By Arielle Guttman©

April 15, 2011

The most anticipated wedding of the century is a mere two weeks away. What do the stars have to say about this event, and even more importantly, what do the stars say about the bride and groom?

The wedding occurs while the Moon is in its last few degrees of Pisces, positioned at the top of the sky on the geodetic midheaven of London, insuring that the world will be glued to the union with unprecedented emotional connection and millions of projections of a fairy-tale come true.

The Wedding Chart

Saturn, a hemispheric singleton, stands in Libra in opposition to five planets in Aries. It is the handle of a bucket, a handle that bears the weight of the numerous planets it carries. Saturn in Libra’s role points to duty and responsibility that the partnership has to each other and to the public. But what of all of the Aries planets in opposition?  Duty and protocol will be fulfilled in a most individualized and highly stylized manner, with innovation and pizazz, as well as occasional rebellion and resistance.

Matching the wedding chart’s Saturn in Libra are Kate and William’s own Saturn in Libra. This punctuates their first Saturn return, when individuals are ready to step up to adult responsibility, leaving their reckless youth at the door.

Kate and William share many planets domiciled in the same sign,  including the Moon in Cancer. But most importantly and quite remarkably is that they were both born on the day of an eclipse, an astrological birth mark that insures a person will live no ordinary life. In fact, whether the eclipse is lunar (as in Kate’s birth) or solar (as is William’s) we have the astro-mythology of a union between the Sun King and the Moon Queen. Kate, as the newly crowned lunar goddess, fits into William’s family quite well. Her Moon in Cancer sits along side of Diana’s Sun in Cancer; Kate’s Sun in Capricorn sits alongside of the Queen’s Capricorn Ascendant and her Moon in Cancer sits with Charles’ Venus Star Point in Cancer. So many Cancerian energies point out that Kate is not merely marrying William; she is marrying a strong family dynasty.

Prince William’s bride and mother share the same Aries Star Point.* Kate may emulate Diana’s inimitable style as an Aries Star princess, but there is a crucial difference. Diana’s Cancer Sun was shy, sensitive and reactive to an environment that all but swallowed her. Kate’s Capricorn Sun has an intuitive feel for handling palace tradition and protocol, and keeping her boundaries in tact.

What does the Aries Venus Star reveal about these two charismatic women? That they possess an aura of strong individuality, that they forge ahead into uncharted territory before they know what they are getting into, that they possess a star quality of glamour, setting the pace in the world of fashion and personal style; that they are passionately committed to and vocal about causes, political activism and doing things their own way. Aries is a headstrong sign and with her Capricorn Sun backing her up, don’t expect Kate to cave in easily to others’ demands. Also, don’t expect Kate to go overboard on people-pleasing: quite the contrary, which of course will just give more fuel to the paparazzi.  Kate is not the first Aries Star woman to marry into a dynasty; she follows in the footsteps of other Aries Star women such as Jacqueline Beauvoir Kennedy, Grace Kelley (Princess Grace of Monaco), and Princess Diana of Wales.

On the Venus Star of relationship connections, William’s star in Aquarius complements Kate’s Aries Star. Venus Star Rising has this to say about such a combination:

“Aries and Aquarius share the quality of extroversion, as well as a dazzling, self-confident and stylish mannerism, that makes others want to be like them or be with them. As a result, they are likely to attract the attention and following of others…”

A few other couples with this combination include:

Tony Blair              Aries Star Point       Cherie Booth               Aquarius Star Point

Steffi Graf              Aries Star Point       Andre Agassi               Aquarius Star Point

Linda McCartney  Aries Star Point        Paul McCartney            Aquarius Star Point

Bjorn Ulvaeus       Aries Star Point       Agnetha Faltskog        Aquarius Star Point

William’s Venus Star is in close proximity with Kate’s natal Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. Venus gives them the physical and sensual, romantic attraction to one another, while Mercury brings a passionate response to Kate’s communication style, her opinions, thoughts and observations about everyday life.

And now for some pure speculation on my part. Kate and William’s composite Moon in Cancer is located on the exact degree as Diana’s Sun. Will their first-born be Diana’s spirit reborn? Only time will tell.

*Note: The Venus Star Point is a unique point in a person’s chart based on the five-pointed star of Venus. It is not to be confused with a person’s natal Venus placement nor (sun) sign. For more about the Venus Star Point, please refer to: Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century by Arielle Guttman.