What is a Retrograde? It is the apparent backward motion of a planet, as viewed from Earth. Not only does Venus go Retro this week, but also Saturn and Jupiter join the Retro parade. What is a Retrograde period all about? It’s about re-thinking or re-evaluation of important conditions in one’s life. It is a time to pull in and listen to your inner voice. Especially with Venus, it occurs as to how you are feeling. Venus Retro isn’t so easy for most people because Venus is a social planet, a planet of connection. We want to connect. Retrogrades tell us to pull back from the social milieu, and take stock. 

Here is an interview I did recently on the Turning of the Wheel Podcast with Chris Flisher, where we go into depth about the current Venus Retro period (and more). 

I began the Gemini VSP chapter in the book by saying: “Let me tell you my story. Let me give you my rap.” If there ever was a time to jot down a little story, the time of now couldn’t be better. There will be a million stories coming out of this time period, all with a slightly different twist. If millennials and their elders want to leave something to their future generations it will be the notes on a pandemic. Mine will be called “Love In The Time of Corona” stealing the line from “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

For instance if you are Gemini Rising, You have no excuse now not to take some time for yourself. You thrive, normally, on being a busy bee, going here and there, conversing with this one and that one, loving up your devices, apps and social media time to the hilt. But now is the time to not only shelter-in-place in your casita, but also in your deeper self. There was a book called “Conversations With God”. The one you will be able to write is called: “Conversations With Self” when Venus leaves Gemini. When someone calls, just say: “I’m on another line at the moment. Listening To Self. Not sure when I’ll be available.”

If you are a Gemini VSP, this is your Star Point return year. The retrograde asks if you are still following the path of your heart. It reminds you what the path of the heart is. Sometimes it shows up first as what the path of the heart is not. Then you know. So you keep your eyes open for the moments that convey a resounding Yes. Venus is roller blading in loops, back and forth over the same position in your chart as it was 4 years ago, 8 years ago, 12 years, ago, etc. 

Increments of four, with every other one being a double whammy. Same house, same sign, same basic themes. How are you evolving those themes? How do they occur differently for you now? Your book will be called “Conversations With Heart”. If you feel a palpable surge in the heart area flowing throughout your entire body, don’t let it be another fleeting thought. Capture it. Let Mind register it as important. 

I am using the metaphor of writing the story because this VSP falls in my natal 3rd where it repeats every 4 years for my entire life. Could be why I take myself into retreat to write every so often and cannot break myself of that habit. And why would I even try? The VSP generates the passion for life and this indeed is one of mine. My only response can be to answer the call. So writing, it will be. Even though I have over 1,000 stories I could write at the moment, the one about this moment in time has got to be the biggest story of our lives! 

If you are seized by the energy of these Gemini Rx and VSP points, you might find the faster, more efficient way of getting the story told is in sound bites, recorded into your smartphones. Or, obtain the free recording apps that can be installed. Preserve it however possible.In this world of instant communication coming from every corner and hand-held device in the world, information comes in fast and goes out fast. It’s retweeted in a nano-second. Many people really don’t have a chance to think about it – to even try to understand it more deeply – they simply receive the message and retweet, repost, etc.

There is an epidemic or pandemic (virus) around us now and it’s interesting to see how when a tweet or post or quote gets picked up by the airwaves in large numbers, it’s said to go viral. It makes you wonder how harmfully infectious those “info” viruses are at the moment.

Topping that off, there is a Lunar Eclipse positioned right between the VSP in the heart of the Venus Rx this year. That brings those two signs even more into focus.

Chart for the VenusStarPoint (VSP) Gemini 2020:
13° Gemini – The Number 13 — Lucky or Unlucky?

This year’s Venus Star Point is almost upon us. It will occur in Gemini at 13 degrees. Where does the number 13 occur in your life — or in your chart? The people most affected will have multiples of the number 13 in their chart, but most specifically Gemini, the mutable and the air signs. Also pay attention to the angles of the chart.

This year’s Venus Star Point squares Neptune three times in its sojourn. This is the classic “I Have A Dream”. The dream may indeed still survive this period, but the fulfillment of it may be slightly delayed, tweaked or recast.

Many planets and key asteroids in Gemini for this event including North Node, Hygeia, Vesta — all joining Venus Rx in Gemini!

The placement of Nodes in Gem/Sag for the Gem VSP is significant. Venus Rx at the same time the Nodes Rx through Gem. What is Gem/Sag all about? What type of deep reversals, letting go, reforming and reconstituting certain institutions related to:

Travel—no question the airline industry and the petroleum industry that fuels all our vehicles is going through massive re-organization at the moment.

Education—Schools, both lower and higher forms of instruction are needing to re-think and re-tool their learning environments to provide safety. Record numbers of people are not enrolling in college this fall, record numbers of drops in attendance and even availability among some chosen schools.

Beliefs—Sag is the polarity to this VSP. What do we believe – yesterday, today and tomorrow? Can we believe what we hear? The words fall on our collective Gemini mind that says: either I believe it or I don’t believe it. Two ways to look at everything. The Sag part comes with “I Believe” it. 

Words—Words have a way of going viral. New catch phrases, new ways to communicate something, and in Gemini style, much shorter, quicker and to the point.

Sibling—I always call Gemini the Sibling Constellation. Who are your mates at this time? More than anything Venus is wanting us to relate like kin now, whether you are blood ties or not. The soul brother and sister comes from the longing to establish a relationship based on conversation and exchange of ideas. But not idle conversation. Venus Rx advises let’s avoid non-significant and meaningless things to fill our heads with and focus on the more important issues — or not focus on anything at all.

There is no question we are in a major re-set period for the world. The main thing is to listen to your inner guidance, stay safe and stay well. 

You may have seen my website has recently been redesigned. I love the new look and ease of navigation… let me know what you think!

From Santa Fe, New Mexico

Arielle Guttman

May 10, 2020

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