March 14, 2011  (c) Arielle Guttman


These words are pearls of wisdom that are attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, thought to be a blending of the Greek god Hermes and Egyptian Thoth, god of wisdom and magic. As a mediator between Heaven and Earth, Hermes Trismegistus (thrice-blessed) can be traced back to the era of 1500-2000 BCE.


On the day that Uranus changed from the watery, oceanic sign of Pisces to the fiery, high-energy sign of Aries was a day most people in the world will remember in infamy. This was the day that an 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook Japan to its core and reverberated across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean around the world. Was this Uranus’ punctuation point of leaving the water domain, into which it has been locked, for the past seven years? It’s the rebel finally escaping from prison – breaking through the walls with an attention-garnering explosion signaling its new-found freedom. And, now that it has your attention, Uranus will continue its revolutionary demands for the next seven years in Aries, that certain worldly functions go through radical and immediate changes. “Let’s start”, sayeth Uranus, “with nuclear power plants.”


On October 28-29, 2010, the last Venus Star Point ™ was activated in the sign Scorpio. The world is under the influence of this star until August 15, 2011 when the Star Point of Venus will be activated through Leo. (see previous blogs on for more about this).

Scorpio, the current star, is a sign of immense power and control, a subterranean energy ruled by the underworld god Hades, correlated to our planet Pluto. Since the Venus Star activation in Scorpio, the world has witnessed an explosion of Scorpio-related events, the most recent being the earthquake and tsunami originating in Japan.

So, what does Venus, a seemingly loving and benevolent celestial energy, have to do with the recent earthquake in Japan? Apparently, quite a bit. At the moment of the Venus Star Point last October, the planets were mapped around the globe in an “as above, so below” system of planetary mapping called Astro*Carto*Graphy©. In this system, whatever planet appears over a specific place becomes the location ruler for the time period in question. Over Japan at this time was Pluto, rising off the eastern shore. Saturn was also present, culminating through central Japan.

Tie that Star Point activation into the alignment that was present on March 11, 2011, the time of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami and we find the gathering of four planets, including Venus herself. Ceres, Neptune and Chiron fill out the picture.


Ceres is the former asteroid, now minor planet that derives from Demeter, Greek goddess of agriculture, associated with Mother Earth. Neptune derives from Poseidon, god of the sea, whom the ancient Greeks referred to as “Earth Shaker”, as the majority of earthquakes happen below the surface of the earth’s oceans. Chiron is the centaur healing god of Greece, whose position in global affairs often points to a collective healing crisis which must be tended to. Neptune and Ceres are in late Aquarius about to cross into Pisces where Chiron is now positioned. All three of these bodies were tightly locked over the angles of Japan, in both maps (zodiac and geodetic).

The crossover of Neptune into Pisces occurs in April 2011 where the god of the sea in the sign of the ocean gives it a new and unbridled power and strength to the waters of the world. The ancient Greeks did not call this deity “Earth Shaker” for no reason. The rumblings of Neptune in Pisces will surely arouse the oceans of the world with great command, and will be something to keep an eye on for the next 14 years.