Discovering the Star of Venus

One of the primary images of Venus that has been handed down to us through the ages from mythology is that she is the goddess embodying love, beauty, harmony and peace. Actually, she brings this to us through her lineage: the gods Harmonia and Eros were her offspring. But, is this a myth?

In fact, science shows us the myth is real, and in Venus Star Rising, Arielle Guttman weaves together the fabric of mythology (which includes astrology) with science (astronomy, geometry, mathematics) to produce the evidence that we have all come to know and honor about Venus: harmony, beauty, love and passion are all indeed her products. Arielle further concludes that if we are in sync with Venus, we too are subject to these same bountiful gifts. Further, we are able to attract those delightful and joyful energies to us, as well. In Arielle’s 35 years as an astrologer, she acknowledges that these are the things that most people are seeking in their lives.


Venus Star Rising introduces a little-known fact about Venus, one which will intensify people’s hunger to know more about it. The secret is that Venus produces a beautiful, almost perfect, five-pointed star pattern in the heavens every eight years. When one star is complete, another one is formed, and another one. The artistry of Venus weaving her beautiful embroidery upon the celestial tapestry of our night sky is more than simply a lovely image to behold. This Star pattern actually affects you and everyone else in the world.


The publication of Venus Star Rising could not have occurred at a more appropriate time. Much has been made of – and there are dozens of books that have been published about – the end of the Mayan calendar, which dates to the Winter Solstice of 2012. Many if not all of these books relate the calendar date to the alignments of the planet Venus and her Star. But what no book as yet published has furnished, is how this Venus Star operates in our very own lives! The understanding of Venus through Venus Star Rising will explain much to audiences hungry for more information about why we should be observing and understanding the mysteries of Venus and why now is the most appropriate time to be doing just that.

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Venus Star Rising reveals to us the power that Venus has in our lives, operating through her unique Star pattern. A close examination of the Venus Star reveals to you, the reader, the exact manner in which the beauty and power of the Venus Star comes into enhancing your own life. When accepted as your gift and set up as a framework for your life, the Venus Star could be summarized as the expression of the best of who we are and what we have to offer. Find out, through Venus Star Rising, what your Venus Star says about you, how you connect with others, and why this Star is an essential key to identifying and capitalizing on your greatest assets.

For the reader, the material contained in Venus Star Rising is like no other book you have read, in that you will learn how the Venus Star has been and always will be affecting your personal life—your desires, your motivations, your relationships, your ability to bring to your life what you are most desirous of achieving. The book does this by introducing an aspect of Venus that few people are familiar with. This is not the Venus of your chart that most people know about. This is not the sign you were “born under” (your Sun Sign). This book is about your Venus Star sign—a revolutionary approach to understanding your motivating life principle and how you can best access your greatest talent—one that if you are in alignment with, the people around you will not be able to get enough of. Astrology is most known for its “Sun Signs” and people are used to thinking of themselves as a particular sign. Venus Star Rising introduces to the reader a new sign to become familiar with, one that will identify one’s eros (passion) or motivating life principle. This position, together with the Sun sign, gives a person a whole new understanding of themselves, opening up a world of possibilities they have not yet considered.

How to find your Venus Star Point

Included in Venus Star Rising is a celebrity data base of 1,300 individuals and their Venus Star placements, so that the reader might identify their Venus Star twins, and people who assist them in their lives. Further, an analysis of 500 couples was undertaken to observe the way the Venus Star uniquely links people who are destined to be together.

There are five sections to Venus Star Rising.

Section I – Introduction to the Venus Star (astronomy, mythology, geometry, astrology and mechanics of the Star)

Section II – Getting to know your individual Star Sign and its characteristics – what it means in your life

Section III – Identifying your Venus Star partners and relationships – how other people’s star energies interweave with your own

Section IV – Creating a Venus environment

Section V — Celebrity Star lists, Venus Star dates, reading material and research possibilities

There are no other books of this nature at this time. While there are many astrology books that interpret the placement of Venus in one’s personal horoscope, there are none that deal with the Venus Star (a completely different point) and how our world is affected by it. A pioneering work of incredible research and findings, this is the first volume of its kind, but rest assured, it will not be the last! Once the Venus Star concept is discovered and understood by the public, they will be clamoring for more. Astrologers will love this book as it will add a new dimension to their interpretive art, adding useful information to the charts they are working with – a point of reference called The Venus Star Point – which they have never before used.  But this book’s value goes far beyond the world of professional astrologers. Anyone who has ever dabbled with astrology, personal enrichment, self-help, counseling, healing or consulted any type of book that deals with better understanding relationship dynamics will love this book. In fact, a companion program to the book that will be offered by Arielle is a Venus Star Certification Program open to astrologers, counselors, teachers, human resource directors, healers, therapists and the like who are involved in fields of personalized service to help individuals make the best possible choices for themselves based upon the principles contained in the Venus Star Rising book.

Once you have finished reading Venus Star Rising, you will conclude that it is a ground-breaking work and will want to know how each and every person in your life fits into your own Star pattern.

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