Venus Star Point® FAQ

Q: How do I find my Venus Star Point®?

A: Follow this link

Q: Why is this astrology for the 21st century?

A: Because this is an entirely new system for astrology. Venus has never been used in this way before.

Q: Where can I buy the books?

A: Purchase Discovering the Star of Venus (the physical book) and purchase The Venus Star Point (the ebook version)

Q: What is different about how you use Venus?

A: Typically, Venus (as with the other planets) are charted from their location by sign, house and degree on the day you are born. This Venus position, called the Venus Star Point, is charted from the last activation of the point, prior to your birth.

Q: When is the activation of the star point?

A: The activation of the star point occurs in the formation of Venus in its orbit around the Sun. Venus traces a five pointed star (pentagram) every eight years. So, in an eight year period, five activations happen. In a sixteen year period, ten activations occur, and in a forty year period twenty five activations occur.

Q: What do these Star Point activations mean?

A: I have named them the Venus Star Point™ and I have seen how they operate in people’s lives and in people’s charts in an entirely different manner than the natal Venus.

Q: How would you describe the difference between the Venus Star Point and the natal Venus?

A: The natal Venus and the Venus Star are certainly related, in that both energies emanate from the same planet. But the Venus Star Point incorporates the kiss of Venus to the Sun, the time when Venus was passing through the heart of the Sun. The Venus Star Point, then, combines the love of Venus with the light and energy of the Sun, acting as a potential laser beam of light and love that fills the individual. The Venus Star Point is a focal point of energy that an individual uses throughout their lives. It defines what they are best at doing, and where their real talent lies. It comes from inner love – loving what they are doing and how they are manifesting it to others and to the world. By contrast, the natal Venus operates as a metaphor for love that the person seeks outside of oneself – and looks to fulfill through relationships, experiences and environments.

Q: How would a person determine their natural talent through the Venus Star Point (VSP)?

A: Begin by looking up one’s date of birth in the table provided in the book. That will provide you with the VSP by sign, and designate whether it was operating as a Morning Star or Evening Star. From there, you would read the chapters concerning the difference between Morning Star and Evening Star, which modern astrology is just beginning to incorporate into its lingo and interpretive analysis. The difference between those two Venuses alone, is profound.

Then, proceed to the sign chapter in which the Venus Star Point is listed. For each of the twelve signs, there is an extensive amount of information given, including one’s greatest gift, assets and liabilities of the VSP in a particular sign. Also presented are numerous examples of celebrities who possess that Venus Star sign.

Q: How is this different from one’s (Sun) sign?

A: The Venus Star Point incorporates the merging of Venus and the Sun together. There is a different perspective than one’s Sun (ego identified) sign. The Venus Star position identifies the place in which one operates solely from the mind of the heart (as opposed to the mind). Also, Venus is a feminine archetype. The Sun is a masculine based archetype. From a Sun sign (solar logos) one identifies one’s will and character. From a Venus Star sign one identifies one’s core feelings from the perspective of the heart.

Q: You have talked about how one VSP feeds another. Can you explain this in greater detail?

A: The feeding of one star point to another is how Venus progresses on her journey in creating the pentagram. Although the planets transit in a counter-clockwise direction around the wheel of the zodiac, moving with the natural order of the zodiac, the Venus Star is perpetually moving in what appears to be retrograde motion, clockwise around the zodiac. The current order of signs that make up the full star of Venus are:
Aries – Capricorn – Scorpio – Leo — Gemini
In the natural order of the zodiac, Capricorn would follow Scorpio, and Scorpio would follow Leo, and so forth. But in the Venus Star transits, they take this order.

Q: Is the Venus Star always in these five signs?

A: No, they change very slowly over the course of time. The Venus Star transits one sign for approximately 100 years, making it the longest transit of any of our planets. Pluto, for instance, can spend up to 30 years in a sign and the other planets spend considerably less time in a sign. This makes the effects of Venus Star’s transit through that sign quite profound when examining the timelines of history and culture.

Q: How so?

A: This was one of the most startling revelations I uncovered in researching the Venus Star. That history, art, culture, politics and style are all greatly informed by the presence of the Venus Star in any given time period. For instance, the five signs mentioned above are the signs of the current Venus Star transit (since the 1980s). But the baby-boomers have a different star energy. Their five signs consisted of:

Aries – Aquarius – Scorpio – Virgo – Cancer

Only two of those star signs are active now: Aries and Scorpio. Cancer’s star terminated in 1960 and four years later the Gemini Star was born. The 1960s was a profound time of changing tides and themes. Aquarius and Virgo phased out in the early 1980s and by the late 1980s were replaced by Capricorn and Leo. Both pairs are what are called life mates on the Venus Star, as they phase in together and phase out together. Aries and Scorpio are also life mates whose inception occurred in the 1920s and 1930s and their termination occurs in the 2020s-2030s. And again, in that time period, the 2020s and 2030s, we will give birth to two new Venus Star signs: Pisces and Libra, who are themselves, life mates.

Q: What else can you tell us about that time period?

A: If we can steer ourselves and our planet through the stormy, turbulent seas that we are now embarked upon, we can look forward to a time of renewed love and respect for each other and for our planet. The two signs that the Venus Star will be entering are Venus-related signs. Two of the signs that the Venus Star will be terminating are Mars-ruled signs. I believe this will have a profound impact on people’s attitudes, behavior, and actions.

Discovering the Star of Venus

One of the primary images of Venus that has been handed down to us through the ages from mythology is that she is the goddess embodying love, beauty, harmony and peace. Actually, she brings this to us through her lineage: the gods Harmonia and Eros were her offspring. But, is this a myth?

In fact, science shows us the myth is real, and in Venus Star Rising, Arielle Guttman weaves together the fabric of mythology (which includes astrology) with science (astronomy, geometry, mathematics) to produce the evidence that we have all come to know and honor about Venus: harmony, beauty, love and passion are all indeed her products. Arielle further concludes that if we are in sync with Venus, we too are subject to these same bountiful gifts. Further, we are able to attract those delightful and joyful energies to us, as well. In Arielle’s 35 years as an astrologer, she acknowledges that these are the things that most people are seeking in their lives.

5 Passes Of Venus

Venus Star Rising introduces a little-known fact about Venus, one which will intensify people’s hunger to know more about it. The secret is that Venus produces a beautiful, almost perfect, five-pointed star pattern in the heavens every eight years. When one star is complete, another one is formed, and another one. The artistry of Venus weaving her beautiful embroidery upon the celestial tapestry of our night sky is more than simply a lovely image to behold. This Star pattern actually affects you and everyone else in the world.


The publication of Venus Star Rising could not have occurred at a more appropriate time. Much has been made of – and there are dozens of books that have been published about – the end of the Mayan calendar, which dates to the Winter Solstice of 2012. Many if not all of these books relate the calendar date to the alignments of the planet Venus and her Star. But what no book as yet published has furnished, is how this Venus Star operates in our very own lives! The understanding of Venus through Venus Star Rising will explain much to audiences hungry for more information about why we should be observing and understanding the mysteries of Venus and why now is the most appropriate time to be doing just that.

Purchase Discovering the Star of Venus (the physical book)
Purchase The Venus Star Point (the ebook version)

Venus Star Rising reveals to us the power that Venus has in our lives, operating through her unique Star pattern. A close examination of the Venus Star reveals to you, the reader, the exact manner in which the beauty and power of the Venus Star comes into enhancing your own life. When accepted as your gift and set up as a framework for your life, the Venus Star could be summarized as the expression of the best of who we are and what we have to offer. Find out, through Venus Star Rising, what your Venus Star says about you, how you connect with others, and why this Star is an essential key to identifying and capitalizing on your greatest assets.

For the reader, the material contained in Venus Star Rising is like no other book you have read, in that you will learn how the Venus Star has been and always will be affecting your personal life—your desires, your motivations, your relationships, your ability to bring to your life what you are most desirous of achieving. The book does this by introducing an aspect of Venus that few people are familiar with. This is not the Venus of your chart that most people know about. This is not the sign you were “born under” (your Sun Sign). This book is about your Venus Star sign—a revolutionary approach to understanding your motivating life principle and how you can best access your greatest talent—one that if you are in alignment with, the people around you will not be able to get enough of. Astrology is most known for its “Sun Signs” and people are used to thinking of themselves as a particular sign. Venus Star Rising introduces to the reader a new sign to become familiar with, one that will identify one’s eros (passion) or motivating life principle. This position, together with the Sun sign, gives a person a whole new understanding of themselves, opening up a world of possibilities they have not yet considered.

How to find your Venus Star Point

Included in Venus Star Rising is a celebrity data base of 1,300 individuals and their Venus Star placements, so that the reader might identify their Venus Star twins, and people who assist them in their lives. Further, an analysis of 500 couples was undertaken to observe the way the Venus Star uniquely links people who are destined to be together.

There are five sections to Venus Star Rising.

Section I – Introduction to the Venus Star (astronomy, mythology, geometry, astrology and mechanics of the Star)

Section II – Getting to know your individual Star Sign and its characteristics – what it means in your life

Section III – Identifying your Venus Star partners and relationships – how other people’s star energies interweave with your own

Section IV – Creating a Venus environment

Section V — Celebrity Star lists, Venus Star dates, reading material and research possibilities

There are no other books of this nature at this time. While there are many astrology books that interpret the placement of Venus in one’s personal horoscope, there are none that deal with the Venus Star (a completely different point) and how our world is affected by it. A pioneering work of incredible research and findings, this is the first volume of its kind, but rest assured, it will not be the last! Once the Venus Star concept is discovered and understood by the public, they will be clamoring for more. Astrologers will love this book as it will add a new dimension to their interpretive art, adding useful information to the charts they are working with – a point of reference called The Venus Star Point – which they have never before used.  But this book’s value goes far beyond the world of professional astrologers. Anyone who has ever dabbled with astrology, personal enrichment, self-help, counseling, healing or consulted any type of book that deals with better understanding relationship dynamics will love this book. In fact, a companion program to the book that will be offered by Arielle is a Venus Star Certification Program open to astrologers, counselors, teachers, human resource directors, healers, therapists and the like who are involved in fields of personalized service to help individuals make the best possible choices for themselves based upon the principles contained in the Venus Star Rising book.

Once you have finished reading Venus Star Rising, you will conclude that it is a ground-breaking work and will want to know how each and every person in your life fits into your own Star pattern.

Venus Star Point is now a registered trademark with the U.S. Trademark & Patent Office. Anyone who wishes to use the term “Venus Star Point” in their consulting practice, in presentations or in written material may do so by using the (R) after the name Venus Star Point. The point is registered by Sophia Venus Productions LLC.

Praise for Venus Star Rising

“I’ve recommended your book to my advanced astrology class (earlier in the month) and will again tonight. I’m still in the early chapters, but it has quickly become one of the most important books I’ve read in this century. It’s excellent and very helpful.”

Christopher Largent, Astrologer, Author, Director 7th Ray Academy, Wilmington, Delaware

“Tell the Sun, Moon and ASC to move over and make room for a new member of the club — The Venus Star Point.”

Lynn Freeman, Astrology Student, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I hope to do a lecture, workshop stemming from the book, encouraging people to know where their points are and when they move. After researching my own points, they are all very significant in my life and people I’m connected to. The book encouraged me to do more study on it that’s for sure.”

Julija Simas, Astrologer, Director C*I*A Cosmic Intelligence Agency, Australia

“As a psychotherapist, counseling astrologer and teacher, I am always grateful when a new approach emerges that better helps me help my clients and students grapple with the perennial questions underlying our journey through life… The Venus Star offers the reader demystifying practical insights and approaches to some of the heart’s most essential urges and longings.”

Leslie Nathanson, M.A. LPCC, adjunct faculty at New Mexico Highlands University and Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

“With this book Arielle has given birth to something new and important in our understanding of how to harmonize with the core patterns of our lives. The Venus Star illuminates our potentials and our challenges in life. Her book is beautifully written and illustrated, making it easy to follow the unfolding logic of her thesis and the elegant insights she reveals.”

Steven McFadden, Astrologer/Author of Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, Call of the Land, Lincoln, Nebraska

“There is a lot more to Venus Star Rising than yourself. There’s a brief and fascinating study of Venus and its place and effect on history and nature. Plus, the book wraps up with a chapter called “Groupings of the Venus Star” and gets literally to the point. Venus has a lot to say about why The Rolling Stones are still together and the Beatles are not.”

Jeff Norris, Writer, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Review of Venus Star Rising by Lynn Freeman

I found “Venus Star Rising” by Arielle Guttman, to be a juicy multilayered treasure.  As a student of  Astrology who hasn’t mastered advanced technical skills, I was able  to understand the information that Arielle presented and, in fact, read the book from cover to cover.

Arielle thoroughly explained the  psychological qualities and variations of the Venus Star Points as  well as the differences between and the effects of the Venus Morning  Star and the Venus Evening Star.

I learned how Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui are linked to the flow dynamics of Venus Star relationships and I was fascinated by how the Venus Star Points illuminated the nooks and crannies of my relationships in new ways. I discovered  how, all along, the energy of my Venus Star Point was cosmically  balancing my chart in places that I thought were unbalanced. For  example, I never thought that I had any earth in my chart and my  Venus Star Point in Virgo, showed me that I do.

The connections between Sacred Geometry and the Venus Star that Arielle wrote about manifested in ways that I never imagined. I enjoyed using the Venus  Mantra and the Venus Song with the Venus Mudra which I found to be a  grounding and powerful meditation. I was intrigued by and would like  to learn more about the flow patterns of the Karmic Star and the  Creative Star relationships of the Venus Star. I have to say that I  was buoyed by the welcomed message of hope for the future that this book carries.

Lynn Freeman, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Excerpts from Mary Plumb’s review in the Oct/Nov 2011 Mountain Astrologer:

“There are two exceptional chapters of background material. “The Astronomy and Geometry of the Venus Star” is a detailed explanation of the five-pointed star pattern formed by Venus’s orbit in relationship to the Earth. Along with the author’s clear language, there are many illustrations that demonstrate the mechanics, the mathematics, and the beautiful symmetry of the Venus Star….”

“Part II, Working with the Venus Star Points, the main body of the book, moves into Guttman’s wonderful work on what the VSP means and how to use it. The author first offers a simple table for finding your own VSP. Then she discusses the VSP in a chapter for each of the twelve signs. She has drawn on nearly 1,500 celebrity birthdays and her own client and family horoscopes for research…”

“Part III, Relationships on the Venus Star, takes a fascinating leap into how the Venus Star impacts partnership dynamics. Essentially, everyone is born as part of a particular star pattern, since each “Venus Star has five points continually operating to produce one full star. Guttman’s research of 500 couples has resulted in many original insights and observations about how we connect to others who are part of our star pattern…”

“Explaining the exquisite geometry of Venus, Arielle Guttman tells of “a beautiful matrix in which to live life, surrounded by Venus’s loving embrace.” This remarkable book explores that matrix in a startlingly new way.”


A Comprehensive Professional
Certification & Training Program

Based on Venus Star Rising:

A New Cosmology for the 21st Century
By Arielle Guttman

Venus star point training course

This course, offered over a 5-day period in 2013, is now available via correspondence course. The course includes 10 hours of audio files accompanied by the power point slides.

This training is for astrologers and non-astrologers alike, professionals who wish to enhance their personal practices with a simple, yet elegant tool called The Venus Star Point ® that will help the people you help. Whether you are an astrologer, therapist, healer, human resources coach, parent, teacher, mentor or just interested in gaining new insights for yourself, you will benefit from the awareness that the Venus Star Point adds to your repertoire. If you are interested in the domain that Venus represents – such as love, beauty, harmony and peace – and learning how to better connect with others for relationship enhancement, you will gain valuable insights from this material. You will also gain a deep understanding and appreciation for the Venus Star as the celestial heartbeat of our solar system, connecting to the greater cycles of time and how that translates into particular occurrences in the world around us.

The tools introduced in this workshop will help people determine their personal gifts and talents and how to use them most effectively in the world. The Venus Star Point (VSP) will give you a deep understanding of how partnership choices are made and the results of those choices.

For more about the Venus Star and its influence, go to the website: There, you will find numerous articles and blogs demonstrating its usefulness and effectiveness in everyday life.

Arielle Guttman has authored five books in astrology over a 38-year career as an astrologer. She has always sought to make astrology accessible to people, both inside and outside of the astrological community, seeing it as an incredible tool for personal growth, awareness and understanding of the cycles of time that we traverse in our journey through life. For more about Arielle, go to:

People who complete the training will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. People who complete the optional certification exam will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion as well as a Certificate of Professional Competency and may apply for this certification up to six months following the seminar.

Sophia Venus Productions
PO Box 28425
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87592

Complete Course Audio & Visual Materials: $295

Proficiency Award Examination Fee: $295