January was named for the Roman god Janus, who looked both ways – back to the past and forward to the future. Finding our center between past and future, in other words, staying in the present moment, might be the best way to navigate through life, but particularly through 2019.

Perusing through the elemental balance of the heavy-hitting planetary energies of 2019, we can observe there is a great deal of WATER/EARTH and some FIRE. What is glaringly missing is AIR. What do we make of this picture?

    • The Mercury Retrogrades this year all occur in the element of WATER.
    • The Venus Star Point starts the year in WATER, then changes to FIRE in August.
    • The Nodal Axis is now in WATER/EARTH (Cancer/Capricorn)
    • Uranus enters EARTH/Taurus in 2019, for the next 7 years
    • Saturn remains in EARTH/Capricorn all year and through 2020
    • Jupiter spends most of the year in FIRE/Sagittarius
    • Neptune remains in WATER/Pisces
    • Chiron goes back to WATER/Pisces then into FIRE/Aries for a while
    • Pluto stays in EARTH/Capricorn all year and through 2023

What does not having AIR predominant this year do for us?

AIR is the element that represents the mind and the airwaves in general. It is about information and what we do with it. It is about the mind and how we transmit the energies from our minds to another’s. AIR gives us objectivity and an inner dialogue that poses the question and then provides the answer. (Note: All of the AIR signs are symbolized by dual forces: Gemini the twins, Libra the scales and Aquarius the two airwaves).

The lack of planets in AIR can potentially be a good thing to help us tune out the multiple channels of information that pour into our brains on a day-to-day basis. But we also lack the measured response to outside stimulus, reacting rather than reflecting. This year, more than ever, it is important to think for ourselves in response to whatever type of information is coming at us. Don’t believe everything you hear is an understatement – it might be don’t believe anything you hear!

There are many different ways to look at 2019 – because each of the planets has its own agenda. Some of them agree with one another and some of them don’t.

If you are lucky enough to have your planet agreeing with the others, then no matter how hard the tasks at hand, and there will be some big ones in the coming year, with lots of responsibility and the feeling that you’re carrying your weight on your shoulders – the load will seem lighter.

If your planet is arguing with the others, it will seem as if there’s a constant drain of energy siphoning itself from your body, making every day seem like drudgery. The signs being affected this year (or challenged – or tested) are Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. Other signs will feel a push/pull with the push/pull of some high ranking planets this year, but those just mentioned, particularly Cancer and Capricorn, may feel the tug-of-war the most.

Feet on the ground theme refers to all the planets in earth signs this year. Pay attention to what’s right in front of us. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we also get an opportunity to keep our eyes focused on the “stars” or the goal. What are we aiming our arrow towards? Keep dreaming, keep aiming. This is Jupiter starting a 12-year cycle in its own sign. Think back to the end of 2006 and through most of 2007 when Jupiter was last in its own sign. What vision were you holding then and how has it worked out? Is it time for a new vision or is it time to refine the one you are still holding on to from 2007?

Capricorn/Cancer Tug-of-War (EARTH/WATER) meets Mars in Aries (FIRE)

2018 is ending with a government shut-down, and the people of the U.S. are witnessing this tug-of-war between the Capricorn Saturn square Aries Mars, a perfect example of a cardinal square involving these two signs. Mars wants to go, especially in Aries — my way or the highway. Saturn resists and imposes conditions and more conditions. How is this playing out in our personal lives?

Another year has gone by, another one is on the way in. But this year Mars is in the picture, by starting the calendar year off at its own starting position: 0 Aries, the so-called “beginning” of the wheel. 0 Aries represents spring, new life and new energy. The birth of a new baby, idea or motor takes place. Squares to Capricorn planets in the early stages of life will make Mars tougher and somewhat smarter than normal, due to necessity. But don’t give up or abandon it because it isn’t moving as fast as it normally would in Aries, because those squares are developmental learning skills along the way. You’ll get there. But pay attention along the way.

At the beginning of the year, Chiron, Hygeia and Mars are zodiacally joined on the cusp of Pisces/Aries. With Mars starting the year in Aries, we may feel a surge of new energy, all fired up and ready to launch our plan. This surge will last until mid-February when it leaves its own sign Aries and ventures into Venus territory— the sign Taurus. But along its way through Aries, Mars confronts Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, indicating some delays, then a green light, then finally the push forward.

With four big planets in Capricorn throughout the year ~ Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and a couple of eclipses ~ everyone will feel a deepening sense of responsibility, more of a workload, less time and less bankable assets. In fact, you may be asked to work longer hours, with less pay. The “austerity” measures Greece went through a few years back (and is still recovering from) – could be something affecting a much larger population. Capricorn is the sign of the law, of bodies of power, whether governments, corporations, collectives, etc., and there are many forces bearing down on those bodies of power in this coming period. The response from those in charge of carrying out the wishes of the commander, the father, the principal or the CEO, will be to attempt to enforce tighter control, more rigid laws or rules, with less freedom and more responsibility. WATCH YOUR BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS! You may be working harder and longer, to take care of others, to take care of yourself. Setting boundaries or limits is another important teaching of Saturn in Capricorn. Once the load breaks the camel’s back, there’s no moving forward. Listen to wisdom of your body, it speaks. It will let you know when you are starting to reach your limit.

With so much Capricorn energy bearing down on us, one way to navigate through the year might be the simple notion of finding joy in the mundane.

Uranus in Taurus — (EARTH)

Markets are bullish and then the bull goes to sleep, lays down in the pasture, takes time out. Ups and downs, roller-coaster like, keeping us forever guessing and wondering where the next stop on this wild ride will be, and will we get off or do we keep riding? Let the technology symbolized by Uranus, who, according to Richard Tarnas, is a Promethean carrier archetype, bring a new awareness on a collective scale. This planetary archetype delivers light – awareness – even consciousness, by assisting us, sometimes vigorously so, to move beyond the limitations imposed by Saturn. We can expect Uranus to bring light to the earth, to swoop down from the sky in his flying machine and to take charge. Investing in technologies that sustain earth and its fertility and its continued life is the top of the new pyramid. Uranus spends the first part of 2019 in Aries, a roller-coaster combination. By March 6th, it will enter Taurus for 7 years. Stay tuned for more on this.

Jupiter square Neptune (FIRE/WATER)

Very few planets are interacting with one another right now. It’s mostly planets interacting with lunar nodes. But the one exception is this pair, both in their own signs. There are three exact squares between this pair in 2019, the first occurring January 13th. This is something to watch this year!

The Jupiter/Neptune cycle began in 2009 when they were conjunct in Aquarius – in fact, it was a triple conjunction in Aquarius. Chiron was with them imparting a centralized feeling of hope and humanitarian progress. Obama was inaugurated into his first term that year having been elected on that legendary slogan: HOPE. Almost immediately he signed into law the Affordable Care Act, now being challenged as unlawful. Now, with these two planets entering the fourth quarter and both facing off with one another in their last quarter square, some are asking: Where is that Hope? This aspect is a firm reminder of where we began the cycle and take stock of where we are now. How to keep HOPE alive.

A closer look at Jupiter reveals his nature, which is to expand, feel confident, sometimes too confident and over-sure of himself. He’s the planet operating as the over-seer of Sagittarius, a sign we often refer to as the sage or guru, but also one who sorely lacks hubris. Jupiter, as Zeus or CEO, takes the law into one’s own hands and defends it on principles of high moral ground. And, who can question the supreme deity? But the moral implications commanded by this figure-head bring it back to one subject – oneself. The square to Neptune might be blocking the signal, but if one’s own moral compass is firmly hitched to the helm, one will know the right course to steer, no matter what your mind tells you.

Jupiter and Neptune also have a lot to do with faith and faith-based institutions and communities. Blind faith is easily a concept which could be filed under Jupiter/Neptune. The churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, mosques and chapels — places where people release themselves to a higher power — these are connected to Jupiter and Neptune and will point out what is still being hidden and what is now ready to be revealed. That said, no matter what is revealed, people still get to choose whether they will still believe the lies or whether they’re fearless enough to opt-out.

And finally, let’s take a closer look at Neptune, the master of illusion, imagination and dreams and Jupiter, the entrepreneur, gambler, adventure-seeker and wish-fulfilling genie. Something fantastic is about to come your way. Or is it? Did somebody just hand you the very thing you’ve been dreaming of for all of your life? Or was it just a tease? This is the time to review your dream. What is it? How is it working out?

  • First, what is the big deception going on right in front of your eyes that you can’t see?
  • Second, what is it you have believed all your life, seriously? Because this is a time that you will be testing that belief, rigorously.
  • Third, and this is probably the BIG one: Don’t believe everything you hear or read. To borrow a line from Edgar Allen Poe, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Be sure to ask questions. Determine what the person selling you this beautiful dream is getting out of it. You may be given something you want. But what price are you paying for it? Get the quote up front.

Neptune has just passed the halfway point in Pisces (where it began in 2011). FAKE NEWS has never been more prevalent. It’s not just the media. Fake news is all around in the form of misinformation and disinformation, especially when you consider the time spent receiving that information from the internet. Unless you know the facts to be true yourself, like ‘Aunt So-and-So’ just died, remember to keep an open mind, don’t jump to conclusions and don’t over-react. The big questions of life are being asked now. Prepare yourself to have your mind blown or to release so many things you have believed for so long. Suddenly, the veil will be ripped away and you will suddenly see that the Wizard of Oz is operating the machine behind the curtain…and he may not necessarily be on your side. Or, is he?

In summary, Jupiter square Neptune from their own signs will either totally reinforce your faith in what you already believe or will completely turn it upside down. Most people are not ready to have life-long beliefs challenged so use the months of January, June and September to keep an open mind when you live-stream information coming through – simply to determine whether there’s another story behind the original story.

And finally, with Jupiter and Neptune – don’t be afraid to wish for the biggest dream you’ve ever had to come to fruition. It may or may not come this year, but it doesn’t hurt to hold on to the dream. Beliefs are a big part of our reality. Beginning with the 1970s best-selling author Jane Roberts of The Seth Material, who gave us the mantra “You Create Your Own Reality,” to the more recent epi-geneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton and his Biology of Belief, we actually do manifest our beliefs. And, it will give us something wonderful to be entertained by while we are slogging through the fertile mud of all the Earth and Water signs this year.

One final word about the dream. We might get a look at it through the lens of Uranus in Taurus, who will sextile Neptune in Pisces and quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius. That quincunx might reveal that the long-held dream is being temporarily shattered, or at least re-focused. There might be a deeper truth that will be revealed, letting us know which way indeed, to aim the arrow of Sagittarius and hit the bulls-eye of the Taurus.

Much more to say about the year. Stay tuned to updates about the following topics:

  • Uranus in Taurus
  • Chiron in Aries
  • Venus Star Point for 2019
  • Eclipses and more…

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