Diego Chapter NCGR Zoom event) contact NCGR-SD for more details at: https://www.meetup.com/NCGR-San-Diego-Astrology-Group/

December—stay tuned for programs on the next Venus Retrograde – in Capricorn and the next VSP (January 2022)