Astrological Services

If you would like to schedule a session with Arielle, please fill out this form.

Your astrological session will generally run 60-80 minutes unless you have requested a deluxe service such as world mapping which will be 90-120 minutes.

If requested, your charts and maps will be sent to you via email ahead of the session.

Your session will be digitally recorded and sent to you as an mp3 voice file via email. Once your file is sent, you will have 7 days in which to download it, save it and retrieve it. Normally you would import the file to a program such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

CDs are no longer available except by special request prior to the appointment. In this case, please add $15 for burning and mailing the CD package.

A $50 deposit will hold your scheduled appointment date and time. A full refund will be granted if cancellation is made within 3 days of the appointment. We appreciate your understanding of this.

Venus Star Readings

Discover your Venus Star Point™ a powerful new tool never before utilized in astrology this way. The Venus Star Point will reveal your unique natural talent and special gift to the world. It reveals some of the heart’s most essential longings. It also gives ground-breaking insights into the relationships in one’s life — and all you need is your date of birth. For each additional person to be analyzed in the session, add $25.

The Natal Chart

Sometimes called one’s “blueprint,” the natal (birth) chart displays the pattern of planets in the sky at the moment of one’s birth. Shown in this chart are individual needs, drives, character strengths, and potential for growth. It may also reflect challenges or obstacles to be overcome. Personal issues, career direction, well-being, and family ties are some of the areas outlined in a natal reading.

The Progressed Chart

Our lives are not static, nor is the universe which is in a constant state of flux. Astrologically, those changes are reflected in a system of planetary advancements called transits and progressions. In this session, you will learn what the current and upcoming planetary cycles are and what the major focus in your life might be over the next year or two.

Relationship Charts

This branch of astrology deals with comparing ourselves to those who are significant in our lives. A composite chart examines the life experience and merging energies of a couple. Chart comparison is utilized to reflect back the unique qualities that each person might exchange with the other. Relationship charting may be done for anyone who has a profound effect upon our lives. For more information about this type of astrology, see Arielle’s book Astro Compatibility.

Relocation Astrology

Arielle teaches astro mapping to astrological audiences throughout the world. In personal consultations, Arielle discusses planetary strengths and weaknesses through many different locational map formats. When Arielle co-authored The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps in 1989 with the late astro mapping pioneer Jim Lewis, this type of astrology was a small part of the entire field. Today it is one of the most sought-after areas of astrological inquiry.

Mythic Astrology Dream Oracle Session

Series of 6 – sign up and pre-pay for 6 sessions of this and take 20% off the total price.
Dreams are very much like the elements of one’s astrological chart. The birth chart contains story-lines, images, archetypes and symbols all rich with meaning. These symbols in the birth chart have a variety of meanings – they are multi-layered. Similarly dreams have the same components. In Dream Oracle sessions, Arielle utilizes your natal mythic chart in the discussion of the images that come through the dream.