Next Venus Star Date—August 13, 2023

We have come to the time of one Venus synodic cycle nearing its end and the beginning of the next one. We are wrapping up and closing down Venus’ 584-day journey since its last retrograde cazimi in January 2022 as we look forward to the new one being birthed in August 2023. We bid farewell to the Star of Capricorn as it winds down now and gives way to the next Star of Leo. It’s time to move on.

Dates in the Upcoming Venus Retrograde Cycle

Jun 19 – pre-retrograde shadow begins at 12⁰ Leo
Jul 22 – retrograde begins at 28⁰ Leo
Sep 3 – retrograde ends at 12⁰ Leo
Oct 7 – post—retrograde shadow ends at 28⁰ Leo

2023 June Venus in Leo Cycle Map 6 15

Venus cycle graphic courtesy of — click image for full-size

Venus Rx

Every Other VSP (Venus cazimi) is a Retrograde! This allows Venus to spend a much longer time in a particular sign than is her normal pattern. Lingering, savoring, becoming immersed in whatever sensual, pleasurable or social engagements she has going on. Why am I calling Venus a “she” you might ask. Because while planets don’t have genders as such (if they did Mercury and Uranus would clearly lean towards trans) I’m keeping to the archetype of Venus as the symbol of the Divine Feminine, the way she has been portrayed by artists, mythologists, astrologers and symbologists for well over two millennia. And who am I to challenge the divine inspiration of ancient wisdom’s creations? No, some things must be left intact to preserve their integrity.

The Leo VSP is a fairly young Star Point, having its very first babies born from August 1987–making each person alive who has a VSP Leo under the age of 40. Some of them, the early ones, are now beginning to ripen, and in the next 10 years and onward, as they mature (ha-do Leos ever mature?) they will begin to bear abundant fruit.

Leo is a creatively driven sign— the Lion – one that roars – one that commands attention – one that makes you turn your head in awe — or one that makes you run away in fear that you will be swallowed alive by their ferocious energy. With Venus spending so many months in this sign, relationships will take on this lion-like quality. Their beauty and charisma is attention grabbing. They are hard to resist. Think of a beautiful house cat, one who purrs on your lap as they are being stroked, one who saunters up beside you and rubs your leg with their fur as they slowly make their way to their intended target. And one who instantly turns into jungle attack mode when it’s ready to strike its prey.

Creativity is also pro creativity. Mama lionesses are super protective of their cubs. Maybe you’re an overly protective parent. Maybe your child is a Leo or Leo VSP. In Leo we are teaching them about the force of will. The force of will is where they are empowered to act in accord with their nature and express what’s within them. The reverse of that is the will of force—or a force of nature as they are sometimes referred to. A Leo VSP parent will likely be overprotective. And they must be aware that even in one-to-one partner relationships, the force of over-protective control can creep in and take over.

Appropriately, in the first 8 years of the Leo VSP’s inception, the phenomenal animated/musical/fable of a classic tale, revamped for modern time, called The Lion King, was released. Animation was nothing new—this was Disney’s 32nd animated feature. But the art became refined, taking a leap into a new stratosphere of visuals through technology. Technology (Aquarius —polarity of Leo) along with artistic creativity (Leo) has continued to make its mark in cinema. The newest spectacular visuals in cinema today can induce somewhat of a mind-expanding or mind-altering effect, similar to the effects the psychedelic colors and vibrational patterns induced during the ‘60s and ‘70s when the Pluto in Leo generation was still young.

I have often called the period of the Leo VSP “Politicians on Parade” because that is the time the candidates begin to walk the “red” carpet of the political trail, wooing Americans for their votes. Four years ago, 2019, the last VSP Leo, gave us the candidacy of two party favorites for the 2020 election—incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden. Similarly in this elongated period of Venus in Leo (June to October) we will see the candidates on the bandwagon, staging events around the land, and the media putting endless spins on what is presented, along with subliminal messages, influencing our choices.

Thinking of entering a new relationship or making changes to an existing one? Venus retrogrades are always good periods of time to consider things like that. Noting the 3 squares from Uranus to Venus as she births her current cycle for the next 8 years, one might be considering a new spin on a current relationship. A few sudden changes in the direction of the relationship are possible.

Leo’s powerful force of creativity asks us what exactly is being created? Of course, AI comes to mind. If we have been getting great cinematic special effects with the strengthening of the Leo VSP, we will most certainly take leaps and bounds with AI’s emerging and ever expanding influence in the arts and in life. The writing on the wall suggests that nobody is really clear about what effect AI will have on humanity and our future. But this is a good time to evaluate that very concept. Uranus is associated with technology and is the modern ruler of Aquarius, the sign associated with technology. Yes, technology and creativity are merging. We will have beautifully dressed artificial babies and children walking around and you won’t be able to tell the difference before very long.

Venus square Uranus 1–July 2
Venus square Uranus 2—August 9
Venus square Uranus 3—September 29

Eight years ago was the last VSP Leo of Venus Retrograde. During that long summer of Venus in Leo, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage across the land. Jupiter was in Leo at the time, giving great power and strength to the Rainbow Coalition, supported as well change-agent Uranus in Aries, adding a dose of its own sparkling and pioneering energy in the element of Fire. What is a Rainbow, if not Leo, created by the light of the sun filtering through the misty air, giving us its full spectrum, bold and bright?

This year Venus in Leo is squared by Uranus in Taurus three times. We can most likely expect a sudden, out-of-left field challenge to that ruling. With Uranus it hits you from behind. The other side of the spectrum of this configuration gives rise to a more flamboyant display of gender equality with a demand for more rights and privileges. Both sides of this will likely play out—the impulse to demand more freedoms in gender related issues and the act of controlling and limiting such freedom. Uranus isn’t just a rebel who challenges authority. Uranus’ shadow is a creative force that was stopped in its tracks—castrated—if we keep to the myth—by son, Cronus (Saturn—laws). Then again, these days people are re-writing the myths and legends into a politically correct version that changes the story line and challenges the classics. All of that and more, in this long and winding Venus Leo road.

Leo VSP for August 13 2023

Leo VSP for August 13, 2023

Let’s take control of our creativity and channel it constructively. Take some extra time on that creative project you’re working on—house renovations, screenplay writing, the launching of a website or birth of a baby—and give it the space it needs to be nurtured, reworked and hatched. Let it rest peacefully—sleeping lions do not like to be disturbed! But keep tweaking it until Venus finishes her Retrograde, early September, at the very least and mid-October.

The Lion of Nafplio

The Lion of Nafplio by David Kerr ©

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