The prenatal conjunction of the Sun and Venus determines the VSP. For example; our first chart date is 2nd March 1977. The previous conjunction of Venus and Sun occurred in June 1976. Her VSP is 27 Gemini.

The two conjunctions before and after form the Venus star Pentagram. The two conjunctions Before her birth are receiving hand and foot.

The two conjunctions after her birth are giving hand and foot. Just like a man! Vitruvian man or Star man.

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

The symbolism of this sign of VSP tells us about the bond that we have established with ourselves. Venus shows how we socialize, while VSP is the temperament in which we project the natural abilities that exist in us to the outside without difficulty.

In this pattern Each star feeds the next star. I mean in each 1.6 year period, one morning star sign helps or inspire the next morning star signs. In this regard; if we look at the current pentagram;
How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

In this context, Gemini helps Capricorn to explore the goal it wants to achieve and the ways to achieve it, while Capricorn provides Leo to gain self-confidence with patience and discipline and so on.

This information will help us in the analysis of the Venus Star.

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

She has Gemini Star Point.
Virgo is the receiving hand
Scorpio is the receiving foot
Aries is the giving hand
And Aquarius is giving foot
She has 1 water, 1 earth, 2 air and 1 fire in her Venus Star pentagram.
Since there are 4 elements and 5 points, there is always one element with more emphasis in the pentagram.

So, she has 2 yin, 3 yang energy in her Venus Star.

While yang energy has a more masculine and extrovert–action nature, the fact that it is ES somewhat balances this feature. ES has a trait that needs more approval by others and is looking for the ideal partner.

In our example, VSP, depicted by the head, is located in the sign of Gemini. Other hands and feet are complementary energies that guide the head.

The thing we should not forget is that the signs in the star symbolize energy, not people.

Gemini here; It gives an active, intellectual, and multifaceted personality. In her career, her position as director of corporate communications explains this theme very well. Strong communication skills and the ability to solve problems within the daily life are the main characteristics of Gemini. She is very good at managing the reporters (press).

Receiving foot is Scorpio and located in the fourth house. Her grounding leg is her home. She will always want to be supported by her family. Since it is Scorpio energy, she may have some difficulties separating herself from her family. She always wants to keep going, taking strength from them.

Uranus is the modern ruler of 7th house of marriage, the nest she built with her husband by getting married is the basis on which she feels safe. On the other hand, her originality and creativity will be the most important promoter of the energy of Gemini VSP.

Scorpio energy support the Gemini by offering the ability to focus so she learns how to concentrate her energy on one point. (otherwise, Gemini may lose interest).

Let’s look at the VSP ruler here.

When we consider that the VSP ruler is also involved in 7th house, it becomes clear once again how important relationships are to the person. Mercury connects 7th house to 8th house as it is located on the cusp. We see that money issues in marriage are the criterion regarding self-worth.

Hands are Virgo and Aries.

Receiving Hand is Virgo; analytical mind that solves the problems, the ability to drill down to the smallest detail, the ability to work systematically, the ability to criticize and analyze oneself when it comes to it. That is the personality that attributes its own value (2nd) to its productivity (6th).

She experiences that will develop her abilities by producing them and tries to create conditions in which she will expose them. As she masters it, she becomes nourished and can share her knowledge.

This is how Venus Star pentagram works for her.

The feet represent the basis on which we get strength, and the hands represent the energy that helps us.

So, how does this Venus Star affect our lives?

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?
January 2001 Relationship begins, she was 24 years old.

When she experienced her first relationship; Saturn (7th house), which is preparing the background, is manifesting the relationship as it conjunct the ruler of the house of love (Jupiter). Tr Venus is playing a triggering role here.

Mars Conjunct Uranus and RF

Both Receiving Foot and Giving Hand are ruled by Mars.

Transiting Mars acts to energize and activate the conditions surrounding the planets and points it touches. The receiving foot of the star is triggered. If you remember, we are giving direction to the head by taking strength from this foot. So, Mars triggers that point.

Transiting Jupiter has already entered Gemini, where VSP is, and making a trine to Giving foot. It brings experience opportunities where the “head (VSP)” can improve its communication skills. (There is no planet in Aquarius and Gemini but star points are in that signs).

Jupiter just energize Gemini in here and as soon as she graduated from university, she got a job at a public relations company.

The Venus star actually reflects the developmental process of Venus. That is, it reflects the connection of the soul or the purpose of the soul. The Venus star symbolizes about the experience of unconditional love. For this experience, we need to leave our comfort zone, change our habits and surrender.

Likewise, PRG charts describe the developmental process of our functions represented by each planet. In other words, both Venus star pentagram and progress charts describe our developmental process. So, both techniques can support our interpretation of chart.

That why we can also look how these progressions affect our natal chart.

Prg Mercury is in conjunction with GH. Because Mercury is the ruler of VSP, it is important for us. Developing mind triggers the courage to have an experience (9th). This is how she experiences her first love affair. only if she is thrown on experience then she’ll be on the way to mastering. I am using “mastering” word here because GF is located in 6th house of Virgo/master & apprentice.
If we want to be a master at something, we have to work hard, make an effort, spend time on a job for a long time.

On the other hand, prg Moon triggers the GF. Remember that the Gemini VSP feeds the Aquarius energy. when the PRG Moon triggers this point means, you will master it through interaction in your daily life. She’s trying out both her first job and her first relationship. She has a lot on her plate, you see. It is also a step from being a student to being a professional. It is an important experience for the person.

On the other hand, Solar Arc ASC is making conjunction with RH which is located in the second house. It is important energy that supports Gemini. We also see the period when she got her first salary at the same time. Now she becomes an individual who creates her own resource, and is able to make her own decisions.

In short, because the rulers of the star points are at work, we see karmic lessons are about to be learned.

How about the Venus Star?

Doesn’t the star itself matter?

Yes, it does! If you remember, the star was also moving clockwise. Now let’s look at the chart from the point of view of the star.

When the relationship started, VSP moved to 20 Gemini and conjunct the Saturn/MC midpoint.

Saturn/MC is about taking over responsibility for a mission and making our way to where life calls us.

The fact that the VSP has reached this midpoint indicates the progress towards the turning point that affects our life.

RH triggers VSP by changing house and signs.

Leo star point supports Gemini by entering the first house, which represents expressing oneself.

GH trine ASC and RF square ASC.

GF makes a trine with Jupiter (5th house ruler). So, the relationship began.

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

If we look at the picture from a wide-angle, without much detail, the 8-year cycle of Venus immediately catches our eye.

by the 8-year cycle, we are talking about the conjunction of Venus’ and Sun in the same sign again.

They met in 2000 and married in 2004. and in 2008, they decided to raise their family and had a child. They went to see doctor and took some pills in order to get pregnant.

I am sure everyone in here witnessed how a tree grows. A tree always grows and expands by sprouting branches at opposite directions.

In the conjunction with the sun on the opposite side, that is, in a period of 4 years, the events in the previous periods that started take shape and develop.

She states that the break in the relationship began in May 2016. They had a big fight that year and this is the date that the breaking point of the marriage. Few years later they divorced.

Let’s continue with Marriage

Mercury, the ruler of the VSP, again comes across effectively. SA Mercury is in charge now.

In marriage year, the fourth house and the ninth house are the most triggered. Saturn which is the ruler of the seventh house, triggering the star points.

Saturn transits always force us to make decisions and take responsibility. He plays a very important role as the ruler of the 7th house. As Neptune dissolves her ties with its current family, Jupiter and Saturn together offer the opportunity to build a new home and open a new page in her life. (4th and 9th houses)

So, it makes sense that Mars triggers the other Venus Star Point.

In the same way, PR Moon and ASC are also extremely active on the chart.

In the marriage chart; transiting VSP came to 17 Gemini.

We see that the RH is making sextile to the North node and the other star point in square with the Jupiter/Venus midpoint.

How do we find and Analysis our VSP?

In the separation chart; As soon as Transiting Uranus changes sign it makes a square aspect to GF, it frees the person to find her way.

Both Tr Mars and Neptun are making aspects to the RF in the fourth house. Neptune dissolved the structure that she described as her home. VSP is triggered by SA Mars in the separation year. It is Mars energy; fighting, surviving. They had very bad divorce process.

In the marriage chart we see SA Mercury but in the separation chart we see SA Mars.

TRS VSP separation chart; RH moves to 21 Leo and triggers the Sun/Moon midpoint. As we all know Sun/Moon midpoint refers to relationship.

As we have seen in this example, important developments occur in our lives regarding our love pattern when the points of Venus Star are triggered, whether by transits or by the star itself.

We experience the new incidents that are necessary for us to complete the developmental process of our relationships.

NCGR-PAA Level IV Didem Can