If you have been gazing at the evening sky just after sunset, you will no doubt have been dazzled by Venus shining brightly, gaining both speed and height as she breezes through the northern summer signs of Cancer and Leo.

What might not have been as clear, but present nonetheless, has been Mars, who is simultaneously being hosted by the lion. If you are looking at the constellation view, they are cruising through and making their fateful meeting in the claw of the crab, Cancer, who is clinging tightly to this passionate couple, bringing us a new cycle of the Mars-Venus dance. Last one? August 2019 in Virgo. This one: July 2021 in Leo. Next ones? February 2022 in Capricorn followed quickly by another one in March 2022 in Aquarius, at the point in which Jupiter and Saturn met, initiating a 20-year cycle. This one in March might be one to watch.

We have always looked at Mars in one the most favorable ways when he is with Venus. The myths and stories that have been handed down from legend, is that Mars is cooled down, tamed and at his most sensual when engaged with the love goddess Venus. And she couldn’t be happier! This painting shows Venus and Mars by Sandro Botticelli (15th century) who brought us the famous Birth of Venus. Here, she is seen after her rendezvous with Mars. Or, perhaps she gazes upon the sleeping Mars, hoping to rouse him to action!

In essence, what the attraction is all about is based on polarity. Mythologically, poetically, artistically and in literature, not forgetting film and pop culture, Venus has been characterized as the archetypal feminine while Mars has claimed the masculine as his role. The space between that polarity has become increasingly more blurred in recent times. We are witnessing not so much a polarization as a spectrum of behavior that people are experimenting with and embodying in their exploration through the male-female dynamic.

This is the time when Mars (Greek Ares) was most beloved by the ancients. His war-like nature all but disappeared when he was in the arms of Aphrodite—purring like a lion. As they are both being hosted in the sky at the present by the lion, let’s not forget how that lion roars when its passions are aroused. Am I suggesting this is a good time to engage in such endeavors? If that is your pleasure, the force is with you!

Here, we have an image from the SkyView® app, whereby the Crab is hosting the love pair in its claw, while preparing to toss the two into the mouth of the Lion, waiting around the bend on the Ecliptic Highway. Venus will get there first, of course.

Loving the imagery of Sabian Symbols, the tropical zodiac of this conjunction is: 20° Leo which portrays Zuni sun worshippers. Themes associated with this symbol are: respect for ancient practices of worship, ceremony, reverence, loyalty, faith and self-confidence. Fire ceremony, yes. Fire danger, also a yes. Controlling or taming that fire – in all ways – may be the key to success here. We must state our intentions in a bold and self-assured way, without becoming overbearing. Like the Lion portrayed above, allow yourself to receive it.

Aries is the first fire sign—getting to know yourself. Leo, the second act of fire, involves expressing the self you have been discovering since Aries. The recent Venus Star Point (VSP) occurred in Aries, and Mars spent six months there during the height of the pandemic in 2020-21. Incredible self-absorption would be one end of the spectrum for all this fire.

The lion wants to ROAR now. Is he roaring with anger and revenge or is he roaring with laughter and playfulness? At the other end of the spectrum, we have a heart-centered light that shines from within, having been fertilized by our love duet. The kind of self-expression, that when witnessed by an audience, can inspire dancing, singing, celebrating and feelings of pleasure, tears of laughter and joy and awe that someone can express it so well.

Where has Venus been of late? And who will she visit next?

Venus has had a remarkably busy season lately, engaging in many encounters in recent months. Most notably Mercury (twice) during April and May, but the big event of spring 2021 involved her Star Point in Aries. The Star Point is when Venus kisses the Sun (cazimi) and they form a new 9.5 month cycle of activity. Here, Venus is kissing Mars, inseminating another kind of passion. The VSP in Aries while the V/M in Leo further reiterates the fire and passion of the lion.

Then, there’s the end of 2021

Nothing like beginning and ending the year in a meet-up with Pluto. In December we will see Venus go retro in Capricorn, meeting up with Pluto 3 times. Is it still a time of letting go and releasing the old baggage? Yes, Pluto inspires (sometimes forces) Venus to let go of cherished possessions and memories and sadly, even loved ones.

The impending meet-up in Capricorn suggests it is time for a new business plan. Revise and make adjustments to the rapidly changing world we are living in. Keep up with the times by being able to modify our equipment, resources and calendar to meet the opportunities and stay in the game.

The opening performance of our act is here and now in Leo. How sustainable is it? We will find out by year-end with the retrograde and triple meet-up of Venus with Pluto. Add to that a double with Mars, same season. An initiation of a significant enterprise and undertaking, while saying farewell to the old.

2021 Meet-Ups of Venus with other Planets

Venus Encounters….2021

Venus Conjunct Pluto Jan 28 2021 25°Cp06′  
Venus Conjunct Saturn Feb 6 2021 05°Aq54′  
Venus Conjunct Jupiter Feb 11 2021 12°Aq34′  
Venus Conjunct Pallas Feb 21 2021 25°Aq19′  
Venus conjunct Neptune Mar 14 2021 20°Pi45′  
Venus conjunct Sun (VSP) Mar 26 2021 05°Ari50’  
Venus conjunct Chiron Mar 28 2021 08°Ar49′ D  
Venus Conjunct Ceres Apr 3 2021 16°Ar14′  
Venus Conjunct Uranus Apr 23 2021 10°Ta13′  
Venus Conjunct Black Moon May 2 2021 21°Ta26′  
Venus Conjunct Node May 17 2021 10°Ge46′  
Venus Conjunct Mars Jul 13 2021 19°Le48′  
Venus Conjunct Vesta Sep 3 2021 21°Li16′  
Venus Conjunct S Node Oct 9 2021 02°Sg32′  
Venus Conjunct Juno Oct 31 2021 25°Sg16′  
Venus Conjunct Pluto Dec 11 2021 25°Cp19′ #1
Venus Retrograde Dec 19 2021 26°Cp29’R  
Venus Conjunct Pluto Dec 25 2021 25°Cp43′ #2
Venus Conjunct Pluto Mar 3 2022 27°Cp50’ #3

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Botticelli painting of Venus and Mars from The National Gallery, London

Images of Mars & Venus in the Lion and the Crab, courtesy of SkyMap® app

Sabian Symbol reference from the original symbols by Marc Edmond Jones

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