We think of Venus, the planet that represents the heart and the sacred feminine, as a planet that brings us love, relationship and beauty. Most of us are familiar with the position of natal Venus in our charts and what it says about these themes – yet there is a greater Venus, one that represents heart and soul united within our beings.

This Venus is the Venus Star, produced from the eight-year cyclical pentagram of Venus in her orbit around the Sun. Arielle examines the point of the pentagram in which we are born, called The Venus Star Point, to assist people in finding and following the path of the heart when it comes to fulfillment. This Star Point literally points us to the path in life that fulfills us and is most useful to consider when choosing a life path or career direction. Accompanied by several real-life examples, Arielle guides us through choosing a path of the “heart” for all things in life through the orbital pattern of the Venus Star.

Arielle will demonstrate, through the use of ample visual aids, the Venus Star that depicts the orbital beauty of its cosmic pattern and charts of well-known celebrities who are using their Star Points to fulfill their life’s mission. In the latter part of the program, Arielle encourages questions and will lead the audience in finding and using their own Venus Star Points for guidance.

Location: Joyce Beers Community Center, Hillcrest
Admission: $8 members SDAS/NCGR/SCAN; $14 non-members

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