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  • VENUS STAR POINT Leo June 2023

Venus Star Point Newsletter
VSP Leo 2023

Next Venus Star Date—August 13, 2023 We have come to the time of one Venus synodic cycle nearing its end and the beginning of the next one. We are wrapping up and closing down Venus’ 584-day journey since its last retrograde cazimi in January 2022 as we look forward to the new one being birthed in August 2023. We [...]

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VSP Leo 2023
  • Rock Art Wall-Iria

Venus Star Point
Newsletter – December 2022

The yearly wheel is turning and the spiral of life is moving as we bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023. It was a jam-packed year, full of planetary energy and now we are moving on to another jam-packed year of celestial activities. As we personally and collectively prepare to shift gears from one calendar year to another, we [...]

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Newsletter – December 2022
  • The Libra Venus Star Point front feature

Venus Star Point Newsletter – August 2022

The Libra VSP On October 22, 2022, for the first time in 150 years, the Venus Star will enter the sign of Libra. The slowly moving rotational star clock of Venus transits through a sign of the zodiac at various intervals in history, spending 100 years in a sign (on average). Then, for 150 years it is absent from [...]

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  • gemini venus twin transit

Venus Star Point Newsletter – June 2022

Honoring the 10-year anniversary of the Gemini Venus Twin Transit of 2012 First up, Happy Solstice to all around the globe. Whether you are welcoming winter or summer, the solstice is always a chance for us to pause and reflect as the sphere we inhabit spins around the Sun and stands still for 3 days. A good time for stillness [...]

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Venus Star Point Newsletter – March 2022

Venus and Mars Typically, Venus and Mars meet about once every two years, but occasionally they will meet 2 or 3 times in the same year, due to a retrograde pattern of Venus. The last time that occurred was 7 years ago, in 2015 when they met 3 times. Last year they met in the sign of Leo (July) for [...]

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  • The Venus Star Points and Planets of Russia

The Venus Star Points and Planets of Russia

This chart of Russia is the preferred chart used by astrologers, based on the raising of the flag of the new Russia on December 25, 1991. It seems to be a valid chart, especially in regard to what is occurring now. If you’ve read the above analysis about the current VSP in Capricorn, this new Venus cycle occurring in [...]

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  • Capricorn Venus Star Point Jan 2022 feature

The Capricorn Venus Star Point

  The Venus Star Point (VSP) Change Since March 2021 the VSP has been hosted by the sign of Aries as an Evening Star. Summer nights in the northern hemisphere have been graced by the presence of Venus as the bright shining planet/star visible just after sunset, lighting up the sky for many hours. Soon we will say goodbye to [...]

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  • Venus Lion Mars July 12

Venus, Mars and the Lion

If you have been gazing at the evening sky just after sunset, you will no doubt have been dazzled by Venus shining brightly, gaining both speed and height as she breezes through the northern summer signs of Cancer and Leo. What might not have been as clear, but present nonetheless, has been Mars, who is simultaneously being hosted by the [...]

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Venus Star Point Aries

SQUARES AND PENTAGRAMS Although the Venus Star is composed of 5 sides or points, reflecting the pentagonal dynamic, the Sabian Symbol for this year’s VSP is “A Square, with one of its sides brightly lit.” In astrology, squares often represent dynamic forces of energy, be them challenges to overcome or opportunities to grow. This may be the keynote of 2021’s [...]

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