ISAR 2016

This will be a unique symposium on Forecasting, led by many of the world’s leading astrologers. Five tracks, including: Forecasting via Major transits, Progressions, Directions to the Natal chart and use of Solar returns Forecasting Relationships Forecasting Spiritual/Karmic Phases in Life Forecasting Psychological Shifts and Crisis in Life Forecasting Financial Markets There will also be a special track on little known [...]

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Career Counseling and Life Coaching

We think of Venus, the planet that represents the heart and the sacred feminine, as a planet that brings us love, relationship and beauty. Most of us are familiar with the position of natal Venus in our charts and what it says about these themes – yet there is a greater Venus, one that represents heart and soul united within [...]

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World Events with the Venus Star Point

This class will discuss the trends of the past, present and future indicators under the current position of the transiting Venus Star Point. The new VSP occurs on 10-25-14 in Scorpio as a ES. Find out what that means to you personally and also for the world.

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Identifying Career & Life Path through Venus – Santa Fe, NM

How do we make the principles and attributes of Venus come alive in our lives? One way is by being in tune with her eternally beautiful and harmonious orbital periods. During the different phases and cycles of Venus, certain things are possible. Also, cultivating certain relationships during these times is also fruitful. This next class (4 of 5) on October 18th will [...]

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A Weekend with Venus and the Gang – Sag Harbor, NY

GETTING STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF YOUR LIFE presented by Venus and the Gang. Join four Venus Star practitioners in a weekend of casual learning, with a blend of both lecture-style and experiential, personal, you-centered material that will enrich your life. Learn how to be in rhythm and flow with the energies given to you by your Venus Star and [...]

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