MARCH 28, 2011


Dame Elizabeth Taylor certainly goes down in history as one of the most fascinating lives of the Twentieth century. She was the last of a long line of glamorous women who embodied true movie “star” quality, the likes of which has not been replicated in today’s film industry.

Her beauty, talent and glamour were only part of her charisma. Our enduring fascination with her was the intriguing and complex roles she played, not simply in her 60-plus film roles, but in a life, punctuated by numerous loves, heartbreaks, illnesses, triumphs and tragedies – a drama worthy of Shakespeare on its own!

What does the Venus Star have to say about Taylor and her love life? Her birth chart reveals her signature to be a steamy, emotionally charged combination of fire and water:

SUN: Pisces (Water)

MOON: Scorpio (Water)Elizabeth Taylor

ASCENDANT: Sagittarius (Fire)

VENUS: Aries (Fire)

MARS: Pisces (Water)

VENUS STAR POINT: Virgo Evening Star (Earth)

Her Venus Star Point occurs in the sign Virgo as an Evening Star. The Evening Star Venus has traditionally been called the “love goddess” as contrasted to the Morning Star Venus who is the “warrior goddess”. No doubt Taylor was the love goddess, but how does the Virgo Star Point play into it? The Virgo Star Point gives a person extreme good fortune in their chosen vocation, as well as the talent to go along with it. It also endows an individual with a hard-working element of perfectionism, of critical sharpness in knowing how to tackle each job and how to most effectively execute the challenge.

Because Virgo is known for its discrimination and eagle-eye sharpness at critical analysis, it can also be critical of others with whom it perceives not to be putting forth their best and most polished efforts.

The Venus Star Point in Virgo also added the earth element to her make-up, something her chart had very little of, giving her talent and good fortune in matters of career and finances.

When asked why she had been married so many times, Taylor responded: “I really don’t know.” Looking at her chart, we find Juno, goddess of marriage conjunct Pluto, planet of power and transformation, both in the sign of security-oriented Cancer. She desired marriage as a form of security; but with Pluto the only thing certain is change, and the only certainty for her was the constant change of her marital status. She also had Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries, a signature that surely indicates the excitement of new romance lurking on the horizon and the impulse to strike while the iron is hot.

Of Taylor’s seven spouses, only two of them match up precisely with her natal elemental balance of Water/Earth, as follows:

Name                          Sun Sign     Element   Venus Star Point     Element

Elizabeth Taylor    Pisces           Water          Virgo                               Earth

Mike Todd                  Cancer        Water          Taurus                           Earth

Richard Burton      Scorpio      Water          Taurus                            Earth

In many accounts of Ms. Taylor’s life, it has been noted that these two men were the strongest and most enduring loves of her life. Astrology recognizes these signs to be elementally compatible – water suns to water suns and earth Venus Stars to each other. A further item of interest on the wheel of compatibility is that the Venus Star Point of Virgo actually feeds Taurus in the construction of the Star and is called a Karmic Star Relationship for that reason. It is one of the two points on the Venus Star wheel that a 1.6 ratio is achieved (see Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century for more about this phenomenon.)  The 1.6 ratio relationship is a regularly occurring aspect that Venus traces in the heavens to make her star, and this ratio is one that has been called by mathematicians to be an almost perfect value. For artists, architects, designers and musicians, this value has been termed the Golden Mean and is said to be the most pleasing relationship in both space and in sound, a harmony of the spheres, as it were.

It is worth noting that Taylor’s star point feeds both Todd’s and Burton’s star points. Feeding is another concept unique to the Venus Star, in that in the creation of the five points of the star, one point feeds the next.

The same thing can occur in a relationship. The one feeding is the parent point, so feeding can also be construed as controlling. In both cases, Taylor’s heart fed, but also controlled, the hearts of these individuals. Taylor and Todd did not have much time together, as his life tragically ended in a plane crash shortly after their marriage. In the case of Burton and Taylor – it has to be one of the greatest love stories of the Twentieth century, one filled with scandal, outrage, the destruction of two other marriages, and so much passion that it nearly out-shone their professional lives at the time. Married twice to one another, they continued to work together professionally even after the split, indicating the type of 1.6 Karmic Relationship they truly had with one another.

The Virgo Venus Star Relationships

The other 1.6 relationships of note with whom Taylor engaged during her life were her first husband, Conrad (Nicky) Hilton Jr. and long time friends, Rock Hudson and Michael Jackson. Both Hilton’s and Jackson’s  Venus Star Points were in the sign Aquarius, feeding the Virgo Star Point of Taylor’s, while Hudson’s was in the sign Taurus, whom Taylor fed. It is worth mentioning that Hudson whose enduring love and friendship of Elizabeth, inspired her later devotion to the cause of AIDS, had the same Sun as Burton (Scorpio) and the same Venus Star Point as Burton (Taurus Evening Star).

Name                       Sun Sign    Element   Venus Star Point   Element

Rock Hudson          Scorpio       Water         Taurus                          Earth

Conrad Hilton Jr  Cancer        Water         Aquarius                     Air

Michael Jackson  Virgo            Earth         Aquarius                     Air

Again we find the compatibility between a Cancer Sun and a Pisces Sun (Hilton and Taylor) along with a feeding from Hilton’s Venus Star to Taylor’s Venus Star. In this case it was Hilton in the control seat of the relationship and it was later reported that he was both physically and emotionally abusive to her. It is a testament to her strength and also a signature of her Scorpio Moon, who may easily be manipulated by others in their early life, that she was strong enough to leave after less than one year.  She also had enough fortitude to fight back and eventually escape with a hard-earned lesson: I will make sure that no one will ever control me to that degree again…ever!

Her life progressed to seven more marriages with Taylor predominantly in the driver’s seat.

In Michael Jackson, we find an extremely compelling match between his Sun sign (Virgo) and her Venus Star Point which is also Virgo, a very dynamic and loving interchange, amplified by his Venus Star Point also feeding hers. Jackson’s Moon and Rising sign are Pisces, giving great empathy, compassion and understanding to Taylor’s Pisces Sun. These somewhat rare connections make for a relationship that truly nourishes the heart and soul of both individuals involved.

During the time that Taylor slipped into the hospital, just seven weeks prior to her passing, the planetary healing god Chiron slipped into Pisces for the first time in fifty years, coming into close proximity of her Sun in Pisces. Fifty years ago (1960 – 1968) Chiron also transited through her sign of Pisces, during the years that she became the highest paid movie star to date for her starring role in Cleopatra. The Sixties were the decade that she and Burton met on the set of Cleopatra, began their notorious affair, divorced their spouses, married each other, and continued starring together in film after film, breaking all box office records in the process.

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor will continue to stay alive and vibrant for eternity, as she has left us with more than sixty films in which she played a starring role. She has also left a special place in our hearts due to her Virgo Star Point’s loving dedication to campaign tirelessly for the victims of HIV. As head of an important AIDS foundation, she broke ground by educating the public about the consequences of this terrible illness, becoming an activist and loving supporter to all whose lives were threatened or shortened as a result of the non-treatment or mis-treatment about the causes and nature of the illness.