October First Friday Venus – 2019-9

Venus moves through Scorpio

First Friday Venus — October 2019 edition

Our lovely goddess’ movement through the month is:

Venus begins at 20 Libra
Venus ends the month at 29 Scorpio
Venus enters Scorpio 10/8

Venus crosses her Star Point 10/11– A double Venus day!

She whips thru the entire sign of Scorpio this month, meeting with outer planets along the way. The first half of the month she’s engaging with Pluto AND entering Pluto’s sign. Watch for hidden things to surface. Venus in Scorpio is good at ferreting out the truth of a situation. Let her do her magic in Scorpio, with her investigative research capabilities. Trouble is, once she gets the truth, she may not be happy about it!

The first few degrees of Scorpio (and Taurus) contain an energy that exposes secret affairs. It can also deal with exposing mismanagement of resources as well, but more often than not, a story breaks about someone in a position of power who has misused that power and taken advantage of others sexually. We are reminded that early October is the 2-year anniversary of the Harvey Weinstein fiasco (Jupiter was in early Scorpio then). In the wake of that, a number of celebrities and people of power were facing the media in shameful and humiliating ways because of their actions. We can only imagine what will surface next.

Oct 1—Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn

Oct 2-3 Pluto is Direct – so that aspect might be felt more intensely

Oct 8 – Venus enters Scorpio (more Plutonian energy)

October 10 – Venus in Scorpio quincunx to Chiron in Aries

October 11 & 12 – Venus crosses her own Star Point—we are reminded of events and activities from late October 2018/early November when the Venus Star Point in early Scorpio made an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Moving forward on the agenda set forth at that time.

October 20 – Venus in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn—helpful to get clarity about the facts and taking care of important business

October 21 – Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces—keep the dream alive, it is being aided by the Capricorn planets on the 20th and 25th

October 25 – Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn—powerful connections take place, be open, but cautious—get all the facts

The feature celebrities with Venus in Scorpio are people who have dared to open the door to the basement and sometimes get trapped in the underground.

Persephone and Inanna are 2 goddess stories that come to mind.
The # of celebs who have experiences with this phenomenon are many. Many VSP’s in Scorpio have battled with addiction, depression and suicidal tendencies. Some of them crossed over. Others made It back from the NDE experience.

But let’s look at our celebrity of the month with Venus in Scorpio (as well as the VSP in Scorpio) and we will see another side of it.

I don’t want to talk about anyone else but this powerful, dynamic young woman with Venus in Scorpio—she is shaking the world tree right now.

Greta Thunberg Chart

Chart from Astro Gold for iPad v 6.1.3

Born 1-3-2003 (by the way, each individual digit is a Fibonacci #). This chart is set for noon on the day she was born, as we have no recorded time. How much can we tell from a chart without a time of birth? Let’s see.

The question I hope all of us are asking is: will she succeed in her efforts? It’s not that just our lives depend upon it. Our planet depends upon it.

— This is What the Manager & CEO of Mother Earth (Capricorn) looks like. Not one, but 4 planets including Sun and Moon, in that sign. Depending upon the time of day she was born, she’s either a Balsamic Moon or a New Moon child. Either way, the strongest implication for both of them, especially Balsamic, is the overall need to let go of past habits and patterns that don’t fit the current evolutionary needs of the time and just STOP or QUIT or LEAVE BEHIND that which was. Take the memory with you, but realize the significance of that period was to provide certain experiences both fulfilling and challenging, but is solely residing in the past, not the future.

Balsamic Moon children are always anticipating the future. Young Greta, at 15 years age, summoned an image of her grandchildren, and of herself at 75 years of age (if she gets there). That’s the promise of the New Moon, about to come. Regardless of whether she is Balsamic or New, some of the attributes are the same. All the New Moon child has to hold on to, is the recent memory of the past, as it navigates forward to blossom anew. All the Balsamic Moon child has to cling to on the dying vine, is the promise of rebirth that lies ahead in the future — whether you are a plant who will come back to life in the spring or a Buddhist whose soul will reincarnate into a new skin.

But since we don’t know which Moon phase she’s in, let’s look at the actual New Moon of her birth. It is: 12°01’ Capricorn.

The 12th degree of Capricorn is: An Illustrated Lecture On Natural Science Reveals Little-Known Aspects Of Life

The 13th degree of Capricorn has this Sabian Symbol: “A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence”

14th degree is: “An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture”

That’s pretty tall stuff for one person. Yet, she’s doing it!!!

Other glowing aspects of her chart include Uranus in tight conjunction with Pallas Athena in Aquarius — this is what genius, precociousness, visionary thinking and activism, on behalf of a global family, looks like. It’s in a natal square with Venus in Scorpio. She’s not popular in every circle, in fact she has some fierce critics. With Venus conjunct Mars, she forges ahead anyway to uncover the murkiness of this topic, forcing people to look at the ugly reality of it and expose it to the masses. With Pallas and Uranus feeding this Scorpio pair, the science is there as well. She presents the scientific facts and then tells the audience this:

“The one thing we need more than hope is action. Then hope is everywhere. So instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then and only then, hope will come.” Words of Greta Thunberg — TedX Talk – 2018

The fact that her natal VSP is also in Scorpio, adding passion, purpose, intensity and fuel to her life’s mission — she is demonstrating what the Scorpio VSP time period was all about.

She’s born at the final third of the Scorpio Star. In the beginning years of Scorpio VSP (1920s & 1930s) the fossil fuel industry was just getting under way, with petroleum being the coveted commodity for a century. We are now nearing the end of the 100-year Scorpio VSP (2020s & 2030s). I foresee this is a time when we will be engaged in the re-conversion of clean air commodities, giving would-be entrepreneurs a claim in the rush for the new gold (crypto or cyber currency?) market. It is by investing in machinery, and technology of low consumption products that have a completely neutral effect on the air. Or, maybe an enhanced effect on the air. Either way, they win, the people win, the planet wins and we all write “how-to” manuals for future generations.

Her 5 VSPs are highly engaged with her natal planets. They are:
Left FOOT — 9 Aries MS, conjunct Ceres
Left HAND — 24 Capricorn ES, conjunct Moon and Mercury
HEAD — 8 Scorpio MS, conjunct Juno, square Neptune
Right HAND — 25 Leo ES, sextile Saturn
Right FOOT — 18 Gemini MS, sextile Jupiter

Her head is Scorpio MS – she’s a passionate, warrior goddess, activist with a mission, unafraid to look at the darker side of the climate crisis.

Right hand: She’s feeding the hand of Leo — nothing, if not dramatic, using social media and her ability to express herself in a theatrical way, as if we were watching a Greek tragedy unfold.

Right foot: She’s karmically bound to feed the Star of Venus through Gemini — her speeches, her use of words, her delivery style, her message — yes it’s the message in Gemini, not the messenger.

Left hand: Capricorn, where she has all her planets feeding her passion and purpose through the wisdom of Mother Earth, a mature soul who thinks in terms of the needs of the many rather than the needs of the one.

Left foot: Aries MS, with her conjunction to Ceres she’s committed to the grieving mother who has lost (or will lose) her daughter. She is speaking for the loss incurred by the children of the future if we, their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, don’t do something to act on their behalf.


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A tour of the healing sanctuaries of Greece

September First Friday Venus – 2019-8

Buddha in garden - Venus First Friday

Virgo and Libra play a starring role in this month’s planet line-up. We begin the month with Sun in Virgo, Moon in Libra. There’s a party going on, hosted by Virgo now, as the month of September begins with Venus in Virgo joined by Mars, Mercury, Sun and Juno! Midway into the month on the 14th, she crosses the equator on the vernal equinox and enters into Libra. Thus she will be thinking of and preparing for seasonal changes.

Virgo is traditionally thought of as Mercury’s domain and this can be fully understood by the sharp, analytical processes Virgo is capable of. But there’s another ruler (guardian) of Virgo and that is the asteroid Ceres (Demeter) who, like the icon of the goddess holding harvested wheat which has depicted Virgo for so long, it is the very goddess herself, Ceres, from whom this image is derived. Therefore, it is fitting and natural that this Olympian goddess belongs to Virgo.

Keeping books, records, accounts and expenses are no stranger to Virgo’s domain. The goddess in charge not only grew the grains, she also sold them. Venus in Virgo can bring wealth to the farming/harvest part of the operation at hand. Venus in Virgo has a sixth sense when it comes to keeping track of the books. For this reason she may come off to others as a tight-wad or even a constant worrier about financial matters, whether or not it is an issue.

Yet there is another side to this. Venus in Virgo is also someone who can become fabulously wealthy. First, she is smart and learns how to problem solve or figure things out very early in life. Next, she possesses many skills, is quite employable and more often than not, can oversee her own enterprise. Think of these Venus in Virgo CEOs: Henry Ford, John Jacob Astor, George Westinghouse, Barron Hilton, Lee Iacocca, Louis Vuitton, Lucille Ball—all of whom headed businesses that became magnificent enterprises, worth millions. Venus in Virgo is our working guy or gal, and most often, she loves her job.

On the day she opposes Neptune in Pisces (the 4th), she will be tempted to invest in something big, an idea she may have been dreaming of for awhile. This is not to say the projection will not meet reality, but she needs to know about this aspect, as there is a fair chance she will be seduced or enchanted enough to buy the lot before realizing what she has done. In this case a good investment might be to sharpen her already sharp toolbox of equipment, skills or knowledge. Venus in Virgo often has a mile-long resume of experience and know-how and she values that greatly. This can be the time she gets the job she’s always dreamed of.

My take on the polarity between Virgo and Pisces (and also Aries and Libra) is that these signs demonstrate a stronger reaction to one another than the other signs of the zodiac, because they sit on the spring/autumn equinox, equal/day-equal/night axis of the wheel. The antidote to the excess of one is the blending in of the other. Not always an easy assignment but necessary nevertheless. Virgo attracts Pisces, Pisces attracts Virgo, for their own fine tuning. One of the ways Virgo calms down her busy mind and nervous system is through a deep and steady meditation practice. The above illustration depicts the perfect resting spot for Venus in Virgo, in a serene forest or woods, surrounded by plants, hearing only the sound of the birds and the rustling of the branches swaying gently to the breeze.

The 14th brings some exciting, unexpected and table-turning news with four planetary oppositions from the Full Moon, along with Venus and Mercury both entering Libra and Mars opposite Neptune that day. The call to action for a worthy cause or the letting go of a project that didn’t quite live up to its expectations can show up. It’s as if the players in the planetary sphere are lining up in formation to begin something important and enlighten us with information we previously did not have.

The last half of September is the time that Venus transits 2/3 of the way through Libra. The equinox is upon us, and Venus delights us in her own sign. She reminds us of our inter-connectedness and how valuable our close relationships are. She may also remind us that a little separation in our closeness can be a good thing.

The influence of the current Leo Star Point lasts until May/June 2020 when Venus enters Gemini, begins her 40+ day retrograde period and become the Gemini Star Point. But until then both the Leo and Virgo Star Point individuals are in their “moment” now. Leo is the same star point as Virgo, a continuation. That shift occurred in 1987.

Think of these next several months, no matter where Venus or the other planets are, of the Leo Star Point influence operating behind the scenes. Since mid August, Venus has been hiding behind the Sun, invisible to our naked eye. But by late September she will grace us with her evening appearance and start dazzling as bright as can be in the western sky, just after sunset. In this position the ancients named her Aphrodite Urania, or the Celestial Venus. Here, she challenges the worker-bee to soften up and get cozy, gaze at the stars and remember the infinite cosmos is one with us.

buddha meditating


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September First Friday Podcast – Episode 8

Listen to the September Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.

August First Friday Venus – 2019-7

Sun/Venus/Venus Star Point In LEO

(If you prefer listening to this as a podcast, where Catherine Boyer interviews Arielle on the whereabouts of Venus each month, click here)

August is an exciting month for Venus as she smooches the Sun mid-month and a week later she’s frolicking with Mars! In between, she dances with Juno on the last degrees of Leo. That’s three giant celestial kisses for Venus in August, although they might come off more as stellar smacks.

Since June, when she was in Gemini, Venus has been quickening her pace, catching up to the Sun. Now they are both in Leo, and between August 13-14, Venus makes her cazimi (kiss), or as we Venus lovers know, her next Star Point in Leo. Then, a week later, after she enters Virgo, she will rendezvous with one of her favorites—Mars—who also recently entered Virgo.

So what can we expect from loving Venus in bold and dramatic Leo?

If observing those in the entertainment field, we won’t exactly find wall flower types with Venus in Leo. Whether or not they are self-aware, they appear to the world as attention-grabbers. We feel compelled to watch them as these mighty Leos express a confident style and pizzazz. And, they’re nothing if not bold and dramatic in the personality department.

Many of our Venus in Leo personalities have expressed theatrical, attention-grabbing statements in art, design, literature and music.

Among them are Andy Warhol, Antoni Gaudi, Truman Capote, George Bernard Shaw, Percy Bysshe Shelly, George Sand and Leonard Bernstein. Gaudi, a Cancer Sun, created a monumental and unforgettable cathedral called “Sagrada Familia” (Sacred Family). Shaw and Bernstein were Leo Suns which influenced their Venus in Leos to be even more dramatically stated. When you think of waving your baton and conducting your own orchestra, who comes to mind? For me it’s always been Bernstein. And to quote Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”—good Leo philosophy. On the pop scene, we notice powerhouse vocal chords and entertainment pizazz as Venus in Leo manifests in the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston, Van Morrison and Bill Haley. Madonna and Houston are both also Leo Sun signs which provide them a combined energy of bona-fide Star Power.

So what gives Venus in Leo that head-turning style, charisma and non-stop attention-getting persona? Well, it’s the Lion, after all. In fact, Helen Reddy’s lyrics “I am woman, hear me roar” come to mind – as well as the discovery of courage one never thought they had. The cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz was searching for courage and by taking a risk and joining young Dorothy & her friends on an unknown path and ultimately discovered the bravery he was seeking was something he’d always had within yet just didn’t know how to access. Venus in Leo has the courage to adventure down that very legendary Yellow Brick Road.

Additionally with Leo energy comes a sense of pride as displayed by those lions who don’t have to go searching for their courage. And therein is the fine line … too much of this cat-fire, coupled with this strong will, might make them feel superhuman and afar and above from the rest of the crowd.  Hence the independent Lioness?

Venus remains in Leo until the 21st of August when she enters Virgo. Mars enters that sign just a few days prior on the 18th. One might feel the seasonal shift then, a feeling that summer is over and it’s time to get back to work, school, and more serious concerns. And on the 24th Venus and Mars have their special rendezvous, bringing a caravan of passion, light and excitement to the Virgo house in your chart. It’s also a time to get organized in the more practical concerns.

Reflect back on October 2017, when Venus and Mars last met (also in Virgo) through late 2017 and into 2018. How did it affect the house that Virgo occupies for you? You may see this illumination once again as both Leo and Virgo are lit up now as the Star Point transitions to Leo.


Now that we’ve examined the transiting of planet Venus in Leo, let’s take a closer look at the Venus Star in Leo. What can we expect and how may we express the bold, creative, star-power energy that this Star Point has to offer? Be sure to remain mindful of the shadow side of Leo during this period as too much fire— expressed destructively rather than creatively – can be damaging.

Now, first things first…

The Venus Star Point has been in Scorpio since October 2018 and for the last 9 months, she has been activating a water sign, a yin and receptive sign that values privacy, intimacy (and some moodiness). For the next 9 months, from August 2019 to June 2020 she will be expressing herself through Leo. Leo is symbolized by the Lion. There is a palpable difference between the inner-focused Scorpio ruled by Pluto and the outer focused Leo, ruled by the Sun. Think of coming out of the dark underground places and emerging into the light above with this shift in Star Point.

This year’s re-release of The Lion King  brings us back to the time when it was originally released, in 1994, early on in the Leo VSP timeline. Additionally, you may recall there have been a succession of powerful U.S. leaders who display a strong dose of Leo through their personal charts – energetically reflecting the inception of the Leo Star Point.

First we had Bill Clinton, whose late degree Leo Sun was synchronized with the Leo VSP for the entire 8 years of his presidency. Next came George W. Bush, who had a much earlier degree of Leo Rising and held the office for the next 8 years and was subsequently trailed by Barack Obama, another Leo Sun, who presided for an additional 8 year run. Presently, we have Donald Trump with Leo Rising and natal Mars close by. That configuration suggests a military leader or general in battle—one who fights and wins, often through sheer intimidation. This is not to say Trump will lead for the full 8 years—but rather to comment on the present transit of the Venus Star through Leo and how it keeps presenting leaders who have a strong dose of that sign!

The VSP in Leo is urging us to express our creativity in ways that may not be entirely familiar to us. Experimental, self-expressive forays into the side of ourselves that we have either outgrown or never known before can be the right formula for success. If you don’t know where to begin, spend some time with a child you are close to. Observe their manner, demeanor and expression. What are they curious and passionate about? To to see life through the eyes of a child awakens the heart and inspires creativity.

The VSP returns to Leo every 4 years, alternating between Morning Star and Evening Star. This one is an Evening Star and though the Kiss of Venus & Sun occurs in mid-August, we probably won’t get a glimpse of her in the night sky until late September, maybe even early October. By then it will be hard to miss her gleaming presence in the night sky, about 1-2 hours after sunset, all around the world, continuing well into 2020.

Leo expresses itself through a yang sign (fixed fire) while the Evening Star acts in a more yin way. Evening Star Venus is often more concerned with partnership than acting alone. Her desire is to come blazing forth in a heart-centered way, and so however that may show up for you, it’s probably best not to turn your back on it!

The partnerships during this VSP in Leo at 21 degrees, involve a quincunx from Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces! That could feel monumental, overwhelming, filled with questions and some degree of uncertainty—nevertheless strong determination that there is a mission to be accomplished. Stay tuned to the what and why — just know that the feelings aroused inside of you to say “yes” to this is as mysterious and compelling as it can be. During the last 2-3 months of this phase as Venus ends her Leo Evening Star period and prepares to go retrograde, the fruit of this cycle can be harvested. After that she will renew herself by disappearing behind the sun once again and emerging anew in Gemini (April-May-June 2020).

There is a bit of strong determination and even letting go while rebuilding something new as indicated in this new cycle of the VSP. The Sabian Symbol for the Leo cazimi is “A Carrier Pigeon” so perhaps you feel driven to fulfill a mission at this time. The carrier pigeon is actively moving toward a goal to deliver an important message. The pigeon is not aware of what is contained in the message it is carrying – it just knows it has to complete the mission and reach its destination. With aforementioned planet Neptune, hovering between 18-21 Pisces, thrown into the mix, you might set your sails or GPS toward a special destination and trust the pigeon to deliver the message and trust yourself to be able to hear or see it when it arrives.

There is much more to discover about Venus and her Star Points. If you’re hungry for more about this coming VSP Leo Evening Star phase, please join me, along with three other Venus astrologers — Adam Gainsburg, Gemini Brett Joseph and Julija Simas, as we riff on this new Venus phase and take a closer look at her mystery and magic. Below is the link to the webinar which takes place on August 8th: cosmicintelligenceagency.com


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August First Friday Podcast – Episode 7

Listen to the August Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.

First Friday Venus Podcast – Episode 6

Listen to the July Episode of First Friday Venus

Tune into us the first Friday of each month for an up close and personal look at our favorite planet to love — Venus, the one who is associated with love. Arielle Guttman, the author of Venus Star Rising (print) and The Venus Star Point (ebook) is interviewed by Catherine Boyer, for this timely discussion each month about the whereabouts of Venus.