On April 17th, Mars turned retrograde. About every two years Mars goes retrograde. What does that mean for us personally, for the world and how do I best make use of it? Here are some phases (or steps) through the process that might help make sense of it.

Phase 1: March 6-April 17: MARS DIRECT IN SAGITTARIUS
Mars entered Sagittarius in early March. Sagittarius is the sign of the goal, or in this case, the destination. Where is Mars (planet of action) headed? Maybe it’s somewhere specific; maybe you don’t even know. What are you hoping to obtain? A new job, a new relationship, a new home? Or, perhaps it is something more intangible. Perhaps it’s the search for meaning in your life right now.
Mars is also the archetypal male and represents the male in any male/female pairing. How is the male energy focused and what is it focused on? Keep this in mind through these steps of Mars as the male/female energy, which is often more Martian, gives way to Venus, during the apparent retreat of Mars. It’s okay to step back and receive now, rather than push forward and produce.
Mars is moving along, driving the car, sailing down the road in Sagittarius until April, when it begins to slow down and suddenly come to a complete halt.

Mars is still on the road, headed toward the goal, but now it’s temporarily stopped and reversing course. This is the phase where we define “What’s holding me back?” Take this time to review what it might be. Maybe the vehicle broke down. Maybe the road was washed out. Maybe we forgot something important and need to go back and retrieve it. Maybe we just forgot to say good-bye properly to what we left behind before we set out on our journey to a new land.

Mars goes back to Scorpio, re-visiting ground it has already covered a few months ago, during late February, early March. What is revealed to us now that was previously over-looked or not known? Use this time to “define the motive” behind what we’re setting out to achieve.

Phase 4: June 29-Aug 2: MARS DIRECT IN SCORPIO
Still in Scorpio but now in direct motion and moving forward once again, we may now experience true alchemy. In it’s own sign (Mars’ night sign) ask to bring forth the inner wisdom and get the confirmation or truth about the situation. An alchemical change will take place during this time as Mars in Scorpio is determined and delivers, no matter how tough it seems to keep up its strength, to keep up the fight.

We have just crossed the border now, into a new land. Proceed with caution, Mars is being told, as it passes the toll-gate of Saturn in Sagittarius and either pays the toll or is warned to slow down because there is a high price to pay here for speeding. In any case, still moving forward, Mars is now collecting the pieces it left behind in early March when it passed this way before.

New ground! Finally Mars gets to a new place on the road, with clear sailing ahead. By the third week in September, the journey that began in early March, now seems attainable. We may not arrive at the destination we originally intended on this journey, but after having made the repairs and experienced the alchemical changes that were necessary, we reach the the goal! As our little navigational devices tell us, “You have arrived.”

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