Where is your Eros and how do you tap into its unlimited stream of buoyancy?
For astrologers, the Venus Star pattern contains a previously unopened treasure trove of interpretation tools – simple, elegant and complete unto itself. Tracked against the zodiac, the five signs of the Venus Star are expressed in immeasurable ways. While natal Venus is viewed from the point she occupied on her path around the Sun against the zodiac, this Venus – the Venus Star Point ® – is based on the Sun-Venus conjunction prior to one’s birth. Thus, Venus, Earth and Sun are all in alignment, pulsing the light of the Sun through the heart of Venus to Earth, weaving a heart-centered pattern inside each of us in the womb. The result is the eros principle, an unconscious motivator for what makes an individual make important life choices – personally or in relationship – and gives specific definition to where the inborn talent resides.

Relationships are analyzed from a new point of view using the Star Points of Venus. Venus, as a transiting star with five points, looks at relationships from the way these star points interact with one another to form some unique conclusions. There are three types of pairings cited in the relationship section of Venus Star Rising. They are: Twin Star Mates (same VSP), Creative Star Mates (one point away on the Star) and Karmic Star Mates (two points away on the Star). Additionally, every VSP is fed by two points and feeds two points, giving a continual flow of energy circulating and energizing throughout the Star.

The Aries Venus Star Point era: 1929 to 2038
On March 28, 2013 the VSP changes from Gemini to Aries. Aries is a cardinal, fire sign that pronounces the beginning of all things, as it is the undisputed “first” sign of the zodiac associated with the birth or re-birth of all things, including nature, as it is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This Star, being born on Holy Week – or might we rename it Holy **** Week – is dramatic, intense, transformative and pulsing with the ferocious passion of a newborn spring bulb that forces its way from the dark underground regions of the earth into the light of consciousness – and grabs our attention in the process. For Holy Week, as the Aries VSP is joined by Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries, all squaring Pluto, intense sudden and somewhat shocking recent events in the Vatican with the resignation of Pope Benedict will keep the eyes of the world gazing upon the newly elected Pope St. Francis (born Dec 17, 1936, Buenos Aires, Argentina). A Sagittarius Sun with Saturn in Pisces (both symbols of Catholicism), he is a Cancer VSP, indicating that his heart directs him to be a true Father to his people. But coming to power in this Aries VSP cycle will force him to do much more than any of his recent predecessors have done to earn the Church the respect and devotion it so desperately needs in the time of such huge allegations of controversy involving sex, money and power.

Both the time period of an Aries VSP along with individuals who are born with an Aries VSP are activists for all things Venus. This is due to the Aries rulership of Mars, so Venus and Mars are combined, giving a definitely strong individuality and character to such people. They are everything from anti-war demonstrators to journalists who are unafraid to report the horrors of the system that others find acceptable, people who improve the environment or fight for the rights of those who can’t fight for themselves. They are fearless, charismatic and confident. The time periods of an Aries VSP often give these anti-war protestors something to do, as they are times when threats of war are persistently pursued by leaders who are aligned with battle as the means to their end.

Aries VSP Individuals
Some Aries VSP individuals, who have lived their lives in a proactive way, pushing against obstacles at every turn, include the following:

Jane Fonda: born December 21, 1937 (Sagittarius Sun, Aries VSP)
An actress and anti-war protest reluctant folk hero, Jane Fonda, in typical Aries VSP fashion, has done it all. Both a liberal and a feminist, her voice has been influential in bringing awareness to many social and political issues of her time, since the 1960s when she began protesting her government’s role in Vietnam and more recently in Iraq. Through a long film career, there have been huge successes and some lukewarm reception to her roles. She has constantly been scrutinized for her role in the anti-war movement, especially in North Vietnam in 1972, forcing an Aries VSP like herself into something they truly detest – having to defend their actions and apologize for doing or saying something that, in the moment, was an act of courageous sincerity. Her huge success in the fitness book and video industry has turned her into a self-made entrepreneur and role-model for other women. Having turned her attention to feminist issues, she is a powerful voice in examining how women – and violence against them via the media – have had a negative impact on society.

Bob Dylan: born May 24, 1941 (Gemini Sun, Aries VSP)
It is not uncommon for Aries VSPs to be the first at something, engaging in it with their own brand of personal protest against “the system”The reluctant hero of the protest movement of the 1960s, Dylan was one of the first to take two musical genres –folk and rock-and merge them into the anthems that ultimately resulted in profoundly shaping mass consciousness around major social and political issues of the times. Many of his ballads, turned protest marching songs, were prophetic. The Times They Are a Changing was released in January 1964. In cosmic synchronicity, in June of that same year the Venus Star Point terminated the sign of Cancer where it had transited for over 100 years and ushered in the Gemini VSP. When a planet transits the cardinal axis, it often does pinpoint a major turning point in world affairs. In this case, it was the point of the new Venus Star and the song in the self-titled album that would become the musical mantra of the era.

Princess Diana of Wales: born July 1, 1961 (Cancer Sun, Aries VSP)
The former Princess of Wales, possessing all manner of charisma and charm, took her Aries VSP to uncharted territory when she essentially became a whistle-blower for the royal hierarchy she found herself married into. Presenting her case (her story) via interviews and biography that would stir up a tidal wave of controversy for the royal family, not since the likes of Edward VIII, who exactly sixty years earlier, abdicated the throne for the woman he loved. Now, in a new, 1990s style scandal for the royals, Diana and Charles would divorce. For the first time in her life, Diana now was in possession of her own voice, an important concept for an Aries VSP. This resulted in an even larger celebrity presence than she already held, garnering huge support from women all over the world that identified with and related to her struggle for personal validation. This necessary struggle is confirmed by her VSP ruler Mars in Virgo conjunct Pluto and North Node. Personal empowerment through struggle and letting go was her destiny. The resulting new voice gave her a platform to respond to the atrocities of war via her campaign against landmines and her compassionate and heart-felt contributions to children’s charities, hospitals and the AIDS crisis.

Barack Obama: born Aug 4, 1961 (Leo Sun, Aries VSP)
There is always a precocious nature to individuals with an Aries VSP. Consider President Obama, who became not only the youngest president ever elected to that office, but also the first African-American ever to hold that office. To say that he sprints through life is an understatement. When outside authority imposes itself upon an Aries type, they must show considerable restraint to not engage in open warfare. This has been one of the criticisms of Obama’s supporters – they want to see him empowered to exert force on the opposition. Instead, with ruler of Aries, Mars in Virgo, he analyzes the pros and cons and ultimately acts from compassionate and somewhat humble service. The Aries VSP detests waiting and abhors the red-tape loopholes that forces issues from going straight to the finish line. This makes his current job doubly challenging, as all Congress has done to him is make him stop, wait and wait and wait some more. Daughter Sasha is also an Aries VSP – her father’s daughter.

J.K. Rowling: born July 31, 1965 (Leo Sun, Aries VSP)
Aries VSP Rowling has become another first: author of the best-selling book series in history (over 400 million sold) and the U.K.’s best-selling author. As creator of the Harry Potter brand, which is worth $15 billion world-wide, she continues to break records in sales and popularity with the release of each subsequent book in the series. She is also credited with helping to bring a new generation of computer crazed youth back to books- in- print reading, perhaps contributing in a way to forestalling the demise of the declining books-in-print industry which, up until the demand for the electronic book, has seen steady growth for five and a half centuries, since the invention of the printing press in 1450. Like Jane Fonda, there is no reason to believe that Rowling will ever slow down, turning her attention to considerable more creative pursuits, with a bit of social and political protest thrown in for good measure.

Michael Phelps: born June 30, 1985 (Cancer Sun, Aries VSP)
The VSP or Eros point of Michael Phelps, the most-decorated gold medal Olympic winner (22 medals), is in the sign of Aries, a fire sign that relates to action, energy and leadership. Aries is a competitive sign and while most Aries VSPs compete in less obvious ways, it is Phelps who is held to rigorous standards in competitive swimming for much of his life. Furthermore, his Aries VSP makes an exact square to Mars, the astrological ruler of Aries and of competitive sports, which also sits alongside of his Sun, the point of the chart which represents personal leadership. It is further fitting that both Sun and Mars are in the watery sign of Cancer, and it is immersed in the element of water that Phelps has shown his stealth and prowess.

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