Event Information:

  • Thu

    The Great American Eclipse

    6:30 pmSanta Fe, New Mexico

    This is what the upcoming August 21st eclipse is being referred to—and for good reason. This eclipse will traverse the United States, entering at the NW corner in Oregon and leaving at the SE corner in South Carolina. It will be a total eclipse of the Sun, visible in thirteen states. All thirteen of these states are already anticipating millions of people arriving to bear witness to this very unusual and spectacular event.

    In Santa Fe, the eclipse will not be total, but viewers will be able to enjoy approximately 80% coverage. Four days prior to the August 21st event, I will be hosting an Eclipse Workshop with visiting astrologer, Alexandra Karacostas (Chico, CA).

    Join us for a lively discussion of the eclipse and how it will impact our country, our president and ourselves. For each participant who registers early, your chart will be drawn up and we will highlight for you the area of the eclipse’s impact in your life.