Praise for Venus Star Rising

“I’ve recommended your book to my advanced astrology class (earlier in the month) and will again tonight. I’m still in the early chapters, but it has quickly become one of the most important books I’ve read in this century. It’s excellent and very helpful.”

Christopher Largent, Astrologer, Author, Director 7th Ray Academy, Wilmington, Delaware

“Tell the Sun, Moon and ASC to move over and make room for a new member of the club — The Venus Star Point.”

Lynn Freeman, Astrology Student, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I hope to do a lecture, workshop stemming from the book, encouraging people to know where their points are and when they move. After researching my own points, they are all very significant in my life and people I’m connected to. The book encouraged me to do more study on it that’s for sure.”

Julija Simas, Astrologer, Director C*I*A Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Australia

“As a psychotherapist, counseling astrologer and teacher, I am always grateful when a new approach emerges that better helps me help my clients and students grapple with the perennial questions underlying our journey through life… The Venus Star offers the reader demystifying practical insights and approaches to some of the heart’s most essential urges and longings.”

Leslie Nathanson, M.A. LPCC, adjunct faculty at New Mexico Highlands University and Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

“With this book Arielle has given birth to something new and important in our understanding of how to harmonize with the core patterns of our lives. The Venus Star illuminates our potentials and our challenges in life. Her book is beautifully written and illustrated, making it easy to follow the unfolding logic of her thesis and the elegant insights she reveals.”

Steven McFadden, Astrologer/Author of Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, Call of the Land, Lincoln, Nebraska

“There is a lot more to Venus Star Rising than yourself. There’s a brief and fascinating study of Venus and its place and effect on history and nature. Plus, the book wraps up with a chapter called “Groupings of the Venus Star” and gets literally to the point. Venus has a lot to say about why The Rolling Stones are still together and the Beatles are not.”

Jeff Norris, Writer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Review of Venus Star Rising by Lynn Freeman

I found “Venus Star Rising” by Arielle Guttman, to be a juicy multilayered treasure.  As a student of  Astrology who hasn’t mastered advanced technical skills, I was able  to understand the information that Arielle presented and, in fact, read the book from cover to cover.

Arielle thoroughly explained the  psychological qualities and variations of the Venus Star Points as  well as the differences between and the effects of the Venus Morning  Star and the Venus Evening Star.

I learned how Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui are linked to the flow dynamics of Venus Star relationships and I was fascinated by how the Venus Star Points illuminated the nooks and crannies of my relationships in new ways. I discovered  how, all along, the energy of my Venus Star Point was cosmically  balancing my chart in places that I thought were unbalanced. For  example, I never thought that I had any earth in my chart and my  Venus Star Point in Virgo, showed me that I do.

The connections between Sacred Geometry and the Venus Star that Arielle wrote about manifested in ways that I never imagined. I enjoyed using the Venus  Mantra and the Venus Song with the Venus Mudra which I found to be a  grounding and powerful meditation. I was intrigued by and would like  to learn more about the flow patterns of the Karmic Star and the  Creative Star relationships of the Venus Star. I have to say that I  was buoyed by the welcomed message of hope for the future that this book carries.

Lynn Freeman, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Excerpts from Mary Plumb’s review in the Oct/Nov 2011 Mountain Astrologer:

“There are two exceptional chapters of background material. “The Astronomy and Geometry of the Venus Star” is a detailed explanation of the five-pointed star pattern formed by Venus’s orbit in relationship to the Earth. Along with the author’s clear language, there are many illustrations that demonstrate the mechanics, the mathematics, and the beautiful symmetry of the Venus Star….”

“Part II, Working with the Venus Star Points, the main body of the book, moves into Guttman’s wonderful work on what the VSP means and how to use it. The author first offers a simple table for finding your own VSP. Then she discusses the VSP in a chapter for each of the twelve signs. She has drawn on nearly 1,500 celebrity birthdays and her own client and family horoscopes for research…”

“Part III, Relationships on the Venus Star, takes a fascinating leap into how the Venus Star impacts partnership dynamics. Essentially, everyone is born as part of a particular star pattern, since each “Venus Star has five points continually operating to produce one full star. Guttman’s research of 500 couples has resulted in many original insights and observations about how we connect to others who are part of our star pattern…”

“Explaining the exquisite geometry of Venus, Arielle Guttman tells of “a beautiful matrix in which to live life, surrounded by Venus’s loving embrace.” This remarkable book explores that matrix in a startlingly new way.”