The yearly wheel is turning and the spiral of life is moving as we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023. It was a jam-packed year, full of planetary energy and now we are moving on to another jam-packed year of celestial activities.

As we personally and collectively prepare to shift gears from one calendar year to another, we tend to look back on the year behind us. 2022 was indeed an impactful year, and in the Venus cycle, it was especially important. The Venus Star entered her own sign Libra, for the first time in 150 years. The Star created by the love goddess entering her own domain.

While the entire period of the Libra Star will last until 2133, the smaller sub-cycle is underway now, from Oct 22, 2022 to Aug 15, 2023. From then on, Venus will be hosted by Leo as she prepares for her next retrograde and will spend nearly 5 months in Leo in 2023! Get ready, lions and lionesses!

One of my many fascinations with Greece has involved the Minoan culture in Crete. And another fascination has been the Phaistos Disc, a yet-undeciphered pictorial text, drawn in circular form and resembling a spiral. Image below:

pre dawn sky feb 2022

A pleasant surprise was to open a piece in the Greek Reporter that claims: “Phaistos Disc solved 99%”. This clay tablet is from 2nd millennia BCE, found in Crete and mysteriously still undeciphered. It is a companion to the Linear B text which has been translated. Linear A, however, has not yet been deciphered.
Gareth Owens, an archaeologist who has worked on cracking the code for 30 years, has offered us his translation.

And the conclusion? That it was a prayer to the fertility goddess and the love goddess, Astarte. Astarte, the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility, eventually went to Cyprus, became known as Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love. Our very same Venus.

Proof today, that from 4,000 years ago, one of the earliest written records is a prayer to the goddess of love, carved into clay, and the message has remained a great mystery, one of archaeology’s greatest mysteries, until now. And so timely! The meaning of the disk is about love—back then—and now.
Link to the article may be found here:

names of constellations

As for Venus herself, she has been invisible to us since mid-September when she disappeared behind the sun, created her kiss to the sun (cazimi) in late October and now is ready to disseminate her message by appearing to us once again in mid-December.

Start looking west after sunset and you will begin to notice Venus shining brighter and brighter in the evening sky with each day, as we move forward into summer 2023. Embody her radiance and joy!

However you choose to celebrate this time of year, the darkest time in the north and the brightest time in the south, I offer a wish to all—of peace, joy and love in the new year!

happy new year

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