I was looking at the active Venus Star in the sky (and the present transits to them). The attached diagram presents the main characteristics of each of the five transit Venus Star Points that are active in the sky right now, with the main characteristics in their own inception chart (meaning main aspects formed at the moment of each Venus Star Point’s (VSP) exact moment of formation) and also the aspects in each VSP’s ruler makes within the inception chart for more contextual meaning and depth.

After some reflection, these are some of the themes that emerged for me:

1) Media Frenzy from High Profile Court Cases (upcoming there’s another case for Johnny Depp coming up; Brangelina is moving forward with their court case – it’s to be televised); not surprised since the sign of Capricorn (which is the sign of the current transit VSP) can infer court-related stuff.
The 2020 Morning Star Phase transit VSP in Gemini (on the Receiving Foot) is still active in the current Venus Star, implying something being on our TVs or social media; while the Morning Star Phase transit VSP in Leo that’s already manifesting itself on a collective level (on the other (Giving foot) may imply high-profile people/celebrities are involved). The three Morning Star Phase transit VSPs in the Venus Star right now also may explain why Johnny Depp just became the first person in Tiktok’s history that garnered over 10 million followers in the 1st 24 hours of just creating an account without a single post (linking all three Morning Star Phase transit VSPs in the Venus Star synergistically)!
Also, the hands of the current Venus Star are ruled by Mars and Venus (with Mars/North Node/Jupiter/Chiron highlighted on the Aries Receiving Hand Star Point; and with Pluto/Jupiter/Mars/Vesta highlighted in the Libra Giving hand Star Point shedding light pertaining to domestic violence (DV)/intimate partner violence (IPV)).
As Johnny Depp’s cross-examination lawyer Camille Vasquez puts it nicely on her post-trial interview (after captivating those who watched it on social media, Youtube etc) – violence (be it DV or IPV) doesn’t have a gender bias, all facts have to taken seriously on a case-to-case basis. However, this particular court case evolved with the trending hash-tag #mentoo as a counterpart of the #metoo movement. If you’ve read this till this point, you can clearly how the five transit VSPs in the signs mentioned working together to build emerging themes on an individual and humanity level with a sense of cosmic intelligence!
Other high-profile cases that are on-going over this period are: Senate live hearings; the January 6 2021 trial; Hollywood groper Kevin Spacey officially charged and set for U.K. court and the Ghislaine Maxwell’s plus R Kelly sentencing etc.
2) Lawyers becoming Rock Stars/Role Models. A great example would be Johnny’s lawyers Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez  gaining so much social media love and support over the period of the trial; both Capricorn and the next transit VSP in Libra are both signs in which Saturn thrives in (Saturn & Libra = lawyers); the two feet of the current Venus Star in Gemini and Leo talks about social media rock stars, idols or role models literally. I’ve also seen people on social media and everyday conversations using court language like “Objection Hearsay/Foundation/Leading etc …” as part of a joke. Also, Camille Vasquez (with a rectified chart of 6 July 1984 @ 1314 in Los Angeles has interesting activations of the current VS to her natal: namely her 7th/Saturn/Mars/2nd ruler Mars in Scorpio activated by the Receiving Foot VSP in Gemini, her NorthNode/Chiron in 8th, 5th ruler Uranus in Sagittarius & SouthNode/Uranus/3rd/Neptune/Pallas/BML’s ruler Jupiter in Capricorn in 3rd activated by the Receiving Hand; her 4th cusp conjuncting,1st/7th cusp squaring, opposing her 1st/Moon/Pluto/Ceres/8th/Vertex’s ruler Venus angular in 10th plus a trine to her Vertex in 8th via the current transit VSP in Capricorn; her 10th/Venus/Juno/Sun/Mars/Saturn/2nd, 12th/9th/Chiron/NorthNode’s rulers Moon-Pluto in Libra 1st and Mercury-Vesta in Leo 10th respectively together with POF and Pallas/BML/6th’s ruler Neptune in Sagittarius 3rd all getting activated by the Receiving Hand of the VS; lastly the Receiving Foot of the current VS close her 11th cusp in square to her Vertex in 8th. Analyzing the activations involved, this sweetly summarized her current experience in defending an established Hollywood film star in a court case that’s televised, and gaining skyrocketing fame and love from the everyday people from her humble roots via her strategic cross-examination of Amber Heard – methodically exposing her lies upon lies for all to see with facts and supported evidence. There’s even some young woman posting of her getting a tattoo of Camille on her (coming mainly from that Mercury-Vesta and Moon-Pluto activations from the Giving Hand of the VS in Libra …) will defend Johnny Depp yet again later in late-July 2022 again in a new trial – an assault case; tying in the 2 hands of the Venus Star which highlighted Pluto/Chiron/Mars).

3) Stocks of A Multinational Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate Tanking (linking the Morning Star transit VSPs of Gemini, Capricorn and Leo; with transit Uranus approaching to square the Leo Star Point on the Giving Foot with transit Jupiter on the Receiving Hand of the Venus Star). In particular, the share prices of Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. is of particular interest here as it is unfolding as such. The hands of the Venus Star are Venus and Mars ruled, so both actors/actress are involved in contributing to this phenomenon.
This started from Depp being ultimately asked to resign from Fantastic Beasts 3 after filming just one scene from allegations of DV/IPV as mentioned in 1).
There’s also a
petition post Depp-Heard defamation trial to remove that certain (former) Aquaman starlet completely from the sequel; not to mention the on-going scandal of Ezra Miller from Flash the movie. The release dates for both movies are being pushed back (movie = Leo; release date being pushed = Gemini/Aries; delay/backwards = Capricorn) from both their recent bad publicity (publicity = Libra).

4) Religious/Idealism Radicalization/Extremism. India – a Leo and Capricorn dominated country is recently slammed for Islam-phobia online lately.
Transit Jupiter in Aries aspecting the Aries Evening Star VSP via a conjunction, and Uranus in Taurus aspecting the current Capricorn Morning Star VSP respectively essentially highlights the current closing/waning Jupiter-Uranus cycle before they finally start a new cycle in April 2024 in late-Taurus.
5) Resurgence of old Music/Movie Sequels in Popularity and even Re-entering the Charts and/or Breaking Records (linking the Morning Star transit VSPs of Gemini, Capricorn and Leo). A recent example would be Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (very Capricorn-ian title eh?) breaking records after being featured on the soundtrack of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”! She has now broken three UK chart records by hitting No. 1. It’s No. 4 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, and Bush’s 1985 LP Hounds of Love tops the Billboard Catalog Albums chart this week.
In the UK, Bush is the oldest woman to top the singles chart, and her achievement of doing so after 37 years is the longest time a song has taken to get to No 1. It beats Wham!, whose “Last Christmas” did it January 2021. The song is also marked as the longest gap between No 1 singles, with 44 years elapsed since her debut, “Wuthering Heights.”
Talk about schooling the children on the anthology of a legendary music artist from the 70s onwards! The last time this same song charted was in 2012 over the London Olympics, when the head of the Venus Star was a Morning Star Gemini VSP (as part of a rare Venus transit in that year).
On the movie front, the long-overdue sequel to Top Gun, that’s Top Gun – Maverick (archetype of the maverick = Chiron which is in mid-Aries by transit in square to the current transit VSP in Capricorn; transit Jupiter in Aries plus Uranus in Taurus activating the Receiving Hand and Giving Foot of the current Venus Star highlights the Jupiter-Uranus cycle in which both planets also rules flight/ be in the air; the sign of Gemini, Capricorn and Leo within the Venus Star suggest a second serving/sequel of something classic, no-frills entertaining movie without any nonsense in it) released in 2022 hits $1 joins Billion-Dollar Box Office Club in a first for Tom Cruise! Also, the revenue is excluding China.

6) Regressive Decisions Pertaining to Reproductive Rights for Women by Crusty, Conservative Lawmakers (linking the Morning Star transit VSPs of Gemini, Capricorn and Leo). Transit Jupiter close to the Receiving Hand of the Venus Star in Aries, transit Pluto squaring the upcoming Libra VSP and transit Uranus approaching to square the upcoming Leo VSP also implies that there will be a sudden turn of legislation (in this case by the Supreme Court) to Roe vs Wade having the whole country divided and causing social unrest.
I’ve also looked into the chart of Roe vs Wade: transit Pluto is currently conjunct the chart’s 3rd/4th/7th house ruler Mercury in Capricorn with transit Pluto eventually conjuncting the Sun in Aquarius of the chart, transit Saturn-Neptune conjunction coming up crossing the Ascendant point and the upcoming ingress of Uranus into Gemini landing on Vesta of the chart – all suggesting this decision will have a long drawn-out impact of the country in coming years.
7) A Looming Royal Divorce & Book Deal? (linking the Morning Star transit VSPs of Gemini, Capricorn and Leo; with transit Uranus approaching to square the Leo Star Point on the Giving Foot with transit Jupiter on the Receiving Hand of the Venus Star – highlighting Jupiter & Uranus. Both planets Jupiter and Uranus through my experience are also linked to moving on to greener pastures; the sign of Leo and Capricorn in the Venus Star points to royalty). The recent “piles of lies” that the Harkles have built up with the scrutiny of the validity of whether their two children are even real or a hoax altogether have generated a lot of publicity. Applying the current Venus Star onto both individual’s chart, it suggest a culmination of stresses which may well lead into the expose of the lies created thus far while they were married.
Comparing the two natal with the Venus Star overlays from Harry’s perspective, the current VSP in Capricorn in his 1st house is squaring his 9th house of publishing/North Node in 4th & Moon in 4th’s ruler Venus in rulership in Libra super close to the cusp as well; the current VSP in Capricorn also sextiles his Midheaven in Scorpio and forms a trine to his 7th house/Descendent ruler the Moon exalted in the sign of Taurus in his 4th house of family structure/living situation etc; the Receiving Foot of the Venus star in his natal 5th forms a quincunx to this Ascendant/1st ruler Saturn in Scorpio in his 9th house of publishing/truths, with the Receiving Hand of the Venus Star in his 2nd forming a quincunx as well to his 5th/6th/8th houses ruler Mercury in rulership on the 8th cusp, the Giving hand of the Venus Star conjuncts his MC/Saturn ruler Pluto in his 9th at zero degree of Scorpio plus in sextile to his 12th/2nd/Mars/Uranus ruler Capricorn-ian Jupiter in his 12th, with the Giving Foot of the Venus Star in his 7th house of marriage partner/1st wife in square to his Descendent ruler Moon exalted in Taurus in his 4th. 
With all these aspects being triggered by the current Venus Star, this may add up to spilling the tea and dirty secrets/lies in the form of a book deal (since his 9th house and ruler are both triggered together, with this Scorpionic Saturn and Midheaven being added into the mix) involving the role of his (soon-to-be ex-)spouse pertaining to the “children” that they had plus the emotional manipulations engulfing him leading up to finally calling it quits. The motivations here can be financially and reputation driven in order to earn from the publication, since Jupiter in Capricorn rules his 12th/2nd house though Jupiter in his 12th also ruling his Mars/Uranus/11th with may hint at being pushed to a mental health breaking point and/or in an effort to “clear his name” in the eyes of making him look like a survivor/hero of sorts in the eyes of the greater public; with the current VSP in Capricorn activating the ruler of his North Node/Moon in 4th Venus close to his 9th it is perhaps also to move towards his destiny to be at peace and stable within emotionally with the help of familial roots when this whole saga blows over.

By Donny Lim
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