Put on your dancing shoes—Venus is in Pisces from March 26 until April 20! Or if you prefer, your running shoes, your boots, your crocs, your flip-flops or your house slippers! The accent is on shoes, the feet and what you do with them this month. Yes, how we move about in our everyday life is a good thing to concentrate on with such a strong array of planets in Piscean energy this month as Venus joins her friends Mercury and Neptune in the sign of water.

Are we flowing through life or are we marching through life?

Do we feel like we’re climbing up a hill or swimming upstream? Let yourself tune into the movement of Venus in Pisces and learn to move like a mermaid or a graceful and elegant ballerina. Walk softly on your path and take in the scents and blooms as Spring in the northern hemisphere graces us with her beauty. Meditate by a waterfall created from the massive downpours we’ve experienced this past winter. Take a moment to feel yourself surrounded by the love of the Universe and breathe it in.

Pisces is the sign of Venus’ exaltation. What does that mean? It means that the sign of compassion and universal feeling (Pisces) is hosting the planet/goddess of love. Together they make sweet harmonies, which brings us to another Pisces theme. Music, harmony, singing, chanting, and whether you’re pounding on the drum or humming along to your favorite Deva Premal mantra or belting out a Barbra Streisand show-stopping tune, the cosmos hears you and accepts the vibration of what you are sending out, reflecting it directly back at you.

Yet sometimes Venus in Pisces can feel like she’s drowning in a sea of tears or confusion – or just too many decisions to make. With an array of planets spelling M-U-T-A-B-L-E like a bowl of alphabet soup tumbling out in front of us, which direction is correct? Mars in Gemini gives us so many choices, Jupiter in Sagittarius says focus on the goal and Venus/Mercury in Pisces says there are too many roads to travel and they contain directional changes along the way! Asking for a commitment to a fixed plan might be tricky. Right now she can’t see her way out of the fog and needs help.

All through the month, Venus in Pisces either reaches a hand out to others who are in pain — or is able to receive what others offer to us. If someone is offering us a hand, it would please Venus greatly to thank them and accept. And even after she enters Aries on the 20th, she connects for a time with Chiron, offering an opportunity to heal the heart in a big way.

Some of our Venus in Pisces icons include:

Queen Elizabeth, Shirley MacLaine, Quincy Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Travolta, Fred (Mr.) Rogers, George Harrison, Hugh Hefner, Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross and Charlotte Church.

What is our Goddess Venus doing this month with her planetary play-mates?

March 26 – April 20 – Venus in Pisces

Apr 1 – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces/Pisces)
Apr 7 – Venus square Ceres (Pisces to Sagittarius)
Apr 9 – Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces/Pisces)
Apr 10 – Venus pll Neptune
Apr 11 – Venus quincunx Pallas (Pisces to Libra)
Apr 12 – Venus sextile Saturn (Pisces to Capricorn)
Apr 13 – Venus trine North Node (Pisces to Cancer)
Apr 14 – Venus cpll Chiron
Apr 14 – Venus sextile Pluto (Pisces to Capricorn)
Apr 15 – Venus square Jupiter (Pisces to Sagittarius)
Apr 20 – Venus pll Vesta
Apr 20 – Venus square Juno (Pisces to Gemini)

Apr 20 – Venus —> Aries

Apr 22 – Venus cpll Mercury
Apr 23 – Venus conjunct Chiron (Aries/Aries)
Apr 24 – Venus cpll Vesta
Apr 30 – Venus trine Ceres (Aries to Sagittarius)

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