venus and aquarius

Beginning its retrograde at 9 Aquarius and ending it at 26 Capricorn, Mars passes through the region of the Zodiac that symbolizes the cusp between the executive (Capricorn) and legislative (Aquarius) branches of government. Mars will trace a path three times over this region as it ends and then begins its current cycle. Mars will initiate some forceful action regarding the decisions and affairs that each of these two distinct entities face with one another.Whether it is applied to the highest levels of political office or to one’s own work team, sports team or family grouping, the energy demands some type of conflict resolution between the group leader and the group itself. But be patient. While Mars is in retrograde it moves very slowly, taking longer to complete its mission than normal.

To most observers of the USA birth chart, it is clear that Mars is dancing over the country’s natal Pluto, something that could be construed as a war dance or a victory dance, depending upon one’s perspective in the matter. This is especially true as it results in a democratic vote of confidence or no-confidence, and once the vote is cast, the appropriate action will be taken.

This bodes well for an angry population who would love nothing more than to capture the head of their leader and march it through the streets, the type of spectacle that frequently occurred in centuries past. But whether it seems like it or not, we are living in the Age of Democracy and situations like this are handled in the Capricorn Star Point era behavior of political correctness.

MARS Rx AND Direct CYCLE OF 2018:

5.13.18—Mars enters shadow—28 Capricorn

6.25.18—Mars goes retrograde—9 Aquarius

8.27.18—Mars is direct—28 Capricorn

10.10.18—Mars leaves shadow—9 Aquarius


We can see from the dates of the new Mars cycle that this is a 5-month period encompassing Capricorn and Aquarius. By election day 2018, Mars will still be in Aquarius, in a mutual reception with Uranus. That aspect becomes exact one week later, but will still be felt prior, making a somewhat agreeable aspect with one another (the sextile).

There are quite a few notable sign changes during the week of the election, including Uranus backing into Aries, Jupiter forward into Sagittarius, the Nodes into Cancer/Capricorn and But what is key about election day 2018 is the position of Uranus and the Nodes, in a tight cardinal T-square in late degrees of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, right upon the US Pluto. This amount of weight-bearing energy from the cosmos landing on the nation’s Pluto is intensely tumultuous regarding the changes that will come about from this event. Considerable pressure upon Pluto in Capricorn which represents the executive branch of the nation could force a rupture and expose the dark secrets of an illegal and immoral under-cover op. With the US natal Pluto in the 2nd House, it is quite likely that dark money is involved and exposed.

Inner Wheel: USA Natal — Outer Wheel: Election Day 2018

What about the Mars cycle on a personal level? Generally, Mars in Aquarius would indicate actions being taken to benefit the many, rather than the one (Spock here). In Aquarius, Mars bows to Uranus. There is a greater sense of freedom, independent action and risk-taking in this configuration. In Capricorn it supports achieving goals on a personal or professional level and bows to Saturn where honoring tradition helps one’s success. Mars and Saturn in Capricorn are strong. From August 12th to September 10th this is where we will find ourselves climbing a big mountain, but taking it one step at a time, observing and listening, will assist. The voice of the elders, the ones who have the experience and a solid record of achievement—we can look to them for guidance and support.

The summer months of 2018 bring three eclipses along with this Mars retrograde. Plans keep changing. Explosive elements are in the air. Summer’s festivals of music and outdoor activities seem like the right place to be with Mars in Aquarius, but these same gatherings can take on an element of explosiveness. Mars in Aquarius doesn’t just dance in the streets, it shouts so loud it lights up the airwaves and demands attention. By tackling controversial issues such as guns, gender, racisism, sexual harassment, immigration—all of the hot topics of today—social gatherings become politically charged events. It is is the voice of youth that makes the most difference in these matters. They, at a collective level, can be heard. It was the youth in the 60s that commanded attention and it is the youth of today that can effectively do the same.