The Venus Transit of 2012 occurred in June, the last time in our lives we will witness this phenomenal event. The next, very rare transit does not occur until 2117. Venus, representing the feminine archetype, was visible in front of the Sun for this transit. Concurrently, this has been called the “Year of the Woman”. Witnessing what happened this year in the Olympics with female athletes, we got a glimpse of this. Recently, the female Russian punk group known as “The Pussy Riot” has been sentenced to two years in jail for publicly opposing the policies of their leader Putin and his government. They have been quoted as saying that they are freer, even in prison, than the people who don’t resist that regime and who are subject to quietly submitting to strong-armed government policies that continue to chisel away at the peoples’ freedom. They are receiving enormous support in other parts of the world, as well as from high profile celebs such as Sting, Madonna, and Paul McCartney. And, if that weren’t enough for The Year of the Woman, even more recently, the Augusta National Golf Club, that has existed for 80 years as a very exclusive  “Men Only” club, has recently opened its doors to female membership and participation. Stay tuned for more events such as this during the current Venus Star cycle.

The first and second Uranus-Pluto squares are following the recent Venus Star Point cycle which assumed a Morning Star position this past June, also action-oriented in nature. The Maya saw this position of Venus as the warrior goddess. It’s true that people will be motivated to take action in this cycle due to the energy that both these planetary configurations stimulate. As a result, you may see a tendency to act on impulse, say or do things that you seem compelled to do at the moment and disregard the consequences of such actions until much later.

The Morning Star position of Venus runs from June 2012 to March 2013, activating the Gemini Star Point. On June 5th at the Venus Transit, Venus began its 584 day cycle which initiates itself as a dazzling light in the morning, pre-dawn sky – “Venus Lucifer” as she was called by the ancients. As Luci-fera, she announces the break of day and heralds the morning sun. You could also see her in this modality as the “rooster” position. The five-pointed Venus Star inspires the rooster’s five-pointed cock-a-doodle-do, calling us to make haste while the Sun shines. The Sabian Symbol for the 16th degree of Gemini where this Venus Transit occurred is:
“A Woman Activist in an Emotional Speech Dramatizing Her Cause”. Now we have two degrees being activated this year by very dramatic types of people, espousing their causes. The veiled prophet and the woman activist. Looks like another politically charged time.

The twins of the Gemini Star are highlighted in the current Venus cycle, suggesting the desire to take action in two different directions at once. This also mirrors the Uranus degree where the man is successfully expressing himself in two realms simultaneosly. This could also point to turning away from actions previously undertaken before June and getting started in a new phase of operations. The need for communicating what you are up to and listening to what others have to say is a big factor in the success of any joint undertaking at this time. Disagreements may occur, and the temporary solution may just be to agree to disagree, shake hands and re-group. Some of this can be seen in the media’s rendition of the political scene each day. What the candidates are having a difficult time doing is conceding to one another that they are fundamentally of a different ilk and may never see eye to eye on any situation. Instead of battering away at the opposition’s ideas and methodologies in an attempt to ram one’s own point of view down their throats, another approach is to simply acknowledge that there are enormous differences or two very opposite points of view on the same situation. The bridge of mutual support and understanding may seem like it’s collapsing around us now. And while the bridge may not be re-built immediately – a more opportune time for its rebuilding will eventually occur.