Join three well-known Santa Fe astrologers, including: Heather Roan Robbins, Azlan White and Arielle Guttman in an exciting program that previews 2013, calling it “The Heart of the Metamorphosis”. Besides discussing the energies affecting the world at large, they will delve into the energies affecting us personally. Charts are available prior to the start of the program for people to see how the larger energies are affecting them personally. Additionally, on 12-16-12, there will be an all-day workshop to delve more deeply into the planetary energies and how they affect people.

At this Friday evening event, the three ladies will give their personal interpretations of the coming years. For tickets and more event information, visit the website: The event will be held at The Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Fe, 505 Camino de los Marquez. Tickets are available at the website listed above and at The Ark, 133 Romero St. Santa Fe.