This is one of the years when Venus will go retrograde, meaning she will slow down her normal pace. Every other year we experience this condition. This year’s sign of retrograde is Gemini. When we observe the Venus pattern for the entire year, we see she begins the year in Aquarius and ends the year in Sagittarius. We will not see her in Capricorn at all for 2020. But look no further than Gemini, to find her in major rewind mode for four months this year, from April to August.

Here is where to find Venus for 2020:

January 13 Pisces
February 7 Aries
March 4 Taurus
April 3 Gemini
August 7 Cancer
September 6 Leo
October 2 Virgo
October 27 Libra
November 21 Scorpio

For the four months that Venus spends in Gemini this year, she will be retrograde for 42 days, from May 13 to June 24, tracing the degree areas of 22 to 5 Gemini. If you have planets residing in that space, you will be feeling the shifts and reconsiderations that a Venus retrograde might bring. As the North Node of the Moon will also enter Gemini in May, we will have some life-changing decisions take place. The initial impulse will likely occur in May-June but the actual, physical results of that decision may not take solid form until later in the year, around mid-October, when the transiting lunar nodes activate the Venus retrograde degree.

The Venus Star has last been in Gemini in June 2016, June 2012 and June 2008. Think back to those times and see how and why your world may have changed for the better (or not). Where are you now with the decisions you made then? What pieces of the Gemini puzzle are you re-assembling or completely letting go of at this time (June 2020)?

As Venus retrogrades in any sign, we always think of who she is answering to. In this case it will be Mercury. So we will definitely want to check Mercury’s progress through the year as well. Mercury’s three retrograde periods for 2020 will occur in the element of water, making a plea that the expression of our thoughts pass first through feelings, then through the mind. Thus, heart-felt communication is recommended, with a consideration for delivering it in a compassionate way. It’s time for truth-telling, even if it means bursting some of ours or others’ bubbles of illusion. Yes, truth telling will occur and with the Scorpio Moon for this period, we can imagine being confronted with something out of the past that will elicit a major response. One of nostalgia or one of remorse or one of utter surprise. Best not to over-react to it initially, but engage with It and pay close attention to the dream mind, who will utter startling truths while we are asleep, if we are not quite seeing them while we are awake. Mercury is the dream messenger and in retrograde and water, doubly so.

The Scorpio/Gemini combination comes at a time when, in the US presidential contest, the media (ruled by Gemini) will be filling our heads with sound bites of information, stories that are tweeted and re-tweeted (Gemini is such a tweeter!) much of it coming from secret places, to attempt to manipulate the public mind one way or another. Of course that’s a common practice in the political arena, especially during major election years. But buyer beware—what is it they are selling us and whom do they serve? I think of Parcival here, in his quest for the Grail – are we asking the right questions and more importantly, are the candidates asking the right questions.


Chart from Astro Gold v 6

The Sabian Symbol for this degree (14 Gemini) is: Two men at widely varying distances are in communication with one another by means of telepathy. This is an interesting degree for Gemini, the sign of communication. We don’t often think of telepathic communication with this sign as it is more related to the mutable sign of Pisces. But here in this chart for the moment of the VSP in Gemini, we have squares to both Mars and Neptune in Pisces, activating an energy that could definitely be tied to telepathic communication. How about, then, a new exercise to practice this year – increasing our ability to communicate telepathically? It is not so uncommon to experience something manifest right before our eyes when we were just speaking or thinking about it a few moments or days earlier. Most of us think this is extraordinary. Well, in a way it is. But why should it be? Why shouldn’t we always realize that our thoughts are energetic objects seeking to land somewhere and be picked up and answered, instantly.

So in this Gemini retro cycle, think of ways we can send positive thoughts to one another. Thoughts to people we don’t even know – halfway around the world – such as the symbolic degree in question shows.

The retrograde of a planet through a sign indicates spiraling the energy around in a new direction. Not necessarily backwards, but in some other way it is time to shift into another gear. If the ancient Venus 40-day period of retrograde was tied to withholding of something or disciplining ourselves to handle it in a completely different way then the period between May & June suggests that.

Instead of forcing our thoughts and words outward, how about we practice better listening? The more listening we practice, the more we hear and learn. And the more sounds of silence we embrace, the more the higher mind comes in to give us the answer that we were groping for. So if you’re inclined to go into a silent retreat for the Venus retrograde period, it might be just the place where the answer will come! That may be the extreme way to handle it. Another way would just be to suspend our very quick responses to situations and people before we’ve really given them a chance to land. Taking pauses through the day to have a deep breath or two can assist this process.

With Mars in Pisces in an exact square to the Sun Venus of this year’s VSP, we may find ourselves fighting for peace and solitude. Squares between Pisces and Gemini, in general, can bring high anxiety and worry, There can be a high degree of argumentative energy in the home or workplace that we feel helpless to avert. All the more reason for practices that put us at peace. Deep breathing, as indicated above, (Gemini governs the lungs and breathing apparatus – AIR!) and intentionally putting our minds at peace can be the remedy. The square between Pisces and Gemini is between water and air. We will also observe how the elements are behaving during this time.  (Check the weather before you set out on a long-distance voyage.)

There are some significant world leaders who have key planets in Gemini, such as Donald Trump (Gemini Sun), Mike Pence (Gemini Sun), Boris Johnson (Gemini Sun & Gemini VSP), Jacinda Ardern (Gemini VSP), Xi Jinping (Gemini Sun). Let’s observe what the fates have in store for them during the Venus retrograde period this year!

If Venus in retrograde means what I believe Venus in retrograde is meant to indicate—some Venusian aspect of our life will go into retreat. Remember that re-trograde is almost always associated with words that begin with re. Re-evaluate, re-invest, re-think, re-tool, re-structure, re-finance, re-make, re-turn, re-birth, re-alize, re-claim, re-member, re-align, re-vise, re-invent, re-adjust. You get the picture. Venus is about our value system, so we are most likely making some serious financial decisions about property or holdings during this time, as will the markets most likely indicate.

January 2020

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