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Venus Star Workshop for Beginners

You are invited to join us in an afternoon learning about the planet Venus and her orbiting Star Points. These Star Points have a profound effect on people, their life choices and relationship choices. We will trace your planets around the Venus Star to determine your greatest talents, assets and see how your most precious relationships connect to you. Contact: eenright2@gmail.com for details.

Venus Star Workshop for Astrologers

This workshop is for astrologers and astrology students who have a good or basic understanding of their charts. We will look into the chart to determine how to best work with life path, life career and life coaching using the Star of Venus to guide us. Unlike other astrological systems of career counseling, this one centers on the path that emanates from one’s heart.A Power Point show to illustrate some key elements accompanies this presentation. To be held at Arizona Society of Astrologers, at the Granite Reef Senior Center, Room 8. Contact: www.azastrologers.org.

World Events with the Venus Star Point

The Venus Star Point(R) is a useful lens through which to view events in the world as well as your own chart. The VSP entered Scorpio as an Evening Star on October 25, 2014. The Venus Star averages its transits through a sign in 100 years. The Scorpio VSP began in 1926 and will end in 2026. Of the 25 exact hits to Scorpio from the Venus Star, we are in the final three. By 2022 the Star will enter Libra for the first time in 150 years. Find out what that means for you personally and also for the world. Email: arielle@sophiavenus.com for directions to the class, as this will be held at a different location. NOTE: this will be the last Venus Star presentation in Santa Fe until August 2015.

Identifying Career & Life Path through Venus – Santa Fe, NM

How do we make the principles and attributes of Venus come alive in our lives? One way is by being in tune with her eternally beautiful and harmonious orbital periods. During the different phases and cycles of Venus, certain things are possible. Also, cultivating certain relationships during these times is also fruitful. This next class (4 of 5) on October 18th will discuss the harmonics of the Venus orbit as regards to career path. Using the Venus Star Point of your chart, Life Coaching and Career Counseling becomes easy. Find out why people who have identified their life path and life purpose easily and early in life have achieved that as we observe their Venus Star Point operating in their life. Please note: This class and the November class is being held at a new location. Email for directions if you are planning to attend.

If this is your first Venus session, you may order your chart packet in advance ($5) by emailing: arielle@sophiavenus.com.

The Venus Star and You – Santa Fe, NM


Program 1: The Venus Star and You

Join us for the first of several seminars to be held once a month on the importance of the Venus Star cycle in our world. The Venus Star and The Venus Star Point(R) are based on the orbital dynamics of Venus, the Earth and the Sun, bringing pinpoint harmony and synchronicity to our world. Venus is the planet/goddess that brings enhanced joy to our life, activating our feminine centers of power, love, aesthetics and overall harmony. Over consecutive months we will address different topics of the Venus Star Point. The first one helps you address specific personal topics in your life, such as career choices, relationship choices and important life decisions by identifying your personal Venus Star Point and demonstrating how it brings your chart and your life into brilliance. Email: arielle@sophiavenus.com for information about this program. This program will be held at Blessings in the DeVargas Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A Weekend with Venus and the Gang – Sag Harbor, NY

GETTING STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF YOUR LIFE presented by Venus and the Gang. Join four Venus Star practitioners in a weekend of casual learning, with a blend of both lecture-style and experiential, personal, you-centered material that will enrich your life. Learn how to be in rhythm and flow with the energies given to you by your Venus Star and how you interact with it and how it interacts with others. The weekend includes a Friday night welcome banquet dinner. The workshop will be housed in a beautiful setting, a few minutes walk to the bay. Space is limited. Early bird registration price (before September 10 is $200; after September 10 is $250.No reservations accepted after October 1. Email your reservation request to: quantracycherry@gmail.com. To see a description of the weekend, go to: SophiaVenus.com or click here for the flyer.