This is our 10th Blog/Podcast concerning Venus on First Friday Venus

A rock-solid symbol for Capricorn literally is rocks! The mountains, but also mountain and rock climbing. For our Venus in Capricorn edition, coming from the country of Cyprus, the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite – I present to you “Petra Tou Romeio” the Venus Rock. This is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the place where she rose from the oceanic waves. There is a palpable feeling of Venusian energy at this beach, still today. These two images are the before and after. Before she lost her top-piece and what she looks like now. Can we say she lost her head to love? Perhaps.

We have come full cycle now with her. If you have been following these blogs, we began the First Friday Venus last February when she was in Capricorn. She’s now back in Capricorn for a second time in 2019. This is due to her speeding up. In the year(s) when she is retrograde (2018, 2020, etc.) her pace is slower, she trails behind the Sun. In the alternate years (2019, 2021, etc.) she picks up speed, passes the Sun, and gets there more quickly. In her faster years she will repeat certain signs twice in a calendar year. Think about your own progress in those years. Have you felt that 2019, especially since August when she passed the Sun, things are moving at a faster pace for you? And in 2018 were things dragging along?

Examples we used were celebrities like Frank Sinatra (that classic look and sound).
We also talked about the elders and Venus interest in respect, integrity and traditions when in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn individuals are quite serious about their careers and they are usually rewarded for the due diligence they put in to perfecting their skills in terms of experience. Yes, they put in the time~and the sign that’s ruled by Saturn~ rewards us for the time and effort we put in to any worthy enterprise.

Capricorn and Venus are also tested in love and devotional manners. Venus in Capricorn can feel as if she’s not getting enough and questions her own self worth in that arena. The more developed this Venus is, the more she understands that it’s not about receiving at a personal level. She receives a lifetime of opportunities with leadership, power and being in the limelight but humbly submits her gifts by dancing carefully with the idea of fame, avoiding self-aggrandizement and fanfare.

For you who are Capricorn Sun, Moon or ASC, this is your shining time of year when Venus graces your sign. It occurred earlier this year from Feb 3rd to March 1st and now again from November 25th to December 19th. Think back to February of this year and reflect upon how Venus brought her precious gifts your way. Perhaps you were doing something to enhance your business plan or invest in your future. Now is the time to go to the next step, reviewing what has worked and what needs to be left behind.

Capricorn is the sign of business, government and the law, the CEO, the political process, etc. Earlier this year when we last had Venus in Cap we were speaking about the most recent government shut-down. This time with Venus in Cap we are thick into presidential impeachment hearings. We might conclude that Venus has a lot to do with the job and how it is performed.

There are also budget concerns in this position. In Capricorn, Venus is practicing the path of balancing the budget. Venus is the desire principle. She WANTS stuff. But what she NEEDS, rather than what she wants, is the issue here. If want and need come together, as they certainly can in Cap, that’s the right step to take. For instance, investing in something long-lasting and practical would be the ticket for Venus in Capricorn. Perhaps it’s a seminar that involves getting certified and coming out with credentials. Perhaps it’s enrolling in a new program that will ultimately lead to a better job with more benefits. Perhaps it’s a piece of property that will grow in value over the years. Think about what value it will have in 8 years time, in 16 years time, in 24 years time, etc.

Capricorn is about age, wisdom and maturity. You may not be old but you can act mature and responsible. It has to do with (grand)-parenting. Sharing the wisdom with youngsters, if you’re an elder. Look to your elders for wisdom if you’re the younger.

Do the right thing. Work priorities may be pretty overwhelming with all the present Cap energy. The energies of Capricorn usually involve climbing a mountain of some sort. You may not reach the peak immediately or even as soon as you thought you would. But persistence and diligence pays off. You will eventually get there. Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate what they do!

Highlighted dates below are special Venus days: on the 3rd with the Nodes, on the 11th with both Saturn and the current Capricorn VSP, on the 13th with Pluto. Then, on the 20th, just in time for the Solstice, Venus enters Aquarius. There, she will still be under the auspices of Saturn, but with the added energy of rebellious Uranus. There, she pulls off the Saturnian shackles of earth-borne responsibilities, freeing herself to journey to a place of freedom surrounded by cosmic energy.

Ven Opp Nod Dec 3 2019
Ven Sxt Mar Dec 3 2019
Ven Sqr Jun Dec 4 2019
Ven Tri Ves Dec 7 2019
Ven Sxt Nep Dec 8 2019
Ven Cnj Sat Dec 11 2019
Ven Cnj Plu Dec 13 2019
Ven Cnj Aqu Dec 20 2019
Ven Sxt Chi Dec 21 2019
Ven Sqr Ura Dec 22 2019
Ven Qnx Nod Dec 27 2019
Ven Sqr Ves Dec 30 2019

Venus also conjuncts the VSP this month—on December 11th, the same day she joins with Saturn. This is really about very BIG long-term commitments. Are you ready?


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