First Friday Venus – Blog 2019-1

Since September 9th, Venus has been in Scorpio, minus 4 weeks in November when she backed into Libra for a bit. Scorpio is a Martian based energy with strong overtones of Pluto, quite different from the gentle Venus we are typically familiar with. Venus has been in Scorpio’s boot camp training these past months, toughening up and preparing to face a challenging world. While she’s strong in Scorpio, stronger than usual, it’s the depth of emotion she can go to while she’s here that really resonates. Scorpio is a sign which can be hidden or kept secret, purposefully. Venus in Scorpio, whether by intention or accident, has stumbled across some hidden information during this sojourn and some of it comes right out of a land far away and a time long ago. Think back to the Supreme Court hearings of early October, when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was giving a gut-wrenching, heart-felt testimony of the pain she’s carried all these years — and the courage she manifested to spill it out to the world. Likewise, Venus in Scorpio brings depth of feeling, courage in the face of fire and the strength to survive life’s sharp and painful edges.  Yet again, it’s not where Venus is at her Venusian best; here she dresses and acts like Mars or maybe Pluto to engage equally on the playing field with her adversaries.

As the new year of 2019 begins, Venus is at 24 degrees of tropical Scorpio and journeying through her final days of this sign.  She has just passed over Ceres and the Moon will soon conjoin her. Venus, Moon, Ceres — this triple goddess configuration in Scorpio has something very important to say about the nature of 2019. Something lost and something gained. A realization that it’s time to move on and occupy new ground, but certainly a time to be very respectful to the deep inner spaces of feelings that occur to and with those closest to us in our lives. We say goodbye to some while we welcome new ones being born. Venus starts the year out with the tying up of the last 4 months and ready to move forward.

Then, there’s the Venus Star Point – a unique feature of the orbit of planet Venus. The Venus Star Point begins 2019 in Scorpio where she stays until mid-August so there’s definitely still an underlying Scorpionic feeling to the nature of things as we progress through 2019. Be mindful and trust the good intuition Scorpio is known to bestow. If you are feeling something is amiss, you’re probably right ~ even if your mind tells you not to be concerned. Similarly, if you’re feeling good about something yet edgy and a bit anxious about what it might bring, trust that the good feeling. Pay closer attention to the instincts, the gut reaction… what is it telling you? Act on that.

Venus’ final planetary aspect in Scorpio involves her trine to Chiron in late Pisces on the 5th of January. This can be quite an unexpected moment of truth-telling, even an insightful and meaningful dialogue with someone. It might happen quite by accident. You could become involved in a deep conversation with a stranger, and what is revealed and expressed in that moment brings great awareness and healing to both of you. Alternatively, you might revisit a situation from the past, perhaps a wound you’ve been nursing for a very long time, and see it in a new light. The bandages can come off now. There is no more need for personal suffering on this matter as you become aware of how to administer self-care and healing. There is also an awareness that all beings are dealing with their own brand of personal suffering. You can relate, you understand, you feel and you are somehow made whole again from that realization.

There is an old adage “it is better to have loved and lost than not to have been loved at all” and it’s like this with the Venus/Chiron interaction yet truly much deeper. What we felt we’d previously lost can now be seen as a gain in experience and wisdom.

As Venus transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius, it is a good idea to look at where she’s been and where she’s heading. What can we anticipate moving forward? The first big aspect she makes in the new year while in the final degrees of Scorpio is a trine to the North Node in Cancer. Two feminine energies in two feminine signs, occurring on the 3rd, helping us to take the reins of progress. On this day Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, welcomed new freshmen and freshwomen to congress, noting that Congress now has more women than ever in its history. Reflecting on this occasion, she reminded us that we are marking the 100-year anniversary of woman’s right to vote. Kind of reminds us of that old commercial: “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

The 5th of January is loaded, astrologically. In addition to the triple encounter between Venus, Uranus and Chiron, it is the day of a partial solar eclipse, the first eclipse of 2019. With eclipses we always know there is a shadow cast and wonder what delights or frights it will reveal. Then, on the 7th, Venus will finally exit from Scorpio and cross the border into fiery Sagittarius where she will eventually cuddle up close to Jupiter on the 22nd.

Her emergence from the water to fire will feel like we feel when we’ve been bathing too long. Venus was said to have been born of the water, from the ocean she came floating to the shore. So, at first, the immersion into a hot tub feels great — it melts away our stiffness and our worries, allowing us to let go deeply and fully. But you know what it’s like when we’ve stayed in the tub far too long. The water has become cold, our skin becomes shriveled, prune-like. We have absorbed too much liquid. Making our way toward the fire will feel good. Sagittarius fire is not solar fire – although in the Southern Hemisphere it probably feels that way about now. However, up in the North, Sagittarius fire signifies lighting a wood-burning stove or fire pit and gathering together to tell some tall tales and spread some cheer. This spirit of a Sagittarian Venus will also inspire you to get off the couch, get outside, hike a new trail or set your sights on scouring the internet for cheap tickets to distant far-off lands.

The period of the 18th through the 20th involves Venus with Mars (a yes!) and then with Neptune (I really don’t know how to say no to this!). What we don’t see is the trap it might be setting for us or how what we thought was a giant secret is now public knowledge and everyone is laughing. Watch whether the passion of the moment fires you up to say YES and then contemplate what you’ve really committed to in the aftermath. Perhaps having an emergency exit clause would help.

Become aware of how you feel when you retire on the night of January 6th, Venus’ last day in Scorpio for some time, and contrast that with how you feel by day’s end on the 7th. There may even be a dream worth noting which reflects this primal shift from water to fire.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is — Venus is in Sag!  She’s enjoying herself and enjoying her freedom. Love one another deeply with the love you bring from the long transit through Scorpio, but let your loved ones breathe. Clinginess does NOT work for Venus in Sagittarius. Loosen the reins.

A re-cap of Important Venus Days for January 2019:

Jan 3rd—Venus trine N Node, 10:42 pm pst
Jan 5th—Venus trine Chiron, 10 am pst
Jan 5th—Venus quincunx Uranus, 6:28 pm pst
Jan 7th—Venus enters Sagittarius, 3:18 am pst
Jan 18th—Venus trine Mars, 8:49 am pst
Jan 20th—Venus square Neptune, 8:15 pm pst
Jan 22nd—Venus conjunct Jupiter, 4:26 am pst

Tune into First Friday again — on Feb 1st.

Until then, go lovingly with Venus…

Welcome to 2019: Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Stars


January was named for the Roman god Janus, who looked both ways – back to the past and forward to the future. Finding our center between past and future, in other words, staying in the present moment, might be the best way to navigate through life, but particularly through 2019.

Perusing through the elemental balance of the heavy-hitting planetary energies of 2019, we can observe there is a great deal of WATER/EARTH and some FIRE. What is glaringly missing is AIR. What do we make of this picture?

    • The Mercury Retrogrades this year all occur in the element of WATER.
    • The Venus Star Point starts the year in WATER, then changes to FIRE in August.
    • The Nodal Axis is now in WATER/EARTH (Cancer/Capricorn)
    • Uranus enters EARTH/Taurus in 2019, for the next 7 years
    • Saturn remains in EARTH/Capricorn all year and through 2020
    • Jupiter spends most of the year in FIRE/Sagittarius
    • Neptune remains in WATER/Pisces
    • Chiron goes back to WATER/Pisces then into FIRE/Aries for a while
    • Pluto stays in EARTH/Capricorn all year and through 2023

What does not having AIR predominant this year do for us?

AIR is the element that represents the mind and the airwaves in general. It is about information and what we do with it. It is about the mind and how we transmit the energies from our minds to another’s. AIR gives us objectivity and an inner dialogue that poses the question and then provides the answer. (Note: All of the AIR signs are symbolized by dual forces: Gemini the twins, Libra the scales and Aquarius the two airwaves).

The lack of planets in AIR can potentially be a good thing to help us tune out the multiple channels of information that pour into our brains on a day-to-day basis. But we also lack the measured response to outside stimulus, reacting rather than reflecting. This year, more than ever, it is important to think for ourselves in response to whatever type of information is coming at us. Don’t believe everything you hear is an understatement – it might be don’t believe anything you hear!

There are many different ways to look at 2019 – because each of the planets has its own agenda. Some of them agree with one another and some of them don’t.

If you are lucky enough to have your planet agreeing with the others, then no matter how hard the tasks at hand, and there will be some big ones in the coming year, with lots of responsibility and the feeling that you’re carrying your weight on your shoulders – the load will seem lighter.

If your planet is arguing with the others, it will seem as if there’s a constant drain of energy siphoning itself from your body, making every day seem like drudgery. The signs being affected this year (or challenged – or tested) are Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. Other signs will feel a push/pull with the push/pull of some high ranking planets this year, but those just mentioned, particularly Cancer and Capricorn, may feel the tug-of-war the most.

Feet on the ground theme refers to all the planets in earth signs this year. Pay attention to what’s right in front of us. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we also get an opportunity to keep our eyes focused on the “stars” or the goal. What are we aiming our arrow towards? Keep dreaming, keep aiming. This is Jupiter starting a 12-year cycle in its own sign. Think back to the end of 2006 and through most of 2007 when Jupiter was last in its own sign. What vision were you holding then and how has it worked out? Is it time for a new vision or is it time to refine the one you are still holding on to from 2007?

Capricorn/Cancer Tug-of-War (EARTH/WATER) meets Mars in Aries (FIRE)

2018 is ending with a government shut-down, and the people of the U.S. are witnessing this tug-of-war between the Capricorn Saturn square Aries Mars, a perfect example of a cardinal square involving these two signs. Mars wants to go, especially in Aries — my way or the highway. Saturn resists and imposes conditions and more conditions. How is this playing out in our personal lives?

Another year has gone by, another one is on the way in. But this year Mars is in the picture, by starting the calendar year off at its own starting position: 0 Aries, the so-called “beginning” of the wheel. 0 Aries represents spring, new life and new energy. The birth of a new baby, idea or motor takes place. Squares to Capricorn planets in the early stages of life will make Mars tougher and somewhat smarter than normal, due to necessity. But don’t give up or abandon it because it isn’t moving as fast as it normally would in Aries, because those squares are developmental learning skills along the way. You’ll get there. But pay attention along the way.

At the beginning of the year, Chiron, Hygeia and Mars are zodiacally joined on the cusp of Pisces/Aries. With Mars starting the year in Aries, we may feel a surge of new energy, all fired up and ready to launch our plan. This surge will last until mid-February when it leaves its own sign Aries and ventures into Venus territory— the sign Taurus. But along its way through Aries, Mars confronts Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, indicating some delays, then a green light, then finally the push forward.

With four big planets in Capricorn throughout the year ~ Saturn, Pluto, the South Node and a couple of eclipses ~ everyone will feel a deepening sense of responsibility, more of a workload, less time and less bankable assets. In fact, you may be asked to work longer hours, with less pay. The “austerity” measures Greece went through a few years back (and is still recovering from) – could be something affecting a much larger population. Capricorn is the sign of the law, of bodies of power, whether governments, corporations, collectives, etc., and there are many forces bearing down on those bodies of power in this coming period. The response from those in charge of carrying out the wishes of the commander, the father, the principal or the CEO, will be to attempt to enforce tighter control, more rigid laws or rules, with less freedom and more responsibility. WATCH YOUR BACK, NECK AND SHOULDERS! You may be working harder and longer, to take care of others, to take care of yourself. Setting boundaries or limits is another important teaching of Saturn in Capricorn. Once the load breaks the camel’s back, there’s no moving forward. Listen to wisdom of your body, it speaks. It will let you know when you are starting to reach your limit.

With so much Capricorn energy bearing down on us, one way to navigate through the year might be the simple notion of finding joy in the mundane.

Uranus in Taurus — (EARTH)

Markets are bullish and then the bull goes to sleep, lays down in the pasture, takes time out. Ups and downs, roller-coaster like, keeping us forever guessing and wondering where the next stop on this wild ride will be, and will we get off or do we keep riding? Let the technology symbolized by Uranus, who, according to Richard Tarnas, is a Promethean carrier archetype, bring a new awareness on a collective scale. This planetary archetype delivers light – awareness – even consciousness, by assisting us, sometimes vigorously so, to move beyond the limitations imposed by Saturn. We can expect Uranus to bring light to the earth, to swoop down from the sky in his flying machine and to take charge. Investing in technologies that sustain earth and its fertility and its continued life is the top of the new pyramid. Uranus spends the first part of 2019 in Aries, a roller-coaster combination. By March 6th, it will enter Taurus for 7 years. Stay tuned for more on this.

Jupiter square Neptune (FIRE/WATER)

Very few planets are interacting with one another right now. It’s mostly planets interacting with lunar nodes. But the one exception is this pair, both in their own signs. There are three exact squares between this pair in 2019, the first occurring January 13th. This is something to watch this year!

The Jupiter/Neptune cycle began in 2009 when they were conjunct in Aquarius – in fact, it was a triple conjunction in Aquarius. Chiron was with them imparting a centralized feeling of hope and humanitarian progress. Obama was inaugurated into his first term that year having been elected on that legendary slogan: HOPE. Almost immediately he signed into law the Affordable Care Act, now being challenged as unlawful. Now, with these two planets entering the fourth quarter and both facing off with one another in their last quarter square, some are asking: Where is that Hope? This aspect is a firm reminder of where we began the cycle and take stock of where we are now. How to keep HOPE alive.

A closer look at Jupiter reveals his nature, which is to expand, feel confident, sometimes too confident and over-sure of himself. He’s the planet operating as the over-seer of Sagittarius, a sign we often refer to as the sage or guru, but also one who sorely lacks hubris. Jupiter, as Zeus or CEO, takes the law into one’s own hands and defends it on principles of high moral ground. And, who can question the supreme deity? But the moral implications commanded by this figure-head bring it back to one subject – oneself. The square to Neptune might be blocking the signal, but if one’s own moral compass is firmly hitched to the helm, one will know the right course to steer, no matter what your mind tells you.

Jupiter and Neptune also have a lot to do with faith and faith-based institutions and communities. Blind faith is easily a concept which could be filed under Jupiter/Neptune. The churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, mosques and chapels — places where people release themselves to a higher power — these are connected to Jupiter and Neptune and will point out what is still being hidden and what is now ready to be revealed. That said, no matter what is revealed, people still get to choose whether they will still believe the lies or whether they’re fearless enough to opt-out.

And finally, let’s take a closer look at Neptune, the master of illusion, imagination and dreams and Jupiter, the entrepreneur, gambler, adventure-seeker and wish-fulfilling genie. Something fantastic is about to come your way. Or is it? Did somebody just hand you the very thing you’ve been dreaming of for all of your life? Or was it just a tease? This is the time to review your dream. What is it? How is it working out?

  • First, what is the big deception going on right in front of your eyes that you can’t see?
  • Second, what is it you have believed all your life, seriously? Because this is a time that you will be testing that belief, rigorously.
  • Third, and this is probably the BIG one: Don’t believe everything you hear or read. To borrow a line from Edgar Allen Poe, “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Be sure to ask questions. Determine what the person selling you this beautiful dream is getting out of it. You may be given something you want. But what price are you paying for it? Get the quote up front.

Neptune has just passed the halfway point in Pisces (where it began in 2011). FAKE NEWS has never been more prevalent. It’s not just the media. Fake news is all around in the form of misinformation and disinformation, especially when you consider the time spent receiving that information from the internet. Unless you know the facts to be true yourself, like ‘Aunt So-and-So’ just died, remember to keep an open mind, don’t jump to conclusions and don’t over-react. The big questions of life are being asked now. Prepare yourself to have your mind blown or to release so many things you have believed for so long. Suddenly, the veil will be ripped away and you will suddenly see that the Wizard of Oz is operating the machine behind the curtain…and he may not necessarily be on your side. Or, is he?

In summary, Jupiter square Neptune from their own signs will either totally reinforce your faith in what you already believe or will completely turn it upside down. Most people are not ready to have life-long beliefs challenged so use the months of January, June and September to keep an open mind when you live-stream information coming through – simply to determine whether there’s another story behind the original story.

And finally, with Jupiter and Neptune – don’t be afraid to wish for the biggest dream you’ve ever had to come to fruition. It may or may not come this year, but it doesn’t hurt to hold on to the dream. Beliefs are a big part of our reality. Beginning with the 1970s best-selling author Jane Roberts of The Seth Material, who gave us the mantra “You Create Your Own Reality,” to the more recent epi-geneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton and his Biology of Belief, we actually do manifest our beliefs. And, it will give us something wonderful to be entertained by while we are slogging through the fertile mud of all the Earth and Water signs this year.

One final word about the dream. We might get a look at it through the lens of Uranus in Taurus, who will sextile Neptune in Pisces and quincunx Jupiter in Sagittarius. That quincunx might reveal that the long-held dream is being temporarily shattered, or at least re-focused. There might be a deeper truth that will be revealed, letting us know which way indeed, to aim the arrow of Sagittarius and hit the bulls-eye of the Taurus.

Much more to say about the year. Stay tuned to updates about the following topics:

  • Uranus in Taurus
  • Chiron in Aries
  • Venus Star Point for 2019
  • Eclipses and more…

To see a list of upcoming events, please visit the events page.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio – Finding Buried Treasure

It’s a good time now to think back to March 2017, the last time Venus went retrograde and began a new cycle in the sign of Aries. As  we are about to witness the completion of that cycle, we are beginning a new one which will occur in Scorpio. There is often an overlap during this time — an ending phase and a beginning phase that occur simultaneously.  Think of this as the tidying up or even a releasing or renewing of what that period brought forth in the way of investments, commitments, engagements and the initiation of new activities in our lives.

We are getting ready for the next Venus Star Point at 3 Scorpio which will occur on October 25, the date the new cycle of Venus begins, while retrograde. The Star Point occurs when Venus, Earth and the Sun are all in alignment, something referred to as a “cazimi” or the Kiss of the Sun. But before that, we will see Venus go retrograde, on October 5th, at 11 Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of things that might not be readily visible on the surface, calling forth Venus to look at what lies hidden beneath. What is beneath? Is it buried treasure or is it trash? As Venus slowly makes her way back over these first 11 degrees of Scorpio, we might discover a little bit of both. Scorpio is both private and secretive.

What happens when planets transit through this region of the zodiac? Things you thought were private can become public. Lies are exposed. The distant past may rear its head in frightening ways. Emotions bubble forth like the underground sleeping volcano or dragon that is suddenly ignited by a lightning bolt. Deception and betrayal can be evidenced. People whom you once trusted can now be seen to be not so trustworthy. The eagle-eye of Scorpio is upon us. As Scorpio is a Mars-ruled sign, it can give us courage to get down to the truth, even if it means bursting a bubble. And Scorpio is also a water sign. Call forth the feelings of the deep that do not lie. People with planets in Scorpio’s domain have a built-in b.s. detector. The mind may not wish to believe it, but the core feelings cannot deny it.

As I write this, the Brett Kavanaugh hearing is taking place, perfectly timed in this cycle of Venus in Scorpio. It is a gut-wrenching event, and no matter who you believe, the process will leave a fair amount of corpses in its wake. Sure, this is political. But in our current era, things are political. Last year in early October the #metoo movement began, when the Sun and Jupiter were transiting over early Scorpio, on the degree of this year’s Venus Star Point. So as Venus and the Sun reactivate that part of the zodiac in this time period, the battle is re-engaged. What is the truth? It is a contentious battle, with many people in power vehemently denying the allegations raised against Kavanaugh, a would-be Supreme Court nominee. Christine Blasey Ford was the first to come forward to raise a red flag against him for the sexual mis-conduct and abuse she received at his hand, and now is being joined by a chorus of others with similar claims.  Early Scorpio IS the region of sexual mis-conduct. It has been shown, again and again, that when planets are positioned over this region, people in high places are exposed. In the past, the people in power were supported. But the times are (slowly) changing and the tide is turning in another direction. Finally, the victims are being heard.

Embedded within the current Venus cycle, is an exact square between Venus (female) and Mars (male) principles, advancing the contentious battle being waged between the accuser, Dr. Ford and the accused, Judge Kavanaugh. While not every sexual allegation is necessarily male vs. female, the symbolism of Mars squaring off with Venus does not bode well for the male/female dynamic at this time. Venus in Scorpio is emotional, passionate, and feels things deeply. It asks to be heard. Mars in Aquarius can act like it is hearing the painful cry of Venus, but reacts with detachment and can coolly dis the whole affair. These two are like fire and ice. The hotter Venus becomes, the cooler becomes Mars.

Hopefully none of us will experience the level of drama that these hearings are engendering. But one thing is clear. It will bring up deeply felt emotions that may have been buried for a long time. This is why it is important to bring forth the buried treasure. Yes, deeply held emotions can indeed turn out to be treasure. You might refer back to this same season in 8 year increments, when Venus last transited in retrograde through Scorpio, such as 2010, 2002, 1994, 1986, etc.

But Scorpio is not just the sexual mis-conduct and cover-ups. Certainly, sex and sexuality are important elements of this time, as is gender. Scorpio is a Mars sign, while Libra is a Venus sign. Venus and Mars represent the female and male principles in life, polarities that are possessed of highly-charged reactions to one another. If it wasn’t for this dynamic connection, we might be faced with a diminishing population, possibly verging on extinction. Instead, it is the vibrant meeting of these two energies that brings incredible desire and ultimate mating, resulting in the dominant Homo Sapiens population of today’s world. It is what brings male and female together!

This is the era of the gender-bending phenomena. This year Mars, the male planet, reversed direction and is now being followed by Venus, the female planet. And the third party to this dynamic duo is Uranus. Uranus, known for radical change, affects both sexes so we may see more people embracing changes and coming out to themselves and the world. Whether we are dealing with a battle of the sexes, new definitions of gender, people’s phobias about trans-genders or same sex preferences, this is now how the current is flowing and cannot be reversed.

We are in the last decade of a 100-year passage of the Venus Star through the sign Scorpio. Important events of history occur when the Venus Star Point leaves a sign and enters a new one.  We can anticipate a shift in the masculine/feminine dynamic during this migration, similar to what we have witnessed during the dramatic gender restructuring that has occurred during these past 90 years of the Scorpio Star Point transit. In other words, women aren’t always from Venus and men are not always from Mars. Often, the reverse is true, especially as evidenced during these last 80-90 Aries/Scorpio Star Point periods. It is certain that male and female roles have transformed even for the hetero-sexual population. And now, as we approach the end of Venus’ passage through Scorpio and Aries, the mutation and morphing of genders is no longer limited to one’s emotional and psychological well-being, but is extending to physical realms as well.

The retrograde of the 2018 Venus cycle, shown here, represents the “hot” area of the horoscope in this cycle, between 25 degrees of Libra to 11 degrees of Scorpio, with particular emphasis given to 3 degrees Scorpio, the new Venus Star Point degree. Note that two signs are being impacted in this cross-over Venus cycle—both Libra and Scorpio.

Oct 5                 Venus SRx                          10°Scorpio50’
Oct 26               Venus Star Point                  03°Scorpio06’
Nov 16              Venus SD                             25°Libra14’

There is so much more to say. So please tune into one of the fine presentations that are upcoming on the web. Just follow the links below to access simply some of the best Venus cycle material available on the planet right now!

Venus Star Talk Video

Venus orbits in a pentagram, a beautiful five pointed star. Spirals and stars, numerous objects in nature including many flowers reflect this pattern of perfect harmony (Venus) on Earth. As above, so below.

This is video from one of Arielle’s Venus Star Talks.

The Aries Venus Morning Star – Passionate Activism

The Meaning of the Aries Venus Morning Star

With passionate activism, the Venus Star of Aries rides into our lives, sounding the horn, awakening the troops, rousing the masses, and calling forth action in a determined way. The pattern for the Morning Star (warrior-like) and Aries (co-ruled by warrior Mars) is not simply a metaphor. Every four years when the Aries Star occurs, there is a highly explosive event that rocks our equilibrium. These Aries VSP periods are times when terrorists, bombers and bullies explode on the scene. It’s also the time of super-heroes. We will need them as the Aries Star Point period of 2017 highlights the ongoing meeting of Uranus and Eris, also in that sign.
The Venus Retrograde Cycle of 2017

The Venus Retrograde approximates 40 days. It occurs every 1.6 years. Last one was July-August 2015. This one is Mar-Apr 2017. Next one is Oct-Nov 2018. Think of these periods as a bubble of time encompassing or containing a certain type of energy directive within each one, like the birth of a fiery new being delivered by Venus straight to your doorstep. In other words, now is the time to bring to completion or renewal the activities begun in August 2015. And, as we begin anew now, think of the next timeline of Oct 2018 when that will be brought to completion or renewal.

There are seven phases of this year’s Venus Retrograde Pattern:

•January 30 – Venus enters Rx shadow in Pisces
•February 4 – Venus enters Aries D (CHANGE OF SIGNS)
•March 4 – Venus in Aries – R (CHANGE OF DIRECTION)
•March 25 – THE VENUS STAR POINT at 5 ARIES***
•April 3 – Venus backs into Pisces (R) (CHANGE OF SIGNS)
•April 15 – Venus goes forward in Pisces (CHANGE OF DIRECTION)
•April 29 – Venus goes into Aries (D) (CHANGE OF SIGNS)
•May 21 – Venus in Aries emerges from shadow of January 30

For the better part of this new year, 2017, the goddess/planet we named Venus resides in Aries (February 3rd until June 5th). Her average time in a sign when she’s not involved in her retrograde cycle, is approximately one month. So this gives anybody and everybody with planets in Aries a chance to have Venus shower them with her high potency energy. And her grace. The high point of the cycle? March 25th when Earth, Venus and Sun are aligned in a laser-beam like energy that both provokes and invites. That is the date of the next Star Point at the astrological degree of 5 Aries (4’57”). But as she dips back into Pisces for a bit, changing both signs and directions, we might want to review the decisions we’ve made. How do we really feel? Confused? Probably until mid-May when a forward-moving Venus in fast-paced Aries, beyond the shadow of her retrograde marches forward, crystal clear about the direction of her passionate activism, her new life calling.

The Venus Retrograde itself is a life review and it is especially directed around contracts or marriages (7th H) regarding assets or resources (2nd). Those two houses form a quincunx relationship which requires constant adjustment to stay balanced. Neglecting the adjustments that are required to achieve balance in this area could very well lead to collapse if not transformed in some way. New life is waiting on the other side, after Venus turns direct. But before it gets back into Aries where lies all the momentum to move forward, she lingers in the last degrees of Pisces through late April. Don’t respond to the temptation of falling back into victim hood at that time by stepping back into old patterns that control, demoralize or devalue your offerings . Athena’s energy is deeply involved with this Aries Star Point. She brings wisdom and strategy, strength and courage to act and protection to defend. Use it.

This Venus Star Point on the World’s Time Clock

What is the Venus Star message in Aries? One of the five points of the transiting Star of Venus has been Aries since 1929. She will continue to pass through Aries until 2038. Each time the Star Point activates Aries (every 4 years for a nine-month period), we collectively experience a JOLT, a lightning-like wake-up call to begin something new and awaken sleeping tigers. The dynamic awakening force is administered, somewhat as if we’ve all just had a high energy drink. The challenge facing us during this period is to remain calm in the face of the storm. Everywhere we turn we find ourselves liable to be provoked by something outrageous that has been said or done which can arouse fury. During the retrograde we are cautioned to temper the response, pull in and actively engage in peaceful presence and response, rather than shouting back with the same intensity. Passionate activism, fueled by Venus, arises from the heart. When connected to this process, during Venus’ closest approach to the Earth, we might be able to pause the angry, hyper-active mind and get our message from the heart. Will that be easy to achieve during an Aries Morning Star period? Not easily achieved, because there is so much reactivity and quick, shoot-from-the-hip response. That is to be expected when such threatening possibilities provoke so much fear. But, by the latter part of the Venus Rx, between April 15 and May 7, we are able to maintain firm ground in a new course of action. And, following May 21 when Venus actually clears the retrograde shadow begun in January.

Aries is not usually a passive nor a relaxed and easy-going sign. In the last 88 years since the inception of the Aries Star Point, there are typically violent and angry responses to what is going on in the bigger picture. And, people who are born with the Aries Venus Star Point usually turn out to be activists of some kind. They are out-spoken and direct and can easily become coaches and advocates that raise their voices to speak for the silent masses who either cannot or choose to do not. That’s also because the Aries VSPs have the courage to speak up and say something. Where others tremble in fear of reprisal, the Aries warrior-self jumps into the fire. The Aries experience involves the act of being here to arouse, provoke, issue a wake-up call and ultimately call b-s on the status quo. They can be the most courageous heroes of our times, risking their own lives to save others.

During this coming Aries Star Point phase we will feel this extreme hyper-activism played out all around us. But the true gift of the retrograde period of Venus is to be the calm in the center of the storm. That doesn’t mean go comatose. It means be alert to what’s happening and keep the energy moving in a constructive way. Just because we may not like the current energy dynamic doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it. About retrogrades, I will quote from Pia Orleane, co-author of The Divine Feminine to be published by Bear & Co.

“A retrograde position offers an opportunity to view life in a detached, objective and impersonal manner if we allow ourselves to move outside of our normal reactive patterns to whatever may be occurring. Things that happen to us are actually products of thought patterns and emotions that we choose in relationship to what is occurring. The optical illusion of a planet’s apparent backwards motion provides a second chance for us to revisit old ground and retrace our steps—or change them, giving us a tremendous opportunity to break old patterns and live more in the flow of each energy as it arrives in each new moment. Planets in retrograde retard our usual progress and impel us to examine the areas affected by that retrograde.”

It is worth noting that the Venus Star clock, shown below, always moves in a retrograde (clockwise) position around the wheel.

The Mythological Meaning of Aries

This Star Point activation of Aries refuses to take “no” for an answer. In Mythic Astrology, which was published some years ago (just recently available in e-book and Kindle) we likened Aries to the hero Jason and to the goddess Athena. Check this story out, written almost 3,000 years ago and see how the mythic archetypes play out over and over again: young Jason is given an enormous task, to retrieve the golden fleece and restore his kingdom to order after a brash usurper has taken control! With stamina, fortitude and faith, Jason, with a little help from his friends, the Argonauts, gets the job done.The warrior of Aries is Mars, its traditional ruler. He acts as both soldier, conqueror and hero. Think of Mars as a mix between Jason, who with his team of companions builds an incredible ship (the Argo) to make this journey, and the primal, instinctual drives that Aries possesses to soldier on and refuse to accept defeat, no matter what.

The Goddess Athena

This Venus Rx and Star point puts Athena front stage and center. First, a Morning Star Venus is closer in nature to Athena than she is to Venus and second, she is a co-ruler of Aries. She is the warrior’s strategist and voice of wisdom. Look closely at the advice that is given from Athena. To make best use of her energy, stay grounded, put your shield up, protect yourself and your assets (this first came up as “asses”, but it’s “assets”) so take steps to review and protect both of them in this cycle. Also, Athena is no victim. She is the warrior goddess, coaching us to stand up for what is right. Passionate Activism coming through this newly birthed Venus Morning Star in Aries suggests that when we are moved deeply to respond to something, there’s no holding back. Athena is the warrior goddess, but think of her not as the one out there on the battle ground, but rather the one who possesses the wisdom as strategist to preserve the nation-state in its highest order. Pallas Athena can bring peaceful negotiations to the table.

I also like to think of Venus gracing Aries with the idea that there’s a new chapter opening on the heart center. A new cycle beginning for those in relationship. In Aries, it’s the type of energy to go after what you want. Whether it’s making a gesture toward someone new or jump-starting new life into a relationship that’s been getting stagnant and stale for awhile, it’s certainly time to take the leap or the next step in setting a new precedent.

The Venus Star pattern is intricately and dynamically engineered, like a fine Swiss clock. There are a number of cycles within cycles that this clock depicts, but for the purpose intended here, the pattern is below. (See Venus Star Rising for a detailed explanation of the mechanics involved in the orbiting Venus Star).

For you astronomically-minded people – The Venus Star Clock

The Venus Star Clock (c) 2017 Arielle Guttman

From viewing the current pattern of the Venus Star, we see that we are now bringing to a closure and/or renewal the events that were initiated around the Leo Star (August 2015) and setting into motion now the events that will be brought to a conclusion or renewal at the next (Capricorn) Star Point, October 2018. We are also referring back to events from 2013, 2009, 2005 and 2001, the past four Aries Star Points. Count back every four years from now to 1929 and you will have all the Aries Star Points for the past century.

The influence of the Aries energy referred to here will be in place all year, until the next Star Point activation in January 2018 in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn represents the law, and though it may be highly controlling, it is also orderly and doesn’t take well to the brashness of Aries. Those two signs are positioned on the wheel as to be in a constant dynamic state of tension. Take that to mean that the actions of this wild stallion of Aries operating now until January, is either within the law or in violation of the law. What takes place in Aries has its direct reaction or outcome in Capricorn. By the next Star Point (Capricorn) there will be the ruling, the determination and the outcome of present actions to be considered.