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Founder and director of Sophia Venus, I bring over 40 years of experience in using the language of astrology to people seeking answers and guidance about life’s questions. Read more about Arielle here >

A Weekend with Venus and the Gang – Sag Harbor, NY

GETTING STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF YOUR LIFE presented by Venus and the Gang. Join four Venus Star practitioners in a weekend of casual learning, with a blend of both lecture-style and experiential, personal, you-centered material that will enrich your life. Learn how to be in rhythm and flow with the energies given to you by your Venus Star and [...]

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Venus Star Point Presentations – Tucson, Arizona

The Venus Star Life Transits: Lecture & Presentation March 14-15, 2014 Tuscon Astrologers Guild, Tuscon, AZ This will be second appearance of the Venus Star Point material in Tucson--the last presentation was in early 2012. This time, join Arielle Guttman for a fascinating discussion of how these Star Points pinpoint  important life events. The current transiting Venus Star Point for [...]

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Venus Star Point Presentations in New Jersey

Hey to my East Coast friends, Please join Arielle at Cosmic Astrology on May 10-11 for a look inside Venus and her Star Points. This is the third presentation on the east coast in seven months - thanks to all of you out there who are embracing the Venus material. Schedule: May 10: 7:30 to 9:30 Venus Star Point - [...]

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Venus Star Point Program in Baltimore

Arielle will be presenting two programs on the Venus Star Rising book in Baltimore on Feb 15-16. The Friday Feb 15 program is: Love & Relationships on the Venus Star The Saturday Feb 16 program is: The Venus Star Point Discover a new astrological tool that will simplify and enhance your understanding of life, love, and purpose. Program info is [...]

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