We can say that the foundations of the Republic of China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a written history of about five thousand years, were laid with the Xinhai revolution of 1911-1912.

According to Nicholas Campion, it would be reasonable to use the 21 September 1949 chart for China’s communist regime chart since Mao Tse-tung proclaimed the Republic of China at Political Consultative Conference in Beijing.

In terms of the fall of the dynasty and the foundation of the communist Republic of China, the chart of 1912 is at least as important as the chart of 1945.

Uprising in China

When the Communist Party under Mao Tse-tung declared the Republic of China in 1949, the Uranus-Venus-Pluto Yod aspect pattern in the 1912 chart was triggered by the transiting (21 September 1949) Jupiter, while Uranus opposes the natal Sun. This alignment causes a revolutionary change in the country. We should also keep in mind that transiting Saturn, as the dispositor of the Sun, is moving towards conjunction with the natal VSP (21 Virgo).

The Cazimi Venus (26 Aries), which took place on April 17, 1949, turns the natal Neptune-Uranus opposition into a T-Square, while in conjunction with the South Node. This position of Cazimi Venus triggered the area of ​​stress, tension, and pressure in the chart. In fact, we can think of China’s transition to the communist revolution as the completion of the process that started with Venus rising as a morning star at 27 degrees Aries in 1937 (the second China-Japanese war 1937-1945, 8-year Venus cycle).

The events that brought China to this day

While the whole world is trying to eliminate the effects of the pandemic, China has announced that it will continue the restrictions by announcing that it has implemented a “zero Covid case policy.”

According to the news, there is a first in the protests that started in 13 cities: the people continue their protests chanting “We want freedom”, “No quarantine”, “No health code”, “Freedom for Xinjiang”, and “Shi Jinping resign!” In the face of growing protests, the Chinese Communist Party is trying to curb the expansion of protests by imposing nationwide restrictions.

We see the astrological symbolism of strict quarantine policies as a result of the suppression of Uranus by transiting Pluto, in the 1912 chart. The rebellion in return can be explained with the effect of Uranus on natal Saturn.

In these days when slow-moving planets are at work, we can predict that transiting Neptune’s aspects to Uranus (sextile), Neptune (trine), and Pluto (square) in the 1912 chart will create the grounds that will cause not only political change but also reforms and technological development. Today, it is a known fact that China is preparing for satellite wars and is developing weapons that will destroy enemy satellites.

Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto stellium in Capricorn in the 2020 pandemic chart was conjunct with Uranus, which forms part of the Yod aspect pattern in the 1912 chart. We see the role of Uranus in the natal chart at important breaking points such as the 1946 revolution and the pandemic.

Uranus is a prominent planet in the Chinese chart because it is a part of both the earth grand trine formed by VSP and various aspects of the chart (yod, mystic rectangle, rosetta). For this reason, we observe that it causes significant events when triggered by transit.

As a matter of fact, the economic crisis that started with the pandemic forced the Chinese government to pursue a policy of increasing domestic consumption rather than export-led growth.

Besides the Capricorn stellium in transit, another effect working in the background is the Cazimi Venus (21 degrees Leo) which aligns with Mars on August 14, 2019. This alignment triggers the country’s natal Moon in Taurus, which represents money (square aspect). In this period, we observe that the country’s economy declined and the gross domestic product (per capita income) decreased compared to previous years.

When we examine the date of the declaration of the pandemic in terms of the 1949 communist regime chart, we see that China is in the Jupiter cycle. Capricorn stellium triggers not only Jupiter but also the lunar nodes, laying the stones that brought China into today’s upheavals. Jupiter-Pluto cycles are related to international terrorism, politics, physical and spiritual levels as well as economic cycles. Saturn-Pluto cycles symbolize deep cultural change, purification, and resurrection. For this reason, the pandemic era, which started with the economic contraction, has evolved to a scale extending to new commercial agreements with the Middle East and even to the public expressing itself in a different way in the last two years.

What the future holds for China

If we look at the astrological symbolism underlying the street riots that called the administration to resign; the Saturn-Jupiter trine in the 1945 chart is turned into an earth grand trine by transiting Uranus. The rebellious, innovative, and tense energy symbolized by Uranus is moving towards destroying the current order (Saturn). We can witness the replacement of the existing structure with a more modern, pragmatic, and innovative system in the near future. Let’s not forget that, simultaneously, natal Pluto is forced by transiting Uranus with square aspect. Transiting Uranus looks set to continue to push the suppressive and dominating energy of both Saturn and Pluto.

Uprising n China

Remember that the pandemic era for China started with the Uranus closing sextile aspect (4 degrees Taurus Uranus). Since China’s Uranus cycle will take place in 2033, the next ten-year period means a new formation for the country. In short, it seems that the foundations of change in the country have already been laid with the pandemic.

While transiting Saturn in Aquarius opposes the Pluto-Mars conjunction in the natal chart, we started to hear actions calling the government to resign – not observed before in the communist regime. Despite all kinds of punishment, the people expressed their reactions with demonstrations against drastic measures such as locking the doors of houses from the outside (10 people burned to death in a fire) or welding the doors of apartments shut. The uprising, which broke out in an iPhone factory due to bad quarantine conditions, was only suppressed by police violence. The public is showing their reaction by protesting both the increase in economic difficulties and the inhumane (anal test) Covid tests.

These days, we see that the transiting Saturn-Uranus square turns the Pluto-Mars conjunction into a T-square in the country chart. In addition, VSP in Aries also forms a square with transiting Pluto. We can predict that the protests will increase in intensity and continue until April 2023.

With Pluto ingress into Aquarius, the Pluto-Mars conjunction will again be triggered, while the transiting Neptune will be in opposition to the natal Sun. When we add the Saturn cycle to this equation, it would not be wrong to say that the country is at a turning point again.

The lunar nodes of both the 1912 and 1949 charts are on the Aries-Libra axis, and next year, the nodes will have completed their cycles.

With Neptune ingress Aries in 2026, things will heat up in China. Venus will rise as a morning star following the Sun-Venus (2 degrees Aries) conjunction on March 23, 2025, which may throw the country into a long turmoil by triggering the other point of the Venus Star pentagram, which is conjunct with the natal Uranus.

As Saturn is conjunct with VSP in 2028, Transit Pluto (opposite Mars), Progress Moon (Leo Pluto-Mars conjunction), and SA Pluto (Venus conjunction) will be very active in the chart. Sectors such as money markets, banks, banking systems, military structuring, and the arms industry will be affected by the developing events.

In my opinion, these dates form the cornerstones of important developments that will occur on the way to China’s Uranus cycle. As in other repressive regime countries, the riots manifesting themselves with the same violence as the oppression increases will ensure that societies that are liberated and seeking equal rights will take the stage. Of course, as we know from history, the pursuit of freedom and human rights has always come at a price of great loss. Although not the same events will necessarily take place, similar themes will be experienced.

Didem Can
December 8, 2022

Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes pg.81