Just as March begins, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, the sign of universal brotherly and sisterly love, in fact Venus begins and ends the “Merry Month” interacting with Uranus.

Venus and Uranus are intertwining their energies in several ways this month:
– 3/1 Venus square Uranus—29Cap/Aries
– 3/1 Venus enters Aquarius (Uranus’ sign)
– 3/6 Uranus enters Taurus (Venus’ sign)
– 3/27 Venus sextile Uranus @1*Pisces/1*Taurus

All of this activity between the two suggests that Venus will be striking out on her own in favor of typical relationship needs. Her joy is expressed through connecting with old friends, community, the group, the earth—exploring new territory and being open to new possibilities. Personal relationships that are based on co-dependency may find they have to loosen the reins on their partner much as the song on musician Sting’s 1985 first solo album states, “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.”

This can be construed as a temporary letting go period to explore new avenues.  By contrast, the effect of holding on too tightly could seriously jeopardize the relationship’s ability to grow through new levels of experience which Venus wants to create during this period. Essentially, consider opening your heart to welcome the surprise that occurs when/if your partner or family member (child or parent) comes home with something that changes your life in a productive way. It could simply mean your home needs a make-over or that you do!

This aspect, when Venus squares Uranus at 29 Cap/Aries, occurs on March 1st and will  be the last square (cardinal) of this kind between these two planets for a very long time. That’s it.

Also on that day, Venus enters Aquarius and may inspire you to walk away from a long-time passion or desire and contemplate a brand new direction in life as this electric passion tends to be very enlightening.

Aquarius, like Capricorn, is a sign whose planetary guardian is Saturn ~ yet with the extra guidance of Uranus to answer to. In other words, in Aquarius, Venus unshackles herself from the rules and regiments that are expected of her in Capricorn and gets to be a whole lot more creative—in life, in love and in creativity. She may still follow the protocols that were set in place while she was in Capricorn yet in Aquarius she gives herself the liberty of voicing her opinions and crusading for changes that have been a long time coming.

If you have Venus in Aquarius or are involved with one who does, expect her to voice her opinions, push for equality, and be somewhat of a role model.

This is also true for those with the Venus Star Point in Aquarius. These individuals have shown themselves to be crusaders and change-agents, garnering a distinct following for their stance on social matters and how they present themselves. They have often been the “rock stars” of their generation.

With Aquarius being so closely associated with the planet Uranus, especially in this last century, the position of this change-agent planet begs to be recognized and applauded this month.

On March 6th, Uranus moves from Aries to Taurus, Venus’ sign.

And there in Taurus shall Uranus remain for the next seven years! This move also presents an interesting pattern called “mutual reception,” where Venus will be in Aquarius (in Uranus’ sign) and Uranus will be in Taurus (Venus’ sign) giving them a strong connecting point and a definite sign of cooperation. This bodes well for the seven year transit of Uranus through Taurus in that Venus will, at its inception, be a house guest of Uranus.

This exchange brings all types of opportunities in which the two can intersect on a socially progressive, artistic and creative level.

It gives rise to women’s voices being heard on an unprecedented scale in our “his-story” and it also presents a stage for new types of relationship patterns to evolve during this next decade. The social being that is Venus and the unusual partnering patterns of Uranus have given rise to all forms of non-traditional relationship patterns such as polyamory, bi-sexuality, and gender shifting – those in stark contrast to the historically familiar female-male partnering relationships.

Furthermore in the romance department, Venus meets up with Mars for several tangos this March.

Last month, on the 14th of February—Valentines Day, Mars entered Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus and later on March 10th and the 21st, she and Mars will dance once again. There is a slight bit of tension in these aspects, as Venus in Aquarius longs for freedom and something new while fixed Mars in Taurus wants security.  Bullish Mars can stubbornly resist these siren desires and demand Venus hold on to the way things are! Ironically Mars is visiting Venus’ sign so he’ll soon learn she is in charge and will likely get her way!

Our goddess is quite feisty this month—interacting multiple times with both unpredictable Uranus and unflinching Mars—and yet she powerfully stands up to these dominating energies as they visit her native dwelling.  One only hopes these two plucky visitors don’t trash it completely.

As Taurus is the sign of mother earth, we can definitely feel the loving and creative hand of Venus conjoin with the unexpected and somewhat genius talent of Uranus to carve out something uniquely original and yet also concretely sustainable.  

When do these changes occur? Over the next seven years. When do they begin? Now, as Venus and Uranus host one another in their respective domains.

On the 26th of March, Venus moves into Pisces, her sign of exaltation so you can expect to end the month on a much sweeter and less combative mode.

Some of the quirky, mega-talented, genius type change-agents possessing Venus in Aquarius include: Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Martin, Aretha Franklin, Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Mozart, Nina Simone and Oprah Winfrey.

Where in the Sky is Venus?

If you have been following these Venus reports, you will notice that she has been trailing the sun by one sign. This position, when Venus is in an earlier zodiac sign or degree, means you will find Venus in the morning sky. And indeed, rising about two hours before sunrise and looking east, there you will see Venus shining like a beacon in the early pre-dawn sky. She will begin to rise about 4:45 am and will be visible until just before sunrise, at about 6:45 am, giving us a good 2 hour viewing period

Important Venus Dates for March:
3/1–Venus square Uranus—29Cap/Aries
3/1–Venus enters Aquarius
3/1–Venus sextile Chiron—0 Aquarius/0 Aries
3/10–Venus cp Mars
3/10–Venus trine Juno 11 Aquarius/Gemini
3/11–Venus sextile Ceres—11 Aquarius/Sagittarius
3/21–Venus square Mars—23 Aquarius/Taurus
3/21–Venus sextile Jupiter—23 Aquarius/Sagittarius
3/22–Venus trine Pallas Athena—25 Aquarius/Libra
3/26–Venus enters Pisces
3/27–Venus sextile Uranus—1 Pisces/Taurus