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Locational Astrology Seminar


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About This Topic – We’ve all heard the saying, location, location, location.
This is so true in using the planets of our birth chart to help us determine our best places on earth. Time and space are the two most critical factors in astrological study. It is important to differentiate these two principles in understanding the dynamics of your life in any time or space. Locational astrology can help you answer all of this and more.

About This Seminar – What is locational astrology? How is it different from Astro*Carto*Graphy?
Arielle will first prep us with the different mapping techniques to look at the results they yield, with an eye to synthesizing the best possible results shown. How to compare different mapping techniques to achieve maximum benefit.

Bio of Arielle – Certified in A*C*G by Jim Lewis in 1985.
Co-author with Jim Lewis of the A*C*G Book of Maps in 1989.
30 years experience with astro locational research and counseling
Author of 5 books in astrology, including the most recent
Venus Star Rising print edition and The Venus Star Point ebook.

Sophia Venus Productions, Oakland, CA

Past Seminars

The Venus Star Point

Workshop / Funshop
August 4-7, 2015
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Venus cover

This event includes a Tuesday evening Welcome Reception and will be hosted in a beautiful setting in Santa Fe. Optional excursions include the 10 Thousand Waves Spa, Art Walk along Canyon Road and The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum among others. Explore both the magic of your Venus Star Point and the high desert beauty of New Mexico while enjoying the tempting spices of Southwestern Cuisine. Follow your heart to meet us on the Turquoise Trail…..

Highlights of the Workshop/Funshop include:

  • Your Personal VSP Pentagram
  • The Life of Georgia O’Keeffe via her VSP
  • The Hand of Destiny, The YOD & The VSP
  • Tracking the VSP to Transits in Your Chart
  • Living Your Heart Centered Life with VSP
  • Developing Your VSP Muscles
  • Finding Succe$$ with Your VSP
  • Venus and the Global Economy
  • The VSP in Contemporary Relationships

Your Venus Point Astrologers…

Arielle Guttman has been an astrologer for 40+ years. She is the creator of the innovative Venus Star Point and claims it is the best tool she has discovered in her lifetime pursuit of astrology. Arielle has an international clientele and is the author of five books on astrology.

Anne Ortelee is a certified full time astrologer with a thriving international practice built over the past 14 years. Her first career was in Information Technology where she sold, designed, custom programmed, & installed software for 22 years. She applies her detail oriented skills to make astrology accessible to all. She fell in love with the Venus Star Point as a brilliant system to help people find & use the heart of their charts!

Quan Tracy Cherry has been a student of Astrology for nearly 30 years. As a non-practicing attorney, he sees himself as a ‘spiritual lawyer’ continually educating himself in Tarot, Numerology, I Ching and a new cosmology, the Venus Star Point. Quan is the first American to be certified in the VSP. Quan has had his own practice for nearly 20 years.

Sonia Toledo is a 25 year Wall Street veteran, a world traveler, diver, artist, photographer, Venus Star Point & Tarot practitioner. She works with the VSP to assist people in finding financial benefits and the promises of wealth in their charts.

Catherine Boyer is a client development professional in the financial services industry with 25+ years of experience. In her spare time she is a Venus Star Point astrologer, a Reiki Level II healer, reads Tarot, and is the editor of The Venus Star Point by Arielle Guttman.

Produced by
Sophia Venus Productions

Greece: Oracles, Dreams & Stars

A Journey: June 14-24, 2015

Highlights of this Tour Include:

AND Island of Venus: Kythera


Visits to the Sacred Sites and Museums of:

Acropolis – Delphi – Epidaurus – Ossios Lucas
Mountains, Beaches , Quaint Villages and Fabulous Food of Greece
The “Real” Greek Experience
Mythology/Astrology/Dream/Venus Workshops
Meditation/Movement/Inner Wisdom

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ISAR Astrology World, Winter Webinar
JANUARY 19, 2014


The Dance of Intimacy

Understanding Relationships with Astrology



Arielle Guttman
Lynda Hill
Anne Ortelee
Heather Roan Robbins

Embracing Venus And Her Star


What Is The Venus Star Point®? It is a powerful and ground-breaking tool, never before utilized in astrology. Your Venus Star Point reveals the secrets of your heart as defined by Venus, planet of love, in combination with the Sun, giver of life and light. No prior knowledge of astrology is necessary to gain meaningful and life-changing insights from the Venus Star and your personal connection to it.

Embracing Venus and her Star
We will learn how this important energy—the Venus Star—affects Earth and how we can embrace the energy personally, connecting ourselves to the rhythm of Venus, planet of love. We will also gain an understanding of how the planet Venus is intricately connected to the Mayan calendar date of 2012.

Discovering Your Venus Star Point
This workshop will introduce the Venus Star theory, which examines the influence of Venus and her five-pointed star. We will look at the dynamics of this star, its timeline and impact on historical cycles, how it affects our present timeline of world events and how it reflects the very transitional period we are presently experiencing.

We will also identify our own personal relationship to the Venus Star and what that means for us individually, our relationships and our life’s motivating principles.

We will close with the Venus Star posture, a mudra that allows us to link directly to Venus’ five-fold rhythm.


Venus Star Point® is a registered trademark of Sophia Venus Productions

Sacred Journeys Led by Arielle Include:

  • Greece 1993 (with Ariadne Koumari-Sanford), a land/sea tour to Delphi, Epidaurus, Sifnos, Sounion
  • Greece 1994 (with Ariadne Kourmari-Sanford), a private tour on chartered yacht, to 11 islands in the Aegean including Mykonos, Delos, Naxos and Santorini
  • Greece 1996 (with Ariadne Koumari-Sanford), A Mythic Astrology Seminar to Delphi, Galaxidi, Olympus, Epidaurus, Oropos, Levadia
  • Greece 2002 (with Alan Oken’s Wisdom School) to Eleusis, Delphi, Sounion, Crete and Santorini
  • France 2004 (with Joseph Amormino) “In Search of the Sacred Feminine” to Paris, Chartres, Amboise, Lascaux, Bordeaux
  • France 2004 (with Joseph Amormino) “In Search of the Black Madonna” to Carcassone, Avignon, St. Baume, St. Maximus, Aix-en-Provence, Ste. Maries de la Mer
  • Greece 2005 “The Dream Journey honoring Asklepios” to Athens, Galaxidi, Levadia, Delphi, Epidaurus, Napflion, Kos
  • Greece 2008 “In the Footsteps of the Goddess” and “Dream Tending with Asklepios” to Athens, Santorini and Crete
  • For specific Greece Journeys, click here for a pdf



Astro*Carto*Graphy© Seminars led by Arielle:

  • 1985 Laguna Beach, CA: Professional Certification Seminar with Jim Lewis
  • 1998 Santa Fe, New Mexico: Professional Certification Seminar with Robert Hand
  • 1999 Santa Fe, New Mexico: Professional Certification Seminar with Robert Hand
  • 2000 Professional Locational Astrology Seminar for Alan Oken’s Wisdom School