Interpreting the charts of nations forces us to determine an initial chart. Bill Sheeran states his views by saying;

“If astrology operates continuously on a collective level, then how do we describe and explore the astrological situation of a national group prior to the date of the chosen national chart? For the national group itself has no birth date. if we can postulate one, in what way can we rationalize the extinction of its validity when it is superseded by a new horoscope or birth chart as the national group experiences a major societal or political symmetry break? One has to ask what exactly it is that such unique national birth charts represent, and question whether the concept has any real value. Are they simply an erroneous artefact of the application of natal astrology perspectives to the collective level?”
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It is obviously difficult to say which of the three different charts of Iran featured in Nicholas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes is more valid. Campion notes that the current parliamentary regime in Iran was established in 1906 under the pressure of an alliance of commercial and clerical interests, and emphasizes that the first meeting of the parliament was held on October 7, 1906, without knowing the exact time. Of course, this date is essential in terms of being the moment when the monarchy collapsed and the first steps of the republic were taken. Khomeini’s announcement that they had established the Islamic republic on the radio in Tehran at 15:00 on April 1, 1979 appears as a founding chart of the country. (The Book of World Horoscopes pg. 163)

Based on the view that the past determines the future and the future includes the past, let’s evaluate the common themes of the two maps over two charts that are in Campion’s book.

According to the similarities of the charts of the transition to the first parliamentary structure and the announcement of the Islamic republic in the light of this information, let’s look at the important events that bring us to the present day.

Iran, which has a tremendous and deep history, is the present-day heir of the Persian and Medic Empires dating back to 625 BC. When we look at these empires in question, I think it would not be wrong to emphasize that the Iranians have warrior characteristics. Especially the wars between the Persians and the Greeks, and Alexander the Great are the wars that constitute critical points of history on a regional basis.

Due to Iran’s deep-rooted history and geographical location, it has always needed a strong army. Considering its geopolitical position, Iran is located at the heart of the world’s transportation network. From this point of view, it is not surprising that the ascendant is Leo and the ASC ruler is in Aries, which is exalted.

While the religious belief in Iran was Zoroastrianism until 630 AD, when it was conquered by the Islamic State in 652, the Islamic religion began to spread within the borders of Iran.

Trade on the silk road during the Sassanid and Parthian eras played an important role in the development of Iran. The country improved its relations with China quite well during the Sassanid period. The Silkroad connecting the east to the west has helped to transport not only merchandise but also art and culture.

Exalted ASC ruler, which is located in the ninth house, is in its joy. We see the importance of the position of the Sun, which has both essential and accidental dignity, not only in terms of the Silkroad but also when we consider the 9th house as higher education. Iran, under the rule of the Sassanids, made a great breakthrough in art, music, and architecture by improving its relations with China. World-renowned science and research centers such as Nizip School and Gundeshapur Academy were established. This was also seen during the Seljuk period. Even the Seljuks, who became Iranian, carried the Iranian culture to Anatolia. Still a strong 9th house emphasis at this point.

If we consider the chart of 1906 as the basis of the chart of the Islamic republic, the trine aspect between Pluto in Gemini and the Sun indicates that power will be shaped by information and knowledge. Of course, it is impossible to interpret house cusps when we do not have the time information, but planetary combinations will also be enlightening in terms of understanding the situation. Neptune/Jupiter conjunctions indicate idealism, while the opposition of Uranus explains the country’s breakthroughs in art, education, and science.

The Aquarius VSP in the chart of 1906 reflects the nation's revolutionary, organized, independent, creative, original, and knowledgeable nature. Considering that the supportive signs of the Venus star (helping hands) are Sagittarius and Taurus, we understand the importance of tolerance and the resources it has in achieving the creativity and independence we are talking about. It is essential for Iran to be inspired and interact with different cultures with Sagittarius energy.

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

It is known that hundreds of Iranian researchers and scientists made huge contributions during this period, which later supported the birth of the European Renaissance.

On the chart of the Islamic republic, the fourth house, representing the roots of a nation, begins with the sign of Scorpio.

I want to emphasize that the VSP of this map is also Scorpio. Pluto, the VSP administrator, is located in 3rd house, symbolizing neighboring countries and education.

This sign is a zodiac sign that symbolizes cohesiveness. Throughout its history, Iran has hosted many civilizations (such as the Medes, Achaemenids, Macedonians, Sasanians, and Umayyads) on its lands and has a rich cultural history.

The Scorpio fourth house and the connection of Uranus — which is located in this house — with the eighth house also explain the mass deaths caused by wars in the history of the country. The most striking statistic is that the population of the country, which was 2.5 million during the Mongol invasion in the Kharzemshah period, fell to 250,000. In recent history, it has been recorded that Iran has lost more than 100,000 victims due to chemical weapons in eight years.

The discovery of oil in Iran in 1908 marked a critical turning point in its history. This situation not only reflects the thoughts of the imperialist states on Iranian territory but also reveals its complex socio-economic structure, which will mark Iran’s 20th century.

VSP is located with natal Uranus in the fourth house which symbolizes the underground resources of the country. The conjunction of VSP and Uranus points to the potential of natural resources to transform the country through issues such as change, turmoil, rebellion, and individualization. This location is also the most important secret power of the country. the chart of 1906 emphasizes the same theme if we pay attention. One of the helping hands (RH) is in Taurus located in the fourth house. So the country's natural resources can actually support Iran to become a modern and liberal country. Also, Sagittarius GH located in the 12th house in the same chart explains the dominance of the caste system in the country.

The feudalism prevalent in rural Iran deepened the gap between the landlords and the landless peasants and brought the bourgeois in the cities to the fore as an active class. It is known that the Iranian ulama and mullahs, who have a unique hierarchy, decisively influenced both landowners and bazaar shopkeepers.

With the introduction of oil as an economic product, the precursors of the industrial bourgeoisie begin to form in the 1940s. From the point of view of the imperialist countries, the country is now becoming a good target in which a share can be taken.

The transition of Pluto to Leo in the 1940s triggered the Lunar nodes of the 1906 Iranian chart, while the Transit Neptune makes a square aspect to Pluto. Simultaneously, transit Saturn and Uranus oppose natal Venus, which represents the country’s resources, money, banks, and diplomacy. In the 1906 chart, the aspects of the Lunar nodes to two important planets, both the Moon and Saturn, indicate that Pluto is preparing a radical change by activating not only the nodes but also these two planets.

Not only that; transit Uranus triggers the Aquarius VSP of the 1906 chart with the square aspect, starting the disintegration process. Transit Neptun, on the other hand, conjunct with one of the karmic feet (Virgo GF) and natal Mars, indicating a misconception about international agreements.

After the Second World War, there was a struggle for existence and decoupling between the USA and the USSR, which are considered the two poles of the world, like other states in the world. Immediately after the war, Russia’s influence began to be seen more in Iran. With the support of the nationalist party, Mossadegh was appointed prime minister in 1951, after which a number of new reform movements began. With the decision of Mossadegh’s government to nationalize oil, Mossadegh was arrested on August 19, 1953 (Ajax operation). After this date, a multinational consortium was established with half of the operating rights of the oil produced in Iran.

The Uranus/Uranus opposition on the 1906 chart, which represents the beginning of the chart of the Islamic republic, indicates that the country is moving towards a step-by-step change. And again, the Pluto Mars square in the same chart is triggered by the transiting Jupiter. Fierce competition and a radical transformation process are inevitable. The Pluto-Mars conjunction in transit also squares natal Venus in the country chart (1906), linking the issue to material resources.

Perhaps the most important effect of the transit of Pluto's opposition to the VSP during this period. Since Saturn is trining to the VSP simultaneously beside Pluto, these transits to VSP suppress the country's processes on the way to development, becoming a modern and free country (Aquarius VSP). After this period, Iran's direction is starting to move towards the mullah regime.

Venus represents the polarity of war and peace as well as diplomacy in the astrology of countries. After the Venus/Sun inferior conjunction, which took place at 23 degrees Aries in 1953, Venus is born as the morning star and shows its influence on earth with its warrior identity by triggering the natal VSP (24 Aquarius) of the country.

After the anti-shah demonstrations began in January 1978, shah Riza Pahlavi fled the country in February 1979. Then the leader of these demonstrations, Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile. With the declaration of neutrality by the army on February 11, 1979, the shah’s era is effectively over. On April 1, 1979, the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran was officially declared.

When we look at the chart of the Islamic Republic together with the 1906 chart of Iran, we see the opposition of Saturn. The transition process to the democratic regime that started with Saturn Pisces evolved into the Islamic Republic with the transition of Saturn to Virgo. We see that Jupiter, who rules the qadis and mullahs, is involved in the preparation of the foundations of a new Islamic republic for the country throughout the sign of Cancer, where it is exalted.

The Thor’s hammer aspect pattern formed between the Moon-Saturn-Mercury in the 1906 chart was triggered by Pluto in the Islamic republic chart and a new era began for Iran.

On the other hand, the Venus/Sun conjunction in 1978 takes place at 15 degrees Scorpio and Venus continues its course as a morning star. In the background, this sensitive point helps to lay the foundations of the Islamic Republic of Iran by triggering the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and Mars of the 1906 chart.

During this period, we see that Uranus, Neptun, and Saturn triggered the stars that represent the future of the country, namely GH and GF.

If we continue with recent history; the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted eight years starting on November 22, 1980, ends with the UN’s peace proposal. It has been recorded that Iraq caused the death of a significant number of Iranians due to the chemical weapons it used. (2)

It is also known that Iran, one of the important figures in the Middle East, supported the so-called Arab spring movement in order to increase anti-western influences. (3) However, when the popular movements started in Syria, the Tehran administration changed its policy and supported the Syrian government instead of supporting the Syrian people. (4) The opposition of the Sun-Pluto, located in the ninth-third house of the country chart, presents Iran as a power trying to dominate the Middle East.

When the Arab spring began in Tunisia on December 17, 2010, we see that the Venus/Sun conjunction took place, as an inferior conjunction, in the fifth-degree Scorpio, and immediately after that, the belligerent energy of Venus as the morning star began to dominate the earth.

This conjunction in question (5 Scorpio) is located in the 3rd of the chart and quite close to the IC. Simultaneously makes a trine aspect to Venus, located in the 7th house which represents the war.

The VSP of Iran and the natal Uranus are located in the fourth house, which represents the homeland. Considering the VSP as part of the big water trine, we can say that reform and revolution are quite important for the development of the country.

The riots that started when Mahsa Amini was beaten to death by the morality police (on the grounds that she was not wearing a headscarf properly) are taking place as a result of the Saturn/Uranus square in transit triggering the angles. While Saturn conjunct with DSC, Uranus increases the effects of the event with a square aspect. Of course, we should not forget that the country is in the Uranus cycle.

During Saturn-Saturn opposition, we witnessed the establishment of the Islamic Republic, and now in Uranus-Uranus opposition, we are witnessing riots against the mullah’s regime and the rebellions spreading throughout the country.

On the other hand, the Mars/Neptune square in the country chart is also triggered by the transit Neptune. Neptune symbolizes socialist political movements, collective values, fluctuations of popular ideas, and utopian ideas in mundane astrology. While these transits in question point to political instability, it also indicates that the conflicts in the country may be hurtling in an uncertain direction. We see that not only the public and young people who want to modernize are joining the protesters but also famous artists and activists based in other countries.

At the beginning of the year 2022, the Sun/Venus conjunction in 18 degrees of Capricorn activated the natal Pluto. As we know, Pluto symbolizes the psychology and power of the masses in mundane astrology. It usually indicates where the complications are and, when triggered, points to sociological upheavals, power struggles, and terrorism.

Transiting Pluto is also opposite Jupiter, which is located in the 12th house throughout the year; it challenges common values and the belief system that holds society together. It also points out the difficulty of ensuring political control for Iran, which is a religious state. It is certain that from this date on, religious value judgments, the concept of morality and ethical rules will be transformed in a way that will never be the same for Iran.

Iran’s transit (progress) VSP is testing natal Jupiter once again with 29 degrees of Libra (October 2022).

Iran has often been a scene for big protests throughout its history; (5) the student riots of 1999, the Iranian presidential election protests of 2009, 2017, and 2019, and recently the protests that started after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022. Among the main reasons for these are topics such as the economic crisis, the cost of living, unemployment, increasing poverty, the water crisis, human rights violations, and gender injustice. Even this is an important indicator in terms of explaining the impact of the Uranus VSP connection on the internal dynamics of the country.

We witness the change in the content of the rebellions as Iran’s VSP exits the sign of Scorpio under Mars ruling and enters Libra under Venus ruling. According to the Washington Post’s comment; unlike the riots that have taken place in the last 5 years, for the first time, women are leading the demonstrations in 2022 and they are in a very creative plan of action against the regime. (6) Even this interpretation alone is an example of the effectiveness of the energy released by the components of the Venus Star in itself, in my opinion.

According to the news, Iranian women have been protesting for many years against the current laws based on gender inequality in the country and impositions that limit the right to life. Women conducted a wide campaign on social media in 2014 for the first time, when the natal Uranus was triggered by the other point of the star in transit (Venus, the morning star of Capricorn at 21 degrees).

In 2014, journalist Masih Alinejad ignited the fuse by sharing a photo of herself driving a car without a hijab on her social media account in the My Stealthy Freedom movement, which she started on Facebook to protest the necessity of covering up. The act of individual disobedience soon became a widespread protest by Iranian women.

According to the news dated November 13, 2022; the first death sentence was given due to the demonstrations that started after the death of Mahsa Amini.

If we look at the eclipses; 10 degrees Taurus activates the MC, which represents the leader of the country and national prestige, while simultaneously Uranus squares the ASC and opposes the VSP.

The lunar eclipse on November 8, on the other hand, activates both the angles and the VSP, dragging the country into a radical change.

We see that the next eclipse will likewise trigger Jupiter with a square aspect from 29 degrees of Aries. With this eclipse, we will simultaneously witness the breaking of taboos and a change in the belief system. While the Uranus opposition will maintain its effect throughout the year, Neptune will maintain its pressure on natal Mars and prevent the concentrated outflow of energy.

It is unlikely that these uprisings, which began in 2022, will cause a regime change in the country anytime soon, as the uprisings are irregular and scattered. However, it is also certain that the country is in a process that marks a turning point.

Saturn and Uranus transits indicate that Iran needs to reassess its allies and give the country a new direction. Although Iran cannot be the playmaker alone in the Middle East, it is a country with the power to disrupt established games. Although the country does not always take joint decisions with its allies under all circumstances, Iran determines its own allies according to what the situation and circumstances indicate. This phase that it is going through today is forcing Iran to pursue a different policy.

The Uranus/Saturn square, which is triggering the angles of the chart throughout the year, will bring changes to the country. Unlike the Saturn opposition from 1906 to the establishment of the Islamic Republic, the Uranus opposition is taking place in angular houses, which are more powerful these days. The country will evolve in a more modern and innovative direction.

In the short term, we can predict that the mullahs who are in power will increase the pressure and execution decisions will be taken more often. However, the people’s rebellion — even if it is idle — will continue despite all the pressure. It seems that the uprisings that started with women will continue, including students and business owners. Even at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the Iranian national team and the fans did not recite their national anthem at all risk. The women’s volleyball team posed without headscarves. Perhaps for the first time in its history, the mullah’s regime is being shaken so strongly.

The Pluto transit will continue to trigger Jupiter, which represents the mullahs, until the end of 2024. The country’s intellectuals claim that the Iranian revolution of 1979 was stolen by the mullahs and they believe that they will get the stolen revolution back.

The PRG Asc will continue to trigger natal Mars until 2025, while the PRG Moon will be entering Aquarius. To me, this is a sign that it is impossible Iran will calm the waters by the end of 2026. The prominence of Uranus shows us that a more modern Iran will take its place on the world stage in the long run. Nevertheless, the beginning of 2026 will be more decisive in terms of the course of events.

Didem Can

(4) Yalçın ve Duran, 2017: 207