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On October 22, 2022, for the first time in 150 years, the Venus Star will enter the sign of Libra. The slowly moving rotational star clock of Venus transits through a sign of the zodiac at various intervals in history, spending 100 years in a sign (on average). Then, for 150 years it is absent from that sign. The last passage through Libra occurred from 1771 to 1880. Certainly, we can agree it was an incredible time period of history. With the birth of two new and important democracies, following the American and French Revolutions, one can only wonder what miracles will be birthed in the coming cycle.

To sum it up, no one alive in our present era has witnessed this passage. Yet we are aware of it from the countless ways the events of that time have been documented and how it has shaped both our past history and the present unfolding of events.

Of course, a 100-year passage of a transit through a sign covers much ground. Where do we begin to interpret the impact of such a long transit? One of the first things we can do is look to the sign of Libra and what it represents. Libra, on one hand, represents the scales of justice and has to do with laws and the courts and the concept that a person is innocent until proven guilty and that everyone is entitled to a “fair” trial by a jury of law. Another facet of Libra is the goddess that graces this sign—Venus—and the idea of harmony, beauty, grace and the feminine.

And, the fact that its own planet, Venus, will be the one gracing it. This is a radical change from where that Star Point has been for the previous 100 years (1926-2026) — in Scorpio, governed by Mars, and secondarily by Pluto. So we are culturally and collectively switching gears from a Mars dominated culture to a Venus dominated culture. What type of changes might that bring in personal relationships, gender identification, gender classification in politics, religion and customs? Also, what new legislation might be forthcoming to emphasize such changes?

And there is more! One of the things I noted from the last passage was the proliferation of musical masterpieces. That which we refer to as “classical” music, came to be, mostly during the Libra Star of yesterday. In the last period of the Libra Star there was an extraordinary musical and artistic renaissance in Europe. The courts of Europe were filled with great music. The compositions of both Beethoven and Tchaikovsky came forth during that era. Will we see a renaissance in music once again in the new Libra Star?

There is much more to say about this — so stay tuned as the events of the newly formed Libra Star unfold. Meanwhile, please join me for my only USA in-person teaching on the Libra Star Point, coming up soon, in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute on September 16-18. Called, “Heart-Centeredness in the Stars” all the talks will center around this theme. I will be joined by a fabulous faculty, including Maurice Fernandez, Magali Morales, Anne Ortelee and Kay Taylor. Registration is open now and here is the link:

Here also is a short video about the VSP where Maurice Fernandez interviews me on the subject.

And, coming in October is the Venus Star Libra zoom webinar from the C*I*A which will take place on October 2nd (3rd in Australia). I will be joined by another fabulous faculty: Julija Simas, Gemini Brett, Kelly Hunter and Adam Gainsburg, all of whom will share some of their unique insights on this Venus Star cycle, material which has never been shared before. The link to register can be found soon at the C*I*A website, here:

Finally, for those of you who are interested in learning more about the Venus Star and its VSP, there are numerous free videos at the official Venus Star Point You Tube channel. Here is the link:

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I hope to see you all in Rhinebeck, NY this September! And please feel free to message me here with any questions about the Venus Star Point.

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