Venus has left her retrograde shadow, the eclipses have concluded until next spring, and Mercury is slowly making its way through its retrograde shadow, soon to emerge. Now that all the fury and frenzy is over, what’s next? It occurred to me that the shifting sands of time is now upon us. The old story has ended and we are soon opening a new one, about to write Chapter 1. As the former chapter terminates, we are asking ourselves how we navigate this transitionary era.

The Shifting Sands of our Current Mutable Dilemma
With the entry of Venus into Virgo on the 8th of October, all of the planets find themselves in mutable signs. Secondarily in Cardinal Signs. NOTHING is Fixed at Present. In the book Mythic Astrology (1993) I wrote about mutable as this: “The only thing constant is change.” That quote can be traced back to the Roman poet Ovid from Metamorphoses, himself a mutable Pisces. So change is a constant of life, but in the mutable signs, it finds its season.

Of the four elements, fire leads the brigade at present. With mutable/fire (Sagittarius signature) ruling the affairs of the day, I would say there’s a mass migratory movement in process. This goes from Syrian refugees on the move, to immigration concerns everywhere. Speaking of immigration, it is bound to be the hot topic of 2016, as the next long Mars retrograde period will take place in Sagittarius, coupled with Saturn, from March through September, with a brief back-track into Scorpio. A hot topic and issue!

The excess of mutable/cardinal deals with individuals and families, even those with the most fixed planetary signature in their charts, to pull up their roots, give up their (false) security, take a look at their foundation and watch it slowly begin to dissolve and mutate. The most striking image from the news recently was the floods in South Carolina, uprooting homes and buildings. The news anchor said something to the effect of: “this flood is enough to raise the dead, literally” as he showed images of gravestones torn from their foundations, floating through flooded fields and streets. (Grievances to victims of situations like this and prayers that the re-settling process flows expediently.)

That says a lot about the state of our current affairs. I would advise that we not get stuck in a fixed belief system that makes us think the way things are at this moment is where they will be tomorrow. For Cardinal oriented people, this is actually very good news. Cardinal loves to morph into the next phase of life and do it quickly and painlessly. The best feature of mutable is their endless quest for exploration, which occurs as much internally as it does externally. So even if you’re not on the migratory path of movement at this time, keep your mind open to allow the dissolution of painful memories, that they be washed away, and cleansed. Earth is in a purification process and so are we in body, mind, spirit.

Current Planetary Line-Up, beginning with Outers and moving to Inners, as of Oct 14, 2015:
Pluto – Capricorn (Cardinal) – for many more years
Neptune – Pisces (Mutable) – for many more years
Uranus – Aries (Cardinal) – for several more years
Chiron – Pisces (Mutable) – for several more years
Saturn – Sagittarius (Mutable) – for 2 more years
Jupiter – Virgo – (Mutable) – for 1 more year
Mars – Virgo (Mutable) – until November 12
Venus – Virgo (Mutable) – until November 8
Mercury – Libra (Cardinal) – until November 1
Sun – Libra (Cardinal) = for 9 more days
Nodes – Libra/Aries (Cardinal) about to change to Virgo/Pisces (Mutable)

Another feature of so much mutable and cardinal action would be the weather. If the weather prediction models are true, there is the expectation of a sizable El Nino in the Western U.S. for Fall 2015/Winter 2016. I would not hesitate to believe this based on all these mutables, the ones that are best suited to carrying powerful winds and storms our way, quickly, from long distance.
Mantra: Keep Movin! If not your body, surely your mind. The Cosmos is, why not us?
Warning: Don’t get too soggy in the process!