Discovering the Star of Venus

One of the primary images of Venus that has been handed down to us through the ages from mythology is that she is the goddess embodying love, beauty, harmony and peace. Actually, she brings this to us through her lineage: the gods Harmonia and Eros were her offspring. But, is this a myth?

In fact, science shows us the myth is real, and in Venus Star Rising, Arielle Guttman weaves together the fabric of mythology (which includes astrology) with science (astronomy, geometry, mathematics) to produce the evidence that we have all come to know and honor about Venus: harmony, beauty, love and passion are all indeed her products. Arielle further concludes that if we are in sync with Venus, we too are subject to these same bountiful gifts. Further, we are able to attract those delightful and joyful energies to us, as well. In Arielle’s 4+ decades as an astrologer, she acknowledges that these are the things that most people are seeking in their lives.

The Venus Star Rising Book by Arielle Guttman

The Venus Star Rising Book by Arielle Guttman

Venus Star Rising introduces a little-known fact about Venus, one which will intensify people’s hunger to know more about it. The secret is that Venus produces a beautiful, almost perfect, five-pointed star pattern in the heavens every eight years. When one star is complete, another one is formed, and another one. The artistry of Venus weaving her beautiful embroidery upon the celestial tapestry of our night sky is more than simply a lovely image to behold. This Star pattern actually affects you and everyone else in the world.

Through her research on the Star of Venus, Arielle has found that this invisible Venus Star Clock, operating behind the Zodiac, actually gives us pertinent and stunningly accurate information about the times we are living in. Each sign chapter has a section called “History” which highlights the important turning points of history as the wheel on the star clock of Venus rotates slowly, moving clockwise through the heavens. The 2020s is a particularly pivotal point, as one major Star sign is changing–from Scorpio to Libra and will identify entirely new themes and priorities for the world in the coming decades. Shortly thereafter, the Aries Star will change to Pisces, reiterating a new and potent set of conditions for the world.

Venus Star Rising reveals to us the power that Venus has in our lives, operating through her unique Star pattern. A close examination of the Venus Star reveals to you, the reader, the exact manner in which the beauty and power of the Venus Star comes into enhancing your own life. When accepted as your gift and set up as a framework for your life, the Venus Star could be summarized as the expression of the best of who we are and what we have to offer. Find out, through Venus Star Rising, what your Venus Star says about you, how you connect with others, and why this Star is an essential key to identifying and capitalizing on your greatest assets.

Venus Star Rising

Praise for Venus Star Rising

This is an important and revolutionary work because it explores both the deepest traditions and newest frontiers of astrology. By delineating the Venus Star Point (VSP), through the lens of both personal and historical correspondences, Guttman has made an incredibly rich contribution to breaking open a new paradigm in astrology.”

Gary Caton, Sky Astrologer, Host of Hermetic Astrology Podcast: Review of Venus Star Rising on “A Flaming Torch Illuminating the Darkness”

Venus Star Point is ground AND star breaking astrology for the new millennium. Venus Star Point connects us to the heart and soul of our chart, encouraging us to stand in the center of our being so we can radiate love, connection and transformation out into the world. Arielle Guttman’s innovative and profound theory and practical applications will be taught to astrologers for centuries to come.”

Anne Ortelee, Astrologer, Teacher, Blog and Internet Radio/TV/ Host

In a period of abundant new thinking and innovation in astrology, Arielle Guttman’s latest book, Venus Star Rising, stands out as a shining example of the confluence of years of wise experience and a commitment to tireless research. If you are earnest in your desire to open your heart for the most important connections in your life, you owe it to yourself to explore VSR.”

Adam Gainsburg, Sky Astrologer and Author: The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future


A Comprehensive Professional
Certification & Training Program

Based on Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

A Comprehensive Professional
Certification & Training Program

Based on Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

A Comprehensive Professional
Certification & Training Program

Based on Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

Take the Venus Star Point Course

Become a Certified Venus Star Point Practitioner

A Comprehensive Professional
Certification & Training Program

Based on Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

Part 1
Intro to the Venus Star and the Star Points

  • Geometry, Astronomy and Astrology of the Venus Orbit
  • What makes a Venus Star Point (VSP)
  • Morning Star—Evening Star — differences expression and how to identify a Morning Star or Evening Star (MS) or (ES) Venus
  • The Venus Retrograde Cycle
  • How the Star Points move through the Zodiac throughout time

Part 2
Chart examples

  • How the 5 Venus Star Points are expressed in a natal chart
  • How to connect personal planets to the Star Points
  • Important transits of the Star Points to the chart
  • Progressing the VSP—does it advance from one to the next — when?

Part 3
Relationships on the Star VSP

  • Dynamic principles of “feeding” on the VSP
  • The Twin Star—same star points—head to head
  • The Creative Star—one star point away—head to arm
  • The Karmic Star—two star points away—head to leg
  • Celebrity couples’ charts are used to demonstrate each of these feeding principles and planetary connections from one to the other

Part 4
Historical Cycles & Generational Cycles of the Venus Star

  • What is “your generation” of the 5 points of the Star
  • How the Star slowly moves through the signs
  • Historical Cycles of Venus Star through the signs and their impact on world affairs
  • Generational considerations of the Star Points and their effects on the world

Complete Course Audio & Visual Materials:
$295: $235

The exam is open to all who are well versed in the mechanics of and practice of using the Venus Star and its Points in teaching and counseling others.

Once you purchase the exam, you will have 60 days to complete and return it. Upon receipt of order you will be sent the file with the exam questions. There are two parts to the exam. The first part will be written answers to questions. The second part will be a short audio or video session with another person.

Part 1 covers:

(1) the mechanics of the VSP
(2) the Venus Retrograde cycle
(3) Morning Star-Evening Star differentiation
(4) VSP in personal chart work and in relationships
(5) VSP in group work and historical cycles

Part 2 is the Practicum

You will be asked to record a short video (or audio) giving an introductory Venus Star Point reading to someone of your choosing. You will be evaluated on your presentation style, your comfort with explaining their VSP and the interaction between you and the other person.

Once the exam is evaluated by Arielle, you will receive your proficiency award certificates, if passed. If there is further work needed, Arielle will recommend areas of study for you and you may re-apply for the exam one time, without an extra charge.

Proficiency Award Examination Fee:
$295: $265