June First Friday Venus – 2019-6

Is it June already???
If you’ve been watching Venus you have probably noticed that she is slowly beginning to catch up with the Sun. While she won’t make the exact “kiss” with the Sun until mid-August, she is now gaining speed and chasing Helios on his gleaming bright chariot. Helios’ chariot is on cruise control, set at nearly a fixed speed throughout the year, while Venus appears to stop completely, during her retrograde, and then accelerate rather quickly once she gets going again. And she’s going again! But this is the first month, since last fall, they have occupied the same sign – in this case it will be Gemini.

Venus began the month of June (the first week) still in Taurus, her home sign, where she delights us through the beauty of nature and brings out her spring/fall color selection of brilliance. She has also been spending time in Taurus dealing with the budget, securing her finances, perhaps reviewing her spending habits and patterns. On June 1st she had her monthly meeting with Luna, where both were feeling pretty good, being in a sign they love – where Luna is in exaltation and Venus is in domain.

Now, as we enter the second week of June Venus comes into Gemini, the sign of the Twins, a sign governed by Mercury, the wing-footed messenger god. This is where she becomes an important word-smith. She wants to open up and express herself, either in verbal form or written form and she has a lot to say! So let it out and if you’re on the listening end to someone who needs to let it out, try to realize this is the appropriate time for them to do so, even if it does seem like an endless river of words and you just wish they would stop.

Venus in Gemini likes to be multiply engaged—where variety is the spice of life. Whoever said that must have had Venus in Gemini. That doesn’t necessarily mean she cannot be faithful to one partner, but rather she loves to converse with and connect to many people even if she is humming the tune of monogamy and fidelity.

If your child has Venus in Gemini, they are possessed of a sharp and quick intellect and will move from one thing to the next even more rapidly than children often are prone to do. Reading and language, even multi-lingual skills are great, bankable assets to possess for a Venus in Gemini person. Venus brings in the artistry of this combo and the person can be quite gifted as an illustrator or writer, remembering that a picture is worth a thousand words, but knowing V in G, she will take the 1,000 words to express it!

In Gemini, Venus may want to take an air or road trip. Gemini loves road trips in order to take in all the sights along the way, stopping here, stopping there, doing this, doing that and gathering up as much data as possible. She’s in her “touring” mode here. That speaks more to a road trip or adventure to parts as yet unexplored. But while Venus is in Gemini, let’s not forget it’s an air sign so air travel might be preferred.

As noted above she and Helios spend some time together in Gemini, from the 8th to the 21st of June as she begins to gain ground on the Sun. What are her desires here and how will she best manifest them? Gemini is first and foremost, a sign that loves to collect information and knowledge. She may be scouting out summer reading, checking into some online courses, learning a new language, enrolling in a program that is mind-enriching and helps build a skill set for inclusion on her resume or for future opportunities that might open.

June is typically the month we honor graduates, fathers and celebrate the summer solstice. Venus’s heart is set on the next big adventure. Where’s she going or what is she planning to accomplish in a far-away destination?

The association to Gemini and flying cannot go unmentioned here. With Venus in Gemini these well-known aviators took to the skies:

Amelia Earhart, with Venus in Gemini was an early aviation pioneer who charted new milestones as the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Her plane disappeared over Howland Island in 1937 and her remains have not yet been found. She was hailed early on, not only as a woman who performed masterful feats, but was instrumental as a writer, advisor and role model to future female aviators.

John Glenn, another one of our Venus in Gemini individuals, doesn’t need much introduction or explanation. As a WWII fighter pilot, he received multiple awards for bravery and successful aeronautic missions. As part of the Mercury 7 program, he made history as one of the first American astronauts to chart new territory. He circumnavigated the Earth, and concluded a distinguished air career by entering politics.

Richard Branson, with Venus in Gemini, as one might suspect, is the founder of multiple enterprises, including Virgin Records and Virgin Air and more recently Virgin Galactic with a spaceport in the Mojave Desert.

Then there’s Harrison Ford, who most of us know as the pilot Han Solo from Star Wars. With his side-kick Chewbacca “Chewy” (Geminis usually have a side-kick) they saved the Rebel Alliance from the Evil Empire in some breath-taking aerial acrobatics.

Tom Hanks, another individual with Venus in Gemini, has received too many awards to count, for his portrayal of very diverse characters in numerous films. More recently he portrayed pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who safely landed his aircraft after both engines were disabled from a flock of flying geese. Miraculously, Sully brought the plane, its crew and all the passengers to safety on the Hudson River and became the next American “hero”.

Venus Williams is one of my favorite Venus in Gemini individuals, as she was born very close to the conjunction/cazimi of Venus and the Sun. This is called the triple-crown of Venus: the Sun, Venus and Venus Star Point, all very close together in the chart. In her case they are 2° apart from one another, at 22, 24 and 26 Gemini.  Her Gemini-like agility, flexibility and quick responses have helped make her one of the most legendary tennis players in the world, breaking multiple records and receiving numerous honors.

Other Venus in Gemini individuals include:

Bob Dylan – who, you could say, had a “way with words”

Cat Stevens – ditto

Julian Assange – another one who has a way with words – the consequences of which he is currently facing and are still to be determined

Rudolph Valentino – the heartthrob of the 1920s silent film scene. No talking necessary for him to communicate the magnetism and power of his thoughts to fainting women everywhere!

JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy – both had Venus in Gemini

Venus activity for June:

6/1—Moon conjunct Venus—the two grand ladies of the sky converge in an awesome display of loving and supportive energy.

6/1—Venus quincunx Jupiter—these planets can both be excessive, but with the quincunx from Taurus to Sagittarius there is a requirement to make adjustments in long-term planning and financial security. What changes occurred in our thinking at that moment? 

6/2—Venus trine Pluto—whatever changes occurred from yesterday’s aspects, probably resolved fairly well with a closing trine to Pluto as her last statement before she left the sign of Taurus. From her position in Taurus to Pluto’s in Capricorn, some long-term, sensible and practical economic decisions can be made.

 6/8—Venus enters Gemini—the sign of the Twins. She will be in this Mercury-ruled sign until July 3rd. This period favors, intellectual inquiry, open communication, travel, adventure and spontaneity in all matters of the heart.

6/12—Venus opposite Ceres—Gemini to Sagittarius where Venus may have many different options on her mind as to “what if” and “maybe” and “I don’t know”, but Ceres in Sagittarius might help direct her to the bulls-eye, to hitting the main target of her desire.

6/13—Venus sextile Chiron—this supportive energy can be used practically as a good time for healing the heart, or engaging in an activity that clears the blockages to the heart. A massage might be in order today.

6/15—Moon opposite Venus—Similar to 6/12—but for a briefer span of time (a few hours rather than a few days) the Gemini to Sagittarius aspect may help clarify all the choices available now. But the moodiness and temporary outburst of an aspect like this might leave some regret in its path because of ill-spoken words and angry reactions.

6/18—Venus trine Pallas—Here’s the goddess of wisdom (Pallas Athena) helping Venus negotiate a good strategy. They’re both occupying air signs now, Athena has just moved Direct and can engage in a good conversation that can lay down a sound plan for the future.

6/23—Venus opposite Jupiter—From Gemini to Sagittarius, re-visiting the aspects from both 6/12 and 6/15, there is, from Jupiter’s point of view, a more direct way to reach the goal than the way Venus has been going. Jupiter can help Venus bring in a higher-mind perspective to something she has just been seeing only fragments of. Trust the higher mind’s guidance now, even though it may seem counter to where things were heading.

6/23—Venus quincunx Saturn—From Saturn’s ruling domain of Capricorn, he instructs Venus to get a bit more organized and straight-forward about her intentions, even if Saturn can seem somewhat cold-hearted in its approach. Here is where sound guidance comes through, but Venus comes from the heart and helps Saturn understand the relational connection. And, if the two cannot meet eye-to-eye, then it must be recycled or left behind

6/24—Venus square Neptune—Romance is in the air, but what type of air is it? It could be sort of misty and unclear with Neptune in Pisces, raining down on airy Venus in Gemini. Venus and Neptune, in whatever aspect, always caution us to read the information more carefully. If it looks too good to be true, it just may well be!

6/27—Venus quincunx Pluto—the final aspect from Venus in Gemini is to Pluto in Capricorn. Can we leave this period feeling lighter because of the baggage we’ve just unloaded, or do we feel empty without what we once thought we had? Probably a little bit of both, but trust that Pluto only eliminates what is necessary in the evolutionary path and whatever needs to be left behind, will. And that’s why there’s digital memories.

Then, Venus leaves Gemini and on

7/3—Venus enters Cancer—the sign of home, family, food and get-togethers, just in time for the 4th of July weekend celebrations. But do remember that Venus in Cancer is over-flowing with feelings more abundantly than just even a day or two ago and that listening in a heart-felt way could be much more rewarding during this time.

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First Friday Venus Podcast – Episode 5

Listen to the June Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.

May First Friday Venus – 2019-5

For the month of May, we find our wandering Venus  dividing her time equally between Aries and Taurus. Rams and Bulls, then, will be delighted to receive a visit from Venus who very often bestows gifts of pleasure and joy. The first half of the month while she’s in Aries, we note her more warrior and fiery temperament. She’s in a hurry, no time, keep moving, all is good, but all is busy! Then by mid-month when she drops into Taurus, you could say she needs a day or two of chill before she picks up the pace again to take care of current pressing affairs.

VENUS IN ARIES—April 20-May 15

Wonder Woman: VSP in Aries
Gal Gadot: Venus in Aries

Aries, considered the first sign in the order of the zodiacal wheel, is a sign that initiates. In Aries, Venus would most likely initiate the first move, and act quickly at that. While this can lead to impulse buying or decision making, she nevertheless delights in jumping into the fire before she knows exactly what made her do it.

But take note. In Aries, don’t look for deep…look for engagement. With Libra as Aries polarity point, companionship and support is an important component to her. And, she needs to make sure that both parties are heading in the same direction.

In Mythic Astrology it is the goddess Athena who is the guardian spirit of Aries. For females with Sun or Venus in Aries, it is Athena who speaks and guides. Athena’s role as the strategic advisor to warriors serves her well. She knows instinctively how to maneuver through challenging and threatening situations by re-directing the energy or by shrewdly out-smarting her adversaries.

One reason Venus in Aries or Aries in general has the reputation of being so contentious could be the appearance of the newly discovered dwarf planet Eris. Eris, called by the ancients the goddess of “discord”, has been in Aries since 1925 and will continue to be there well into the 21st century. Therefore, all of us alive during this time who possess Aries planets (or Libra) have Eris to contend with—and she does shake the tree! Her position at present is 23 Aries, where she will remain for several more years. She is seen by many contemporary astrologers as a feminine warrior figure. And you could say, she is succeeding in that cause!

Venus in Aries can be the hero/heroine. I love the idea of Wonder Woman as Venus/Aries archetype, who reveals herself to be an alluring Amazonian goddess whose primary motivation in life is to kill the god of war. I’m reminded of Asaf Avidan’s line from “The Labyrinth Song” wherein he sings: “can it be that all us heroes have a path but not a plan?” It is not until WW meets the wounded pilot, that the path is formulated and the plan is set into motion. Forget for a moment that she has no clue as to how the world outside of her sacred and protected land operates. She has no idea of the dangers involved. The pilot wants to be her hero, tries to warn and protect her from jumping in too quickly, but she will not be stopped. She pushes through on sheer instinct and will. Together they triumph. Together, they are a formidable force. Consider this when you partner with a Venus or Venus Star Point in Aries—do not try to stop them. Either move aside and let them fly or lend your support to their cause.

Some sparky, snappy and magnetic Venus in Aries include: Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr., Mariah Carey, MC Hammer, Liza Minelli, Miles Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson and Marilyn Monroe.

VENUS IN TAURUS – May 15 to June 8

A Woman In Her Garden
By Richard Johnson

And now for something completely different!

You might feel a shift in your desires by mid-May when Venus moves into her home sign of Taurus. The painting above, depicts the image typically associated with Venus in Taurus – that she’s not only at home in her garden, but it can be the primary source of her fulfillment. This is due to the idea that Taurus is the earth sign and for most of us in the northern hemisphere, the beautiful palette of colors and scents fill the air during the Taurean month which is April 22 to May 20-21 this year.  Venus, currently trailing the Sun, arrives to the garden a bit later, but for about 5-6 days between May 15-20 we will feel the double embrace of the Sun and Venus shining their light onto the sign of sensual and earthly delights.

If Aries is the activist or warrior woman, going full force after the object of her desire, and needing to prove her worth to herself and to the world, Venus in Taurus takes a whole different stance. She demonstrates her skill by attracting what she wants, by standing still and occupying a place of power. She remains grounded and centered, exuding and fine-tuning the art of attraction. Some of the ways she achieves this is  through creating objects of beauty, in the world of fashion, beauty, the fine arts, music, sensuality and pleasure. She distils beauty from the earth, such as gemstones and jewels, essential oils and flower essences, herbal extractions, cultivating a fine garden of food, herbs or wine.

But what of the Taurean tendency towards stubbornness? This is something every Taurus has heard or said about oneself. Let’s just call it “Bull-headed”, to protect what is theirs. Think of Scarlett O’Hara as a true Taurean archetype, holding on to Tara, the sacred land, no matter what obstacles came her way.

Venus has always been the planet associated with Taurus and the connection needs no real explanation. In Mythic Astrology another association comes to mind – that is Gaia, or Earth, also needing no explanation. With both Venus and Gaia watching over Taurus, it can be twice-blessed.

In the yearly round of the zodiacal scheme, Taurus follows Aries and can bring us that beautiful garden that we worked so hard in Aries to plant. This is true of many of the signs—the yang sign Aries is initiatory and we envision or set into motion, while the yin sign of Taurus can deliver the goods or bring us closer to the fulfillment of that dream.

In the Venus in Taurus pantheon of people we find so many talented male artists and musicians, ones who produced classics that will resonate throughout time. To name a few, we have Richard Rogers, Burt Bacharach, Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, George Lucas, Prince, Salvadore Dali and the grand master, none other than the genius who painted the most celebrated woman in the artistic world—Mona Lisa, still reins some 500 years later: Leonardo da Vinci.

In the Aries/Taurus mix, two notable women come to mind. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is an Aries Sun with Venus in Taurus. Gal Gadot (the actress who portrays Wonder Woman) is a Taurus Sun with Venus in Aries! Here we can see the fine blending of Venus and Mars (yin/yang or anima/animus) integrated into one being where Venus and Athena come together to deliver strength and wisdom from the heart.

Venus in May:

Venus in Aries until May 15th
May 1—Venus conjunct Vesta—13 Aries
May 1—Venus opposite Pallas—14 Aries/Libra
May 2—Venus parallel Chiron
May 4—New Moon at 14 Taurus
May 5—Venus contra-parallel Neptune
May 6—Venus square Nodes—20 Aries/Cancer/Capricorn
May 7—Venus square Saturn—21 Aries/Capricorn
May 9—Venus trine Jupiter—24 Aries/Sagittarius
May 14—Venus sextile Mars—29 Aries/Gemini
May 15—Venus enters Taurus
May 17—Venus in Taurus opposite Venus Star Point in Scorpio
May 18—Venus conjunct Uranus—4 Taurus
May 18—Full Moon in Scorpio—Sun at 27 Taurus, Moon at 27 Scorpio
May 20—Venus parallel Uranus
May 27—Venus parallel Juno
May 30—Venus sextile NNode—19 Taurus/Cancer
May 30—Venus sextile Neptune—19 Taurus/Pisces
May 31—Venus trine Saturn—20 Taurus/Capricorn
May 31—Venus sextile Juno—21 Taurus/Cancer

The entire month repeats themes of Taurus and Scorpio—the acquisition and attainment of personal resources and the letting go or disbursement of same. This involves people as well. Not that we “acquire” them, but we do form important relations with them. Examining our hold and expectations from others is something for us to consider this month. It’s as if the Venusian force wants to be possessed, but also knows it needs to loosen the reins.

During the first week of May Venus contacts asteroids Vesta & Pallas, along with the Nodes.  New projects involving personal securities, possessions and resources are being closely examined as the New Moon in Taurus on the 4th gives new impetus to sorting out old matters. Some organizing, serious spring cleaning around the home, garden, office, and even family may take up the majority of our time. Time spent allowing the forces in life that push us to let go, grieve, heal and re-group are also apparent, with the parallels to Chiron and Neptune.

From the 7th to the 14th, Venus contacts Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars—all the big guns—forcing her to deal with serious business involving long-term planning and goals. This is Venus’ last week in Aries until spring 2020, so she’s acting on her impulses quickly and with strong intention. On the 7th when Venus squares Saturn, we realize we have to make some major cuts to get there, like a serious clean-up and reorganization before we can take steps forward. . But by the 9th, we’ve turned a critical corner (at least in our minds) when Venus simultaneously connects with Pluto, who brings endings and Jupiter, who points the way over the rainbow to new beginnings. We might be contemplating pending graduations and be very oriented towards our next important steps on the journey.

From the 18th on, Venus connects with outer planets Uranus and Neptune, creating a field of possibilities and the exploration of new areas, both earthly and out-of-bounds unearthly, veering into outer dimensions. Big surprises are in store. Suddenly something comes into our field of vision that we couldn’t have possibly imagined before. But now we see all the signs were there as it comes into focus.

Taurus works for life-long security and often thinks it’s achieved it. But universal law tells us everything changes and in fact is in a constant state of change. This is especially true now with Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years. The old rules no longer apply. Find new ways to relate, to partner, to connect and to accept the ever-changing reality in life’s drama. From that awareness comes the satisfaction in embracing the enormous power of the present, as if nothing else really matters. When there are no expectations, there is peace and freedom. Trust the cosmos to know what it’s doing.

First Friday Venus Podcast – Episode 4

Listen to the May Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.

April First Friday Venus – 2019-4

Put on your dancing shoes—Venus is in Pisces from March 26 until April 20! Or if you prefer, your running shoes, your boots, your crocs, your flip-flops or your house slippers! The accent is on shoes, the feet and what you do with them this month. Yes, how we move about in our everyday life is a good thing to concentrate on with such a strong array of planets in Piscean energy this month as Venus joins her friends Mercury and Neptune in the sign of water.

Are we flowing through life or are we marching through life?

Do we feel like we’re climbing up a hill or swimming upstream? Let yourself tune into the movement of Venus in Pisces and learn to move like a mermaid or a graceful and elegant ballerina. Walk softly on your path and take in the scents and blooms as Spring in the northern hemisphere graces us with her beauty. Meditate by a waterfall created from the massive downpours we’ve experienced this past winter. Take a moment to feel yourself surrounded by the love of the Universe and breathe it in.

Pisces is the sign of Venus’ exaltation. What does that mean? It means that the sign of compassion and universal feeling (Pisces) is hosting the planet/goddess of love. Together they make sweet harmonies, which brings us to another Pisces theme. Music, harmony, singing, chanting, and whether you’re pounding on the drum or humming along to your favorite Deva Premal mantra or belting out a Barbra Streisand show-stopping tune, the cosmos hears you and accepts the vibration of what you are sending out, reflecting it directly back at you.

Yet sometimes Venus in Pisces can feel like she’s drowning in a sea of tears or confusion – or just too many decisions to make. With an array of planets spelling M-U-T-A-B-L-E like a bowl of alphabet soup tumbling out in front of us, which direction is correct? Mars in Gemini gives us so many choices, Jupiter in Sagittarius says focus on the goal and Venus/Mercury in Pisces says there are too many roads to travel and they contain directional changes along the way! Asking for a commitment to a fixed plan might be tricky. Right now she can’t see her way out of the fog and needs help.

All through the month, Venus in Pisces either reaches a hand out to others who are in pain — or is able to receive what others offer to us. If someone is offering us a hand, it would please Venus greatly to thank them and accept. And even after she enters Aries on the 20th, she connects for a time with Chiron, offering an opportunity to heal the heart in a big way.

Some of our Venus in Pisces icons include:

Queen Elizabeth, Shirley MacLaine, Quincy Jones, Lin-Manuel Miranda, John Travolta, Fred (Mr.) Rogers, George Harrison, Hugh Hefner, Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross and Charlotte Church.

What is our Goddess Venus doing this month with her planetary play-mates?

March 26 – April 20 – Venus in Pisces

Apr 1 – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces/Pisces)
Apr 7 – Venus square Ceres (Pisces to Sagittarius)
Apr 9 – Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces/Pisces)
Apr 10 – Venus pll Neptune
Apr 11 – Venus quincunx Pallas (Pisces to Libra)
Apr 12 – Venus sextile Saturn (Pisces to Capricorn)
Apr 13 – Venus trine North Node (Pisces to Cancer)
Apr 14 – Venus cpll Chiron
Apr 14 – Venus sextile Pluto (Pisces to Capricorn)
Apr 15 – Venus square Jupiter (Pisces to Sagittarius)
Apr 20 – Venus pll Vesta
Apr 20 – Venus square Juno (Pisces to Gemini)

Apr 20 – Venus —> Aries

Apr 22 – Venus cpll Mercury
Apr 23 – Venus conjunct Chiron (Aries/Aries)
Apr 24 – Venus cpll Vesta
Apr 30 – Venus trine Ceres (Aries to Sagittarius)

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First Friday Venus Podcast – Episode 3

Listen to the April Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.