This year, 2020, contains one of the most difficult planetary configurations I have ever observed in my life as an astrologer (46 years) even superseding 9/11 and other crises. We are living in Sisyphean times. Remember Sisyphus from Greek myth?

If you have a lot of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in your chart, you are getting direct hits. No task seems easy at this time. Part of this is due to the fact that we began the year with 7 planets/asteroids in the sign Capricorn, including the once-in-36-year conjoining of Saturn with Pluto in that sign. It has to do with laws governing the physical or material world. It is as if loud sirens are blaring at us right now. Every time we have a Saturn/Pluto encounter, it produces a collective fear of death. 

It’s more difficult to keep ourselves in a higher frame of mind now, especially with Jupiter, the planet of optimism, hope and buoyancy, in Capricorn. Capricorn is about leadership and power. Many people around the world are not content with their leaders now. 

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2023-24 when it then switches to Aquarius. Part of the country’s transition and the World in Transition we are calling this presentation have to do with this shift. And we are starting it now, this year, as Saturn enters Aquarius. It will bring forth the AIR theme. The Venus Star Charts have been dominated by double FIRE for the last 4 decades. In 2022 it will switch to double AIR. 

Young Greta Thunberg, who has taken it as her life mission to warn the world of the severe implications of climate change, has a chart loaded with Capricorn. She has angered many people by telling them they shouldn’t be flying, as air traffic is a major polluter. She doesn’t particularly care about what others think. This is her crusade! We are in dire need of cleaning up the planet.

We also have three Jupiter/Pluto conjoinings this year in the sign Capricorn. This particular cycle occurs every 13 years. Last time – 2007 – we witnessed the collapse of the housing market, leading to 2008 when there was a major financial meltdown in the markets. We, as well as many astrologers, are anticipating a serious re-arrangement of the economy again this year during the three meetings of these two planets.

There is something big every season this year! In the winter we have the aforementioned Saturn/Pluto conjunction and all the Capricorn planets in its shadow, along with the eclipses. In the spring Venus turns retrograde. In the summer we again have eclipses and in the fall we have Mars retrograde in Aries, across the geodetic ASC of the US. 

With the impending Pluto return of the USA, as well as so many other balsamic (finishing phase) cycles we are in at the moment, there is the anticipation that things are crumbling, dying, coming to an end. A necessary rebirth follows. 

Neptune in Pisces has crystallized the idea of alternative facts or fake news. It is reaching a fever pitch. Now, it doesn’t matter what actually occurs. It’s what people believe has happened. We are having a crisis of faith. What do we believe? Not only that, but how do we embody those beliefs? How do we bring it home?

Neptune in Pisces is “home” in its own sign. This period may highlight the need to “go home” whether we are talking about the homeless or where we go home within ourselves.

Some our astrology colleagues have named Uranus in Taurus: “Tauranus”. The Bull is in the Fixed Earth sign, the sign of security. The last time it was in Taurus was 1934-42. There were huge migratory shifts during that time. It was a fearful time, with holocaust, fascism in Europe and WW II. Are we repeating history again? We witness today, people (children separated from families) being put into cages and having their human rights taken away.  

If you thought everything was just fine and that your financial security was “secure” as well as your home and property, this transit could bring major tremors. The ground is shifting in the financial world and with all types of possessions. Food production, agriculture and the like will also see some necessary changes. Digital currency is much more likely during this 7 year period (2018-2025). 

More in this workshop includes:

  • Chiron in Aries
  • Eclipses
  • Mars retrograde this fall
  • Political charts and discussion on 2020 election

These are excerpts from the talk given by A&A on 2/23/20. If you’d like to watch and hear the entire program, click here.